Orcrist the Goblin Cleaver by istoleyourface
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Added: 11/12/2013 - 08:30AM
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Orcrist, the Goblin cleaver. v1.1.1

-Two-handed version added!
-Meshes for Dual Sheath Redux added!(hope you know how to update DSR Patch)

Hey, everyone. Orcrist or Goblin cleaver is the weapon of the Dwarf Lord Thorin Oakenshield from Tolkien's novel, The Hobbit. I've been looking for good version of Orcrist sword for Skyrim for a long time and decided to make my own mod. I'm a big fan of Isl's work and tried to make my sword the same quality as her swords. Also I like her Spiderbane and decided to make the glowing version of Ocrist(Yeah I know it does not appear to glow blue in an Unexpected Journey, but "Orcrist was like Glamdring and Sting in that 'being the work of Elvish smiths in the Elder Days these swords shone with a cold light, if any Orcs were near at hand, and so warned their bearers of nearby evil").

Both versions of Orcrist are craftable in Skyforge(glowing one requires standart version), upgradable and can be enchanted. Also both versions has scabbards, hi-res hand-painted textures(4096x2048), realistic materials with reflection(thanks Isilmeriel for this).

Please endorse, if you like it and upload your own screenshots :)
If anyone can make script for glow please PM me. Script must increase power of glow when enemies are nearby(not only orcs). Thank you.

Installation(c'mon! you know how to do this, aren't you?):
- Unrar the RAR file to "Data" folder of Skyrim's main folder,
- enable Orcrist.esp,
- Get the elven smithing perk if you haven't,
- Standart and glowing Orcrist versions are craftable in Skyforge.

- Bethesda for the Great and Powerful Skyrim :)
- WETA for awesome weapon design
- Isilmeriel for shader settings and shine tex(and for great LoTR Weapon Collection)
- Millenia for tutorial and help
- All people who making cool screenshots
- My grandma for tasty patties(just kidding)

-v1.1: Added two-handed version(Can be crafted in Skyforge, requires 1H version of the sword)
-v1.1.1: Fixed scabbard, less power of specular on the blade

Please, do not reupload or use any part of my mods in your own without my permission. Thanks and sorry for my english.