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My English is not so good. I learned from Star Trek only from hearing. So I made some spelling mistakes in my mod. If you find one, tell me and I correct it.

I have tested my mod very long and changed in the last 6 Month many things again. It may be, that something is not working as it should. On the other side, this mod is without Scripts. So you can uninstall this without Problems.

New Pictures are coming. I have to take them first and I have to play for that. I do not hve much time. But it will come!

My mods:

Papa Timm - Magic and Misc

In Short

This mod changes:

1. Changes all Mastery Perks and some Spells. To make Magic stronger and equal to other fighting styles.
2. Changes all Shouts to make them stronger
3. Skill and Questbook Names, so you an see, what they are.
4. Scrolls are twice as effective as their Spell Brother
5. Dawnbreaker now emits light. Changed the Enchantment
6. Pale Blade is now like a Rune Sword and has the new Meshes and Textures from Unique Uniques by InsanitySorrow
7. Some small changes

This Mod adds:

1. New Spells in the Destruction Category: Nature Spells
2. Mage Staves with special Abilities: Fire, Frost, Shock, Nature, Sun
3. Force Powers ala Star Wars with 4 New Perks in Alteration and many Spells divided in Dark Light and Neutral; new Enemies and new Robes (with old Meshes and textures)
4. Inscription revival! Adds Crafting Stations to Dragonsreach; Winterhold Arcanaeum; Riften and Solitude; The Stations are: Ink Lab (For Ink :-), Scribe's Desk (for Scrolls); Scribe's Lectern (For Spell Tomes)
5. Rune Swords: They gave up light and the enchentment power grows with the Destruction Mastery Perks you have. Blocking activates Ward. The Ward levels with the Restauration Mastery Perks.
6. New Apprentice Beam Spells, inspired from Beam Spells Vanilla Dragonborn Dawguard by JosephB1234
7. JosephB1234 was so kind to make an Art for the Nature Spells. Now you will not see a shock symbol but a green nature Symbole. I am thrilled, that someone made an extra nif for my mod!!!!

Good to know

- My main Mod Papa Timm - Archery and Combat goes very well with this Mod. I play with many mods, that make the game harder. So I needed some things, that make me harder to. Of course my module can be used without any other mod from me.

- I know I remade Better Magic by sushisquid . I did it, because I wanted it to go well with other mods. For Example with some other Magic changing mods and Natural Spells. I decided to do it myself. So I use only 1 ESP and not 8 or 9 I used for the same thing before.

- I know, I remade Improved Dragon Shouts by Ozram. I did it because I wanted to minimize my ESPs. I integrated all into one. I also changed some things, I wanted to have.

- And of course I know, I some kind of remade Nature Spell Pack by cansit. This I did, because I love it and I wanted the Natural Spell System for my Magic Staves and RuneSwords. Of course also for my Idea of a Spell Sword.

-Special thanks to Etayorius. Without him my mods would not exist. And my description would be without colour and everything else.

01.Prolog – 02.Casting Time

03.Changed Perks – 04.New Perks

05.Changed Spells – 06.New Spells

07.MageBattleStaves – 08.Rune Swords

09.Setting Changes – 10.Shouts

11.The Force

12.Small Things – 13.Books

14.Installation – 15.Compatibility



At first I want to thank all the Modders, who helped me and let me use their Ideas, Meshes and Textures. I am really bad in designing. So I asked many many people, whether I could use their work. Most of them said yes. Without them, my mod would be less than nothing.

Every Single new Texture, every single new Mesh and every single new Animation is not from me but from other great modders. I included them into my mod, so you do not have to install their mods. You should of course download them, to endorse them afterwards.

This Mod does not use any SCRIPTS.

Papa Timm - Magic and Misc

This mod does everything Better Magic does. I just let the Necromancer Perk in peace. You can of course download this mod instead:
Better Magic by sushisquid
Also this mod itegrates most things of Nature Spell Pack by cansit
I only changed the Nature Atronach to a Wolf or with Perk to a Sabre Cat. And I had not the possibility to make the Armor, cansit made. If you prefere the better Version of cansit, you should use his instead.

2. shortened casting time of all Destruction spells:
- All one-handed spells that had casting times of 0.5 sec, now have casting times of 0.2 sec.
- The two-handed spells that had casting time of 3 seconds, now have casting time of 1 second.

