Requiem - Moonpath to Elsweyr Patch by Azirok
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Added: 13/12/2013 - 02:30AM
Updated: 19/02/2014 - 02:34PM

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Uploaded by azirok


Last updated at 14:34, 19 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 2:30, 13 Dec 2013

What this patch does:

It gives Requiem stats and perks to the NPCs of Moonpath.
It removes items that don't fit in with Requiem and adds some stuff here and there.

It also adds three new creatures:
Sand Scorpion
Sand Troll
Siligonder Queen

Warning: Make sure you place moonpath_questdata.esp after any mod that modifies The Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath. This patch should be placed after moonpath_questdata.esp.

Load order should be:
Requiem - Resources (link at bottom of page)
Requiem - Moonpath Patch.esp

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