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More Interesting Loot for Skyrim

Why do we need More Interesting Loot for Skyrim?

The Jarl needs your help. The kingdom and its roads are not safe. A gang of savage bandits have been marauding the countryside, robbing and murdering innocent travelers, merchants, and caravans. You have been requested, personally by the Jarl, to find their hideout, and put an end to their vile deeds. Think of the honor and prestige... think of the glory! Think of the LOOT! Its a job that is right up your alley!

You successfully brave the elements of a harsh Skyrim wilderness. Fighting your way through sleet and snow, hounded at every step by vicious wildlife, you locate the bandit hideout and scout the area. A number of vicious thugs guard the entrance, but you are able to dispatch them without raising an alarm. Entering the bandit's hideout, you delve into the bowels of the earth. Finding your way through the darkness, through twists and turns and dead-ends, evading deadly traps, you heroically dispatch seemingly endless hordes of murderous bandits. Finally you encounter the "boss" and his inner circle of bodyguards and cronies. Through cunning, resourcefulness, brute force and a little bit of luck, you put up a tremendous fight and manage to survive and triumph.

Aha! That must be their treasure chest, where a horde of ill-gotten gains from years of pillaging the surrounding countryside must be stored. You pick the lock, avoiding the booby-trap. It will be a well-deserved reward for all that you risked. Peering inside the chest you see...

- 1 Silver Ring (30gp)
- 1 Long Bow (30gp)
- 1 Orcish Sword (75gp)
- 31 Gold

What the #$@?! Where's the freaking loot?! I risked my a** for this crap?! Who the hell were these bandits?! They keep their loot in here, right? Where did it go? Did they spend it all? What did they do, go for the upgraded dental plan this year? They certainly aren't living the high life in this dump! What the hell?! This has to be the worst and most inept gang bandits I've ever seen! Oh, wait... they're just like that last bandit stronghold I took out yesterday. I'm getting a real job. Adventuring sucks.

What does this Mod do?

This mod helps to address the above, unfortunate, story by 1) adding a large variety of brand-new items (mostly magical) to find; and 2) adjusting the various "boss" treasure chests to have a likely possibility of having a much larger quantity, and more realistic type of items (both from vanilla Skyrim and new from this Mod).

More Loot

It's just not realistic, or most importantly fun, to have the final ultimate treasure chest be practically empty. This mod makes most "boss" treasure chests to have the possibility to have many more items. Specifically, this mod adds More Interesting Loot to:

  • Bandit Boss Chests
  • Drauger Boss Chests
  • Dwarven Boss Chests
  • Falmer Boss Chests
  • Giant Boss Chests
  • Hagraven Boss Chests
  • Warlock Boss Chests
  • Dragon Loot
  • Treasure Map Chests

Additionally, specific kinds of loot are added to the above, based upon what kind of loot you might expect from the owner. Bandits, for example, might have anything you can think of that may come from looting travelers, merchants, and caravans. Warlocks, for example, will have loot geared more towards their arcane profession. Please see the ReadMe for more information on how this works.

More Interesting Loot

I've found that as you advance through the world of Skyrim, the loot seems to get a bit stale. There just isn't that many interesting or unique loot out there. This mod adds hundreds of new items to the game, most magical, and most with multiple varieties.

  • The types of loot found are tailored to the kind of loot that the owner might have stashed. Bandits will have different stuff overall than Warlocks, for example.
  • New items are all unleveled and can be found at any level.
  • New items are all found based upon their rarity. If you find a rare item, it is a big deal and something to get excited about!
  • Hundreds of new, creative, and fun items with more being added!
  • New Weapons, Armor, Potions, Alchemy Ingredients, Amulets, Rings, etc.
  • New, creative and fun magic effects.
  • Many items have multiple varieties (less powerful version is more common, more powerful is more rare).

Please see the ReadMe for more information on how this works.