3. Changed Perks
- Every mastery perk (novice, apprentice, adept, expert, master) in all five spell schools does not only half the costs. For alteration, conjuration, and illusion, each perk increases the duration of spells in that school by 15%. For destruction and restoration, each perk increases the magnitude of spells in that school by 15%.
Some Destruction Perks add new things, as follows:
- Novice Perk: New Mage Staves (Fire,Ice,Forst,Nature,Sun) do more Damage.
- Aprentice Perk: New Mage Staves (Fire,Ice,Forst,Nature,Sun) activate while Blocking a Cloak, that does Damage.
- Adept: New Mage Staves do a special Bahsing Attack (Read more about this below)

- Mage Armor Perks:
1. Perk - 2x Duration and Magnitude of Armor Spells; If wearing no armor you gain 50 Points of Armor
2. Perk - 2,5 x Duration and Magnitude of Armor Spells; If wearing no armor you gain 100 Points of Armor
3. Perk - 3x Duration and Magnitude of Armor Spells; If wearing no armor you gain 150 Points of Armor

- The Augmented Element Perks add 20% damage per rank, not 25%, They also add 15% resistance to that element with each rank.

-Intense Flames, Deep Freeze and Disintegrate:
1. Intense Flames and Deep Freeze: When the Target has less than 50% Health, there is a chance of 20% to trigger their effect.
2. Disintegrate: When the Target has less than 50% Health, there is a chance of 15% to trigger their effect.
3. Flames, Frostbite, Sparks, Cloaks and Walls can not trigger their effect anymore.
4. Blizzard and Firestorm trigger always their Effect when the Target is under 50% Health
5. Lightning Storm triggers with a chance of 40%, when the Target is under 50% Health

4. New Perks

-Augmented Nature:
Perk 1: Nature Spells do 20% more Damage and you resist 15% of nature damage.
Perk 2: Nature Spells do 40% more Damage and you resist 30% of nature damage.

-Skeleton Weave:
Every Nature Spell lets grow an Weave around any Creature. This weave destroys every Skeleton very fast, and slows every creature down to 50%.

-Nature Enchanter:
Nature Enchantments on weapons are 25% stronger.

Equipped an One-Handed Weapon in one Hand and a Spell in the other;
- Fire, Frost, Shock, Healing or Nature Spell equipped: 15% Chance to apply Combat Hit Spell

-Arcane Arrows:
You find it under the Conjuration Tree.
- You can summon Arcane Arrows. Arcane and Bound Arrows damage scales with all your Magic Skills.

-Arcane Archer:
You find it under the Destruction Tree.
- You gain the old wisdom of Magic Arrow Forging. Those Arrows can do special magic damage, which scales with your Destruction Mastery Perks.

- Destruction Perk
____Novice; __Apprentice; ___Adept; ___Expert; ____Master
- Fire: 10 Damage; 20 Damage; 40 Damage; 60 Damage; 80 Damage;
- Ice: 05 Damage; 10 Damage; 20 Damage; 30 Damage; 40 Damage;
- Shock: 05 Damage; 10 Damage; 20 Damage; 30 Damage; 40 Damage;
-Nature: 05 Damage; 10 Damage; 20 Damage; 30 Damage; 40 Damage;

- Restoration Perk
_______Novice; ___Apprentice; ___Adept; __Expert; __Master
- Heal: 10 Damage; 20 Damage; 40 Damage; 60 Damage; 80 Damage;

5. Changed Spells

Rune Spells
- Fire Rune: also staggers and benefit from Augmented Fire Perk
- Frost Rune: also slows down and benefit from Augmented Frost Perk
- Shock Rune: also Paralyses and benefit from Augmented Shock Perk
Destruction Spells
- Fireball: Hits everything in the area ignoring obstacles.
- Ice Storm: Fires through obstacles.
- Chain Lightning: better in groups and it hits only hostiles.
Alteration Spells
- Cloak Spells: Range dropped from 10 to 8; Mastery Perks effect Magnitude
- Paralyse: Duration from 10 to 7; - Mass Paralyse: Duration from 15 to 10; Dual Casting is possible
- Dragonhide: is a normal armor Spell; + 150 Armor for 60 Sec
- Ward Spells: Halfed the Cost
Illusion Spells:
- Invisibility: Now muffles you for 30 Seconds too.

