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Valdacil's Item Sorting by Valdacil
v1.6 - 2012-01-14

While I was initially pleased over HeadBomb's Better Sorting, I didn't really like the direction it was going and
it inspired me to consider other ways to rename (and therefore sort) items in the inventory. I came up with a
different naming convention that I prefer and thought that others might also like this as well.

If you have other ideas, or find items I missed, please post and let me know.

All packages are included in one download, but you can select which modules you want installed:

Valdacil's Item Sorting - Default
Includes all modules below

Valdacil's Item Sorting - Ammo
Just arrows named to "Arrow: Type"

Valdacil's Item Sorting - Books
Series with volumes renamed so they go in order
Books that grant skill increases tagged with skill name "A Game at Dinner {Alchemy}"
Spell Tomes added school and rank tag ex: "Spell Tome {Alt I}: Candlelight"; "Spell Tome {Alt III}: Ironflesh"
NOTE: This does not change the name of any spells (and therefore does not conflict with Balanced Magic or other
mods that alter spell effects).

Valdacil's Item Sorting - Clutter
Non-useful items not associated with another catagory (Bowls, plates, cups, embalming tools, etc).
Named with convention "Misc: Bowl {Quality}", "Misc: Blacksmith Hammer"
This should cause nearly all non-useful items to be sorted with the Misc: tag. If you have another mod that
makes those items useful (such as Val's Crafting Meltdown which makes Misc: Charcoal useful in smithing) these
items will still be sorted as Misc:

Valdacil's Item Sorting - Food
Wines/Beers renamed to "Drink: Name" (eg. "Drink: Alto Wine")
Cooked food renamed to "Cooked: Name" (eg. "Cooked: Mammoth Steak")
Raw food renamed to "Raw: Name" (eg. "Raw: Mammoth", "Raw: Apple {Red}", "Raw: Venison")
Some items are listed as Cooked even though they aren't necessarily "cooked"; such as some of the cheeses that aren't
used in other recipes
I don't use food much; so if do and have a suggestion for sorting food better, please leave feedback

Valdacil's Item Sorting - Potions
Potions and Poisons renamed to match the name of potions crafted by Alchemy in order to group crafted potions with
their purchased/looted equivalents. Crafted version: Potion of Restore Health, looted versions: Potion of Restore
Health I, Potion of Restore Health II, Potion of Restore Health III, etc
Non-standard named items grouped with their effect: Icewraith Essense = Potion of Resist Frost {Icewraith Essense}

Valdacil's Item Sorting - Quest Unique and Trophy
Spoiler Alert --
Renames quest items with the "Quest:" tag. Eg. "Quest: Wylandriah's Spoon", "Quest: Unusual Gem", "Quest: Mark of Dibella"
Obviously, this will make quest items easier to spot and could be a spoiler/immersion breaking
Thieves Guild trophies renamed with the "Trophy:" tag. Eg. "Trophy Golden Ship Model"
Unique items renamed with the "Unique:" tag. Eg. "Unique: Ysgramor's Soup Spoon"

Valdacil's Item Sorting - Smithing
Ore renamed to "Ore: Type"
Ingots renamed to "Ingot: Type"
Gems renamed to "Gem: Type"
Hides and Pelts both renamed to "Hide: Type" (so they are grouped together)
Dwemer Scrap that is usable in vanilla smithing renamed to "Dwemer Scrap: Name"
The default option adds tags to these items so that the recipes at the Smelter are categorized like the forge. This
makes it much easier if you are using mods that add a lot of recipes to the smelter (like Valdosa's Crafting
breakdown or Valdacil's LIght Armored Robes). If you do not want smelter recipes categorized, there is an
option to not categorize the smelter recipes.

Valdacil's Item Sorting - Soul Gems
Renamed soul gems accordingly:
- Soul Gem I: Petty
- Soul Gem II: Lesser
- Soul Gem III: Common
- Soul Gem IV: Greater
- Soul Gem V: Grand
- Soul Gem VI: Black
- Soul Gem Azura: Azura's Star (or Soul Gem Azura: Black Star)
Added the Quest: tag to Wylandriah's Soul Gem and Treated Soul Gem

With NMM: Download with Manager and activate. NMM will prompt for Default or Custom. Choose Custom to install only
certain modules.
Without NMM: Download then extract the desired modules from the Data folder in the archive to your Data folder
ie: C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data. Then in the Skyrim launcher select "Data Files"
and select the modules to activate them.

This mod will conflict with any other mod that directly edits the same items (ie mods that change weight or stats of
items). Due to the popularity of various mods that alter magicka spells, I will not be affecting spell names until
the CK comes out.

Obviously, this will directly conflict with Headbomb's Better Sorting; though one could load some of the modules above
AFTER his and acheive a 'mix-and-match' sorting.

Known Issues
Certain quest items change the name as part of the quest and are not renamed by this mod (ie. Finn's Lute is the same
ItemID as the standard lute [Misc: Lute] but is renamed to Finn's Lute by something else (maybe a script on the
quest)). These items do not have the "Quest:" tag for this reason.

Version Notes
- SOUL GEMS: Renamed Azura's Star and BLack Star to 'Soul Gem Azura: Azura's Star' and 'Soul Gem Azura: Black Star'
- QUEST: Added a handful of missing items (mostly books and notes)

- SOUL GEMS: Renamed Azura's Star and BLack Star to 'Soul Gem D: Azura's Star'; This should put it at the top of
the soul gems.
- CLUTTER/SMITHING: Moved Gems from Clutter to Smithing (since they are used in smithing recipes and due to point below)
- SMITHING: Added tags to categorize smelter recipes the same way as the forge. This is most notable if you are
using a mod that adds a lot of smelter recipes like Valdosa's Crafting Meltdown or Valdacil's Light Armored Robes.

- Added FOMOD Installer for NMM customized install; removed individual downloads

- BOOKS: Added all known skill books tags
- BOOKS: Added tags for spell tomes (see description above)
- QUEST: Added some missing items

- Added Soul Gems

- Bug fixes for Quest Unique and Trophy

- Initial Release

Future Plans
- After CK: investigate renaming spells without conflicting with other mods that affect spells
- After CK: create merged packages for the complete install options to reduce the number of .esps installed

HeadBomb for the initial idea and his insanely popular work that inspired my own ideas

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