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Added: 22/12/2013 - 02:57PM
Updated: 27/11/2015 - 01:13PM

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Last updated at 13:13, 27 Nov 2015 Uploaded at 14:57, 22 Dec 2013

This mod is a complete overhaul of my previous mod with the same name. A full description seems a bit unnecessary, as what it is and what it does feels self explanatory. (Hint - It adds rocket launchers to Skyrim.)

All of these textures are based on actual eye micros (human eyes for humans [no kidding] and for elves, cats for khajiits, reptiles for argonians, and... it's actually a hybrid insect-octpus eye for the orcs - it sounds weirder than it looks lol, just don't think too hard on it.) ... to try and get more ... uhh ... realism? I then tried to make (and I use the word "make" to loosely describe my stumbling around in photoshop - GO ME!) the irises themselves in a variety of tones, some solids, some heterochromic (new word?), muted and bright, etc - you get the idea. Orcs and Khajiits have custom race specific pupils, AND! Argonians have three different race specific pupils.

Skyrim Bug Fixes:
#1: Fixed orc blind eye texture to direct to orc eye instead of wood elf;
#2: Fixed human green eyes to direct to proper textures (green and hazel previously both directed to green, so you never actually got to see the hazel);
#3: Fixed elf blind eyes to direct to elf blind texture vs. orc texture; and,
#4: Fixed vampire eyes to direct to correct races.

MOST of the the fixes are included in ALL mod versions, this means even if you're using the "human only" mod you still get fixes for orcs and elves, even if you aren't using the vampire add-on, you still get fixes for the vampire eyes, etc.

Download Options:
#1: Complete Set (For all races; Includes a full set of default replacers);
#2: Complete No Default (For all races; No default replacers);
#3: Complete Only Default (For all races; Minimal set with ONLY default replacers);
#4: Human Set (For humans only; Includes a full set of default replacers);
#5: Human No Default (For humans only; No default replacers); and,
#6: Human Only Default (For humans only; Minimal set with ONLY default replacers);

Also included: Optional vampire eyes add-on; werewolf eyes add-on; and, dawnguard add-on.
Vampire eyes will install unique textures for all available races (humans, argonians and khajiits.)

We're now set up as a NMM installer. Should you want to manually install a read-me is included outlining what all these folders are for and where to put them. The read-me also features a numbered key with all of the [human] eye colors available.

While no other author's resources were used in the creation of this mod, several different mods were used in the uploaded character photos. (They also have the benefit of coming highly recommended my moi. I mean, what more do you need to know?) Soo... Said character photos were taken with the following other mods active:


This mod is compatible with... everything. You can use it alongside other stand-alone eye mods, or with other default replacer eye mods.

#1: Sometimes, and I'm not really sure WHY, the game has a hiccup reading the .bsa file when installed via NMM. Manually removing (drag to desktop) and then replacing (drag to folder) will correct the issue.

#2: The "invisible" eye glitch (where the eye textures go a little wonky after exiting invisible or chameleon mode) is actually not a byproduct of this mod specifically. A fix is available here.

Also, courtesy of Monomadrox:
Use "player.addspell 000F71D1" first and then "player.removespell 000F71D1".
It fixed the draugr glowing eye effect on my character. Hope it helps.

Thus concludes my mod description page. Should you have any other questions/concerns, please feel free to come find me. Ta-ta!