6. New Spells
- Silentium: Silences the Target. The higher the Illusion Skill, the longer it lasts.
- Ethereal: You become invulnerable, but unable to attack. However you recover magicka and stamina.
- Nature Spells:
1. Leaves: A swarm that does <mag> poison damage for <dur> seconds.
2. Poisoned Thorn: A Poisoned Thorn, that does <mag> points of Damage and poisones the Target for 5 Seconds.
3. Nature Summon: Summons a Wolf/Sabre Cat for <dur> seconds wherever the caster is pointing.
4. Whirlwind: A whirlwind, that draws the targets Stamina by <mag> Points. It Pushes the Target away.
5. Whirlwind Cloak: For <dur> seconds, opponents in melee range have a chance of being flung away.
6. Weaves: Do <mag> points of Stamina Damage for <dur>. You can block enemies with weaves of Thorns.
7. Explosive Thorn: A nature explosion for <mag> points of damage in a 15 foot radius.
8. Nature Burst: A Burst of Nature, that damages all foes around the caster <mag> points and poisones them.

- Ray Spells:
1. Fire Ray: A ray of Fire that does <mag> points of damage per second. Target on fire take extra damage.
2. Frost Ray: A ray of cold that does <mag> points of damage per second to Health and Stamina.
3. Shock Ray: A ray of Lightning that does <mag> points of shock damage to Health and Magicka per second.
4. Nature Ray: A ray of Nature Power that does <mag> poison damage for <dur> seconds.
5. Sun Ray: A ray of Sunlight that does <mag> points of damage per cecond to undead.
6. Paralyze Ray: Targets that fail to resist are paralyzed as long as the Ray is casted on them.
7. Calm Ray: A ray that makes creatures and people up to level <mag> not fight as long as the spell is casted on them.
8. Fury Ray: A ray that makes creatures and people up to level <mag> flee from combat as long as the spell is casted on them.
9. Heal Ray: Creates a beam that heals the target <mag> points per second, but not undead, atronachs or machines.

7. Mage Battle Staves:
- Attacking: With a chance of 100% do Fire, Frost, Shock or Nature Damage. The Damage scales with your Destruction Perks you have.
- Bashing:
*Fire: Incinerate with Stagger Effect, that does Fire damage which is scalling with the Master Perks in Destruction
*Frost: Ice Form for 7sec, that does Frost damage which is scalling with the Master Perks in Destruction
*Shock: Push Back and does Shock damage which is scalling with the Master Perks in Destruction (Chance: 50%)
*Sun: Turn Undead for 5sec, that scales with your Restauration Master Perks
*Nature: A weave destroying Skeletons or slowing down creatures.

Scaling Damage
Base Damage Fire 5; Frost 2,5; Shock 2,5
- Destruction Perk
____Novice; __Apprentice; ___Adept; ___Expert; ____Master
- Fire: 10 Damage; 30 Damage; 50 Damage; 70 Damage; 90 Damage;
- Ice: 05 Damage; 15 Damage; 25 Damage; 35 Damage; 45 Damage;
- Shock: 05 Damage; 15 Damage; 25 Damage; 35 Damage; 45 Damage;
- Nature: 05 Damage; 15 Damage; 25 Damage; 35 Damage; 45 Damage;

- Restoration Perk
_______Novice; ___Apprentice; ___Adept; __Expert; __Master
- Heal: 06 Damage; 12 Damage; 24 Damage; 48 Damage; 96 Damage;
Scaling Resistance
- Destruction Perk
_______Novice; ___Apprentice; ___Adept; __Expert; __Master
- Resist: 04_______; 08_______; 12_______; 16_______; 20;

8. Rune Swords:
with the fantastik Meshes of Rune Swords for the Battlemage by HXP

- Attacking: With a chance of 100% do Fire, Frost, Shock or Nature Damage. The Damage scales with your Destruction Perks you have.

- Bashing:
*Absorb Mana Absorbs Mana with Stagger Effect (Chance 50%)

Weapons you can find in the World: I also added Weapons from
Gizmodian Oblivion Weapons for Skyrim by Gizmodian

They are all handed as Rune Swords. They can not be forged. You have to find them in the World.

9. Settings Changed
- Dual casting costs 2,5x and gives 2,5x Duration/Magnitude
- Magica Regenerates in Battle 2x faster
- Doubled the Magic Ward Power

10. Shouts

You can get a better mod for that from Improved Dragon Shouts by Ozram
My mod is a bit stronger and all in one ESP.

