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Better City Entrances is a mod that brings more details around the gate areas of the main cities, i always felt the entrance of each city very empty and lacking some details, so i decided to mod them. This mod was made with performance and simplicity in mind, the details added are lore friendly you will not find HUGE changes like diferent flora and architecture that would not fit the theme of each city.

Note: No npcs, no scripts, only details to enhance the immersion of each city.


Here's the list so far.


  • Markarth Reach Environment Upgrade.
  • Whiterun Outskirts Market.
  • Complete Solitude.
  • Windhelm Military Enhancement.


  • Immersive Settlements
  • Dawn of Whiterun
  • Dawn of Windhelm
  • Dawn of Riften


Im not responsible if anything bad happens to your game or computer.

Use this mod at your own will, and remember to back up your saved game files.


If you want my permission to edit this file or upload it in another site, send me a detailed message with your intentions first.