Stackable Stones of Barenziah with Optional Quest Markers by thegeekofalltrades
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*This mod requires SKSE.
*This mod does not require any official DLC.
*This mod is an alpha release - it has not been rigorously playtested. However, I personally successfully collected all 24 stones and the crown and completed the quest normally from a new game (using with an existing save gave me issues 100% of the time). If you download and play and run into issues, please leave a comment so I can fix it!
*This mod requires a new game in order to take effect. Do NOT use this mod on an existing save.
*This mod will not be compatible with other mods that alter the No Stone Unturned quest - for example, the popular Quest Marker mod or the Droppable Gems mod. This should be its only incompatibility.


This mod overhauls the No Stone Unturned quest using SKSE functions to allow the Stone(s) of Barenziah to stack properly in your inventory. Because quest markers on the Stones of Barenziah are also fairly popular, and this mod won't be compatible with other mods that add quest markers, I took the liberty of adding them, too. They're optional, and can be enabled and disabled by setting the value of a global variable at the console.

To enable quest markers, load your save, bring up your console ('`' - the backtick or tilde key, by default), and enter:

set SSoBGemMarkers to 1

To disable them again, enter:

set SSoBGemMarkers to 0

The markers should appear immediately (provided you're at the correct quest stage), and should persist across saves. If you find that you have to enter the command at every game session to get the quest markers to show up, please report this as a bug.


What is "stacking," exactly? Previously, if you collected multiple Stones prior to speaking with Vex, they would appear in your inventory as a "stack." If you had collected four Unusual Gems, you would open your inventory and see:

Unusual Gem (4)

After you spoke with Vex, however, the four gems would be renamed to Stone of Barenziah - and then any further stones you collected would NOT continue to stack, instead appearing on their own row in your inventory:

Stone of Barenziah (4)
Stone of Barenziah
Stone of Barenziah
Stone of Barenziah

I actually stumbled upon the reason for this obnoxious behavior as I was making a different mod, and decided to take a day to use SKSE to correct it. So, how does it work? Well, the vanilla No Stone Unturned quest renamed the gems by forcing them into new aliases at the appropriate quest stage. In layman's terms, the quest took the old "Unusual Gem" objects and stuffed them into new containers, then labelled the new containers "Stone of Barenziah." It gets the job done, but the new containers used by the quest don't stack normally.

To fix it, I used the magic of SKSE: rather than force the Unusual Gems into new aliases, I directly rename them with SKSE's "SetName" Form Script function. Rather than stuffing the gems into new containers, I rename the gems directly. Since the new gem object is the same as the old gem object, just renamed, it stacks properly, just like the old gem object!

The one drawback SetName has it that its changes only last for the duration of the game session. When you quit the game and restart, the gems go right back to being called "Unusual Gems." So, every time you load a game - and ONLY when you load a game - SSoB checks on your No Stone Unturned quest status and, if appropriate, goes through and renames all the Unusual Gems to Stone of Barenziah all over again. This is a one time cost, incurred only at game load, and takes a fraction of a second. If you happen to save and quit with your crosshair focused on a Stone of Barenziah somewhere in the world, then restart Skyrim and reload your game, you'll see "Unusual Gem," because the mod hasn't yet had a chance to rename all the gems. Move your crosshair away and back again, and it should read "Stone of Barenziah."

So, what has the impact on the overall quest structure been? Since I no longer need the new aliases that the old gems used to be forced into, they've been removed. That's 48 entire reference aliases, deleted. These aliases were ONLY used in the renaming step of the quest, so their removal shouldn't affect any other stage of the quest. Even so, the removal of 48 aliases is a fairly major overhaul, which means that you absolutely SHOULD NOT enable this mod in the middle of a playthrough. At best, it won't work; at worst, it will screw up your No Stone Unturned progress in all sorts of unpredictable ways. Since No Stone Unturned is Start Game Enabled, you should only activate SSoB prior to starting a brand new game. I had no success getting it to work in an existing clean save - even one in which I hadn't touched any of the Thieve's Guild quests.

Special thanks to the entire Nexus community and to all the contributors to the Creation Kit wiki and forums. You've all been invaluable in helping me get my Skyrim modding career started.