- Dragon Shouts

Animal Allegiance

Lvl 1: Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl20 Dur: 30sec->120sec Cd: 50sec->35sec
Lvl 2: Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl35 Dur: 45sec->150sec Cd: 60sec->52sec
Lvl 3: Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl50 Dur: 60sec->180sec Cd: 70sec->70sec

Aura Whisper

Lvl 1: Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl20 Dur: 10sec->6sec Cd: 30sec->10sec
Lvl 2: Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl35 Dur: 20sec->9sec Cd: 40sec->12sec
Lvl 3: Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl50 Dur: 30sec->12sec Cd: 50sec->15sec

Become Ethereal

Lvl 1: Dur: 8sec->10sec Cd: 30sec->15sec
Lvl 2: Dur: 13sec->15sec Cd: 40sec->20sec
Lvl 3: Dur: 18sec->20sec Cd: 50sec->25sec

Call Dragon

Lvl 1: Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 2: Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 3: Cd: 300sec->180sec

Call of Valor

Lvl 1: Dur: 60sec->120sec Cd: 180sec->120sec
Lvl 2: Dur: 60sec->120sec Cd: 180sec->120sec
Lvl 3: Dur: 60sec->120sec Cd: 180sec->120sec

Clear Skies
No changes!


Lvl 1: Maxlvl: 12->25 Cd: 30sec->15sec
Lvl 2: Maxlvl: 25->40 Cd: 35sec->20sec
Lvl 3: Maxlvl: 35->55 Cd: 40sec->25sec


Lvl 1: Maxlvl: 7->15 Cd: 40sec->20sec
Lvl 2: Maxlvl: 15->30 Cd: 45sec->30sec
Lvl 3: Maxlvl: 24->45 Cd: 50sec->40sec

Dragon Rend
No changes!

Elemental Fury

Lvl 1: Dur: 15sec->15sec Cd: 30sec->20sec
Lvl 2: Dur: 15sec->17sec Cd: 40sec->30sec
Lvl 3: Dur: 15sec->20sec Cd: 50sec->40sec

Ice Form

Lvl 1: Dam: 2/sec->6/sec Dur: 15sec->15sec Cd: 60sec->35sec
Lvl 2: Dam: 2/sec->8/sec Dur: 30sec->20sec Cd: 90sec->52sec
Lvl 3: Dam: 2/sec->10/sec Dur: 60sec->30sec Cd: 120sec->70sec

Kyne's Peace

Lvl 1: Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl20 Dur: 60sec->120sec Cd: 40sec->20sec
Lvl 2: Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl35 Dur: 120sec->150sec Cd: 50sec->30sec
Lvl 3: Maxlvl: lvl20->lvl50 Dur: 180sec->180sec Cd: 60sec->40sec

Marked for Death

Lvl 1: Dam: 1/sec->3/sec Dur: 60sec->120sec Armor: -25->-50
Lvl 2: Dam: 2/sec->4/sec Dur: 60sec->150sec Armor: -50->-100
Lvl 3: Dam: 3/sec->5/sec Dur: 60sec->180sec Armor: -75->-140

Slow Time

Lvl 1: Slow: 70%->60% Dur: 8sec->10sec
Lvl 2: Slow: 80%->70% Dur: 12sec->15sec
Lvl 3: Slow: 90%->80% Dur: 16sec->20sec

Storm Call

Lvl 1: Dam: 40->45 Dur: 60sec->120sec Cd: 300sec->240sec
Lvl 2: Dam: 60->70 Dur: 60sec->150sec Cd: 480sec->300sec
Lvl 3: Dam: 80->95 Dur: 180sec->180sec Cd: 600sec->360sec

Throw Voice
No changes!

Whirlwind Sprint

Lvl 1: Cd: 20sec->10sec
Lvl 2: Cd: 25sec->12sec
Lvl 3: Cd: 35sec->15sec

- Dawnguard Dragon Shouts

Drain Vitality

Lvl 1: Dam to Stam;Mag;Health: 5-0-0/sec->6-0-0/sec Cd: 30sec->30sec
Lvl 2: Dam to Stam;Mag;Health: 5-5-0/sec->8-8-0/sec Cd: 60sec->50sec
Lvl 3: Dam to Stam;Mag;Health: 5-5-5/sec->10-10-10/sec Cd: 90sec->70sec

Absorb effect added!!! Now you regain as much Stamina, Magicka & Health as the enemies lose.

Soul Tear

Lvl 1: Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 2: Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 3: Cd: 90sec->70sec

Summon Durnehviir

Lvl 1: Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 2: Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 3: Cd: 300sec->180sec

- Dragonborn Dragon Shouts

Battle Fury
No changes!

Bend Will

Lvl 1: Cd: 5sec->5sec
Lvl 2: Cd: 90sec->70sec
Lvl 3: Cd: 120sec->90sec


Lvl 1: Dam: 50->100
Lvl 2: Dam: 75->150
Lvl 3: Dam: 100->200

Dragon Aspect

Lvl 1: PowerAttack Bonus: 25%->50% Armor: 25->50 Fire&Frost Resist: 0%->0%
Lvl 2: PowerAttack Bonus: 25%->75% Armor: 100->125 Fire&Frost Resist: 25%->25%
Lvl 3: PowerAttack Bonus: 25%->100% Armor:100->175 Fire&Frost Resist: 25%->35%

- Black Book Epistolary Acumen Shout Abilities

Dragonborn Force

- Your Unrelenting Force shout does more damage and using all three words may disintegrate enemies.
NEW: Your Voice is so strong that not only pushes your enemies, it may disarm them too; Damage increase is only if three words are used, it doubles shout damage. Disintegrate was deactivated.

Dragonborn Flame

- When your Fire Breath Shout kills an enemy, a fire wyrm emerges from their corpse to fight for you for 60 seconds.

Now combines Fire Breath with Dismay (values are the same as described in shouts except fear lasts only for the ignite duration (can be increase via The Fire Within). Fire Wyrms are a bit useless, but I left them for the fun.

Dragonborn Frost

- Your Frost Breath Shout encases foes in ice for (15/15/15->15/20/30) seconds.

Combines Frost Breath with Ice Form. Increased Ice Form duration depending on Shout level.

- Word Meditation Shouts Abilities

Fus: Force Without Effort
- You stagger 25% less and foes stagger 25% more. (Augments power attacks and Unrelenting Force shout.)

Feim: Eternal Spirit
- While Ethereal, you recover health (25%->200%) faster. (Only active and visible on Active Effects menu when using Become Ethereal shout.)

Yol: The Fire Within
- Fire Breath shout (deals 25% more damage -> ignite lasts 50% longer).

11. The Force

You can find the Forces in chests, spread out in the World. The first one you can find behind the Guardian Stones.
Also I added Robes, Hoods, Boots and Bracers for the Dark Side and The Light Side.
Sorry for that. I just love the idea and I love to find all the Holocrons with the forces.
I added also some NPCs called 1. Je'daii 2. Siit
The Idea came from The Way of the Force a la Star Wars by SephDragoon

If you want to find the Forces very fast, you may read the Book I placed under Farengars bed. There is a description, where to find all the Holocrons.

The Neutral Side

- Blindness
- Mind Trick
- Projection
- Battle Meditation
- Push
- Wave
- Telekinesis
- Speed
- Conjure Force Ghost

The Light Side

- Purify / Purify Others
- Heal / Heal Others
- Charmed
- Protection
- Slow
- Repulse

The Dark Side

- Grip
- Lightning
- Corruption
- Kinetite
- Stun

Most Force Powers get extra effects when you have either the Light Side Perk or the Dark Side Perk.
There are 4 Perks
Dark Side Perk: Dark Side Force is 25% stronger. Light Side Force is 25% weaker.
Light Side Perk: Dark Side Force is 25% Weaker. Light Side Force is 25% stronger.
Neutral Side Perk: Neutral Force is 25% stronger. Meditation Power.
Evade Arrows: You can evade 50 % of all Arrows shoot at you.

In addition my Mod changes some small things:

12. Small Things
- Smelter and Tanning Rack give Points for Smithing
- Cooking Pot gives Points for Alchemie
- The Shrines giving the boost not for 8h game time but for 24 hours real time
- Pickaxe and Woodcutters Axe have now a weight of 5 each (from 10)
- Vaermina Robes have now an enchantment of Fortifying Magicka Regenertion Rate from 80 % They are now Light Armor (from Heavy)
- Dart Traps are deadlier

13. Books and Scrolls

- Scrolls now are 2x stronger than Spells

- Inscription

Do you remember that mod, named „Inscription“ by Buckles?
There you could make Scrolls and Spell Tomes in special Crafting stations.
You needed paper, that you get from old Books and you needed Ink to write.
The Ink you could make from a Ink crafting station.