Installation and Requirements

- Requires MCM (SkyUI)
- Install the mod normally (using the Nexus Mod Manager is highly recommended).
- Recommendation: Use BOSS to set your load order. Despite where it puts the Mod, I highly recommend you put it towards the end of your load order.
- Creating a bashed patch is also highly recommended!

Examples of new Items (not a complete list)

New Enchanted Weapons

  • Various Weapons of Slaying (Daedra, Argonian, Elf, Human, Khajiit, Orc, Undead, etc)
  • Various Weapons of Disarming
  • Various Weapons of Staggering
  • Katanas of Disarming, Staggering Fire, Frost, and Shock
  • Scimitars of Disarming, Staggering, Fire, Frost, and Shock
  • Supple Bows of most types (ebony, elven, etc)
  • Numerous Artifact Weapons from Morrowind and Oblivion
  • ...and many more! Well over 100+ new enchanted weapons!

Friendly Warning - be careful when wielding items with certain effects that may obviously be detrimental to your own health (ie Slay <yourself>)

New Enchanted Armor & Clothing

  • Blacksmith's Apron of Smithing
  • Ragged Boots of Sneaking
  • Ragged Cap of Pilfering
  • Ragged Bandages of Snatching
  • Boots of the Bosmer
  • Chef's Hat of Benefication
  • Chef's Hat of the Physician
  • Chef's Hat of Poisoning
  • Chef's Tunic of the Connoisseur
  • Gloves of Archery
  • Gloves of Gardening
  • Hat of Haggling
  • Several Artifacts from Morrowind
  • ...and many more!

New Enchanted Rings

Rings may have constant effects and/or allow the ability to cast spell-like effects. Many rings have multple strength varieties. Rarer rings have one or more special abilities and/or have very powerful constant effects. Some ring's special abilities may only be used periodically.

  • Rings of Destruction (Firebolt, Icespike, and Lightning Bolt)
  • Rings of Detection (Animal, Undead, Life)
  • Rings of Devestation (Fireball, Frostball, Shockball, Chain Lightning)
  • Rings of Fortify Critical Chance
  • Rings of Fortify Speed
  • Rings of Invisibility
  • Rings of Lifeforce
  • Rings of Light (multiple colors - red, blue, green, orange)
  • Rings of Muffle
  • Rings of Nightvision
  • Rings of Resistance (Fire, Frost, Shock)
  • Rings of Runes (Fire, Frost, Shock)
  • Rings of Slaying (Animal, Argonian, Daedra, Dragon, Giant, Elf, Human, Orc, Troll, Undead)
  • Rings of Slow Time
  • Rings of Summoning (Flame, Frost, Storm Atronachs, Wolf, Sabrecat spirits, Skeeer)
  • Rings of Waterbreathing
  • Numerous Artifact Rings from Morrowind and Oblivion
  • ...and many more!

Friendly Warning - be careful when wearing items with certain effects that may obviously be detrimental to your own health (ie Slay <yourself>)

Enchanted Amulets

Amulets may have constant effects and/or allow special abilities such as being able to cast spell-like effects. Many amulets have multiple strength varieties. Rarer amulets combine constant effects with one or more special abilities. Some amulet's special abilities may only be used periodically.

  • Amulet of Death's Door
  • Amulets of Fire, Frost, and Shock Cloak
  • Amulets of Warding and Shielding
  • Amulets of Health
  • Amulets of Lifeforce
  • Amulets of Candlelight, Magelight, and Illumination
  • Amulets of Magicka
  • Amulets of Protection from Animals
  • Amulets of Protection
  • Amulets of Protection from Undead
  • Amulets of Restoration
  • Amulets of Stamina
  • Numerous Artifact Amulets from Morrowind and Oblivion
  • ...and many more!

New Potions

Most potions have multiple varieties and/or multiple strengths. Some potions are rarer than others and stronger potions are always rarer to find.

  • Oils of Fireball, Frostball, and Shockball
  • Oils of Fire, Frost, and Shock
  • Poisons of Slay Argonian, Elf, Human, Khajiit, Orc
  • Potions of Armor (Oakflesh, Stoneflesh, Ironflesh, Ebonyflesh)
  • Potions of Cloak of Fire, Frost, and Shock
  • Potions of Detect Life, Undead
  • Poisons of Frenzy
  • Potions of Life Restoration
  • Potions of Night Vision
  • Potions of Slow Time
  • Potions of Swiftness
  • Potions of Warding and Shielding
  • Potions of Damage Health/Stamina, Health/Magicka
  • Potions of Damage Health/Stamina (lingering), Health/Magicka (lingering)
  • Potions of Absorb Health, Stamina, Health/Stamina, Health/Magicka
  • ...and many more!

New Alchemy Ingredients

Many ingredients from Oblivion including many of their alchemical effects have been added. Ingredients that already exist in Skyrim have not been touched. I've attempted to keep the alchemy effects true to Oblivion where possible. Some effects not present in Skyrim have been re-created, as possible:

  • Fire Damage
  • Frost Damage
  • Shock Damage
  • Night Vision
  • Shield
  • Light
  • Fire Cloak
  • Frost Cloak
  • Shock Cloak

New Alchemy Books

There are a number of new alchemy books added to the game for purchase. These are special "recipe" books. They are not unlike the vanilla alchemy recipes you may find, but when reading them, you actually learn the ingredient effects mentioned in the book.

Books currently include recipes for most of the above ingredient effects from Oblivion (listed above) and a few have been added for Skyrim ingredients. More books will be added in the future!

Wow, how do I find this cool loot?

There are several ways:
  • From a player and fun perspective, go out and kill some baddies! Delve into a fort or dungeon or whatever it takes to come across a "boss" chest.
  • Find a treasure map and find the treasure.
  • Kill a dragon and loot the corpse.
  • You can purchase some items at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. Look for Ma'giik and his assistant. Ma'giik is currently selling nearly ALL new items (makes it easier for testing). His assistant is selling a normal assortment of new items.
  • Ma'giik has expanded with new assistants selling their wares at the Bee & Barb in Riften and the Winking Skeever in Solitude.
  • The Khajiit Caravans have a chance to have a small # of new items in their inventory for sale.

Known Incompatibilities


Features in Progress

This mod continues to be developed. Many items/features/tweaks are being worked on or otherwise on the agenda for future releases. Feedback and good ideas will be considered! A couple of major concepts being toyed with are:

Side Effects. To help offset and balance the more powerful items, I've always thought that negative side effects would be fun. "This ring really kicks a**, but do I want to deal the side effects?" Choices and consequences add a lot of immersion in my opinion. Small side effects or big side effects. They could get really creative and hopefully fun.

The various weapons and rings of Hunting and Slaying (slaying is the more powerful variety) are good examples of this and are already in the Mod. I tend to play as a Bosmer (Wood Elf). I really hate those Thalomar (high elves), but they kick the snot out of me! Maybe I could use this Ebony Sword, Elf Slayer? But I'm an Elf. I wonder what would happen? In this case, just a minor side effect currently includes Ravage Health -100, Ravage Stamina -100, Ravage Magicka -100, blurred vision, etc. I *could* wield this weapon, but its goes entirely against my soul and would be highly uncomfortable. Wield it at the wrong time and it could kill me outright! It does say "Elf Slayer" right on the label!

Curses. You just found a sweet piece of armor. The description says it is pretty sweet, but is it lying - or just leaving off some important info? You put it on. It feels good... REAL good. Too good. The armor is pretty sweet but it comes with a curse that just revealed itself. Maybe a permanent curse. Maybe a curse that only happens in certain situations. Either way, you're a bit screwed. At least the armor is still pretty sweet.

There would need to be some method to remove the curse. Maybe a special spell or potion or something that could be found or purchased. As it is outside of the scope of this mod, I would probably avoid getting into any quests, etc.

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