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Last updated at 23:15, 10 Dec 2012 Uploaded at 19:12, 29 Dec 2011

The premise of this mod is that everyone likes to make their character look good but sometimes good looks come at the cost of crappy enchantments. Well, no more, I say!

I really like the look of the Nightingale Armor but it had some kinda crappy enchantments so I fired up SkyEdit and fixed it. After I uploaded the files I got a couple of good requests and then I realized that the best way to handle this is to just release a modular version which contains a set of armor for different character classes.

Here are the different plug-ins and changes in detail:

*Nightingale Assassin*
Given the exact same enchantments as the Ancient Shrouded Armor from the Dark Brotherhood missions.
Increases Poison Resistance by 100%
Muffle (Move more quitely.)
Backstab (Double sneak attack damage with one handed weapons.)
Bows do 40% more damage

*Nightingale Knight*
For the character that wants to be a knight but doesn't want to look like one!
-All Armor peices changed to Heavy Armor and given the same armor rating as Blades Armor
Increase your Health by 70 points
Carrying Capacity Increased by 50 points
One-Handed attacks do 40% more damage
Stamina Regenerates 50% faster

*Nightingale Knight Light*
Exact same thing as Nightingale Knight except it's Light Armor instead of Heavy Armor.

*Nightingale Mage*
All armor rating has been removed for the armor. The game now recognized the Nightingale Armor as clothing so your Mage Armor perk should still work. (Needs to be tested)
Same Enchantment as the Archmage's Robes. (All spells cost 15% less to cast, +50 Magicka, +100% Magicka Regeneration)
Increase Magic Resistance by %
Spells cost 3% less to cast.
Same Enchantment as the Diadem of the Savant. (All spells cost 5% less to cast.)