I used this mod a long time ago and then it vanished. Now I made a remake of it.
The crafting stations are in the room in Dragonsreach. Also in the Blue Palace in Solitude. Further in the Arcanaeum i nWinterhold and in Riften.

By now you can craft nearly all Spell Tomes from all 3 DLCs. Also the ones, which are not in game (e.g. Fade Others).
Also you may craft all Scrolls, including Scrolls from Quests or Quest Rewards.
An Ingame Book will explain more.
A new Soul Fountain was added to the same Towns. It allows you to merge 3 small Soul Gems to 1 Higher ranked one.

If you wish to implement your own Mage Books, you may use the Keywords for the Crafting station, which are explained under Compatibility.

- Following Books have now a (quest) (Skill) or (Map) in there Names so you can find out, which book increases e.g. your Pickpocket.
Those Books have raised Prices.

All Skill Books
Legend Of Red Eagle
Explorer Guide to Skyrim
Lost Legends
Boethiah's Proving

14. Installation

1.Extract file
2.Copy 01PapaTimm-Magic&Misc.esp, 01PapaTimm-Magic&Misc.bsa in your SkyrimData
3.Open the Skyrim launcher / Nexus Mod Manager and check all PapaTimm.esp files


1. Delete all PapaTimm-files.bsa
2. Delete all PapaTimm-files.esp

15. Compatibility

This mod is not compatible with mods, that change
- Destructions Perk Tree and the following Perks: All Augmented Perks
- All Mastery Perks (Novice,Apprentice,Adept,Expert,Master) fom all Schools
- Aspekt Of Terror Perk
- Twin Souls Perk
- Mage Armor 1,2,3 Perk
- most of the Spells
- Leveled Lists of Staff, Scroll, Sell Tomes
- Poison and Potions

Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn will be required!
* If the game ctds at the beginning, than you have to buy all the DLC
* If you are playing this game for not so long you bought the Legendary Edition and have all the DLC already.
* If you are playing this game for a long time, it deserves you buy all the DLC.

Make your Mod Compatible:

In the game there are so many Keywords programed but not used. I used some of them.
Add those Keywords to your Weapon, Spell or Recipe to make your mod compatible.

Bows and Arrows
Long Bows Keyword: -
Long Arrow Keyword: TraitPowerHungry
Short Bow Keyword: JobFletcher
Short Arrows Keyword: TraitGreedy

QuicksilverWeapons Keyword: JobOrcChief
WitchHunterWeapons Keyword: JobMinstrel
Skyforge Steel / Blades Weapons Keyword: MagicRestedMagicka

Silent Moons Weapons Keyword: Job Apothecary
Mage Staff Fire Keyword: JobCourtWizard
Mage Staff Sun Keyword: JobLumberjack
Mage Staff Ice Keyword: BookShelfFirstBook
Mage Staff Lightning Keyword: BookShelfLastBook
Mage Staff Nature Keyword: MothNest1
Rune Sword Keyword: TGValuable

Nature Spell Keyword: MagicRestedStamina
Destruction Concentration Spell Keyword: BookShelfClickTrigger

Crafting Stations
Crafting Ink Station Keyword: DLC1WispWallWisp1
Crafting Scroll Station Keyword: DLC1WispWallWisp2
Crafting Spell Tome Station Keyword: DLC1WispWallWisp3
Crafting Skooma Lab Keyword: CraftTypeCookPot

16. Credits


Quarterstaff by JZBai
Heavy Armory - New Weapons by PrivateEye
Weapons of the Third Era by 747823
Rune Swords for the Battlemage by HXP
Gizmodian Oblivion Weapons for Skyrim by Gizmodian
Unique Uniques by InsanitySorrow

Silk coat armor by Nouserhere
Falmer robe by Tellur123


Rings of Old - Morrowind Artifacts for Skyrim by PrivateEye
Custom Rings by GTX78000

Star Wars Force Abilities Mod WIP by avenger86


Nature Spell Pack by cansit
Improved Dragon Shouts by Ozram
Better Magic by sushisquid
The Way of the Force a la Star Wars by SephDragoon
Beam Spells Vanilla Dragonborn Dawguard by JosephB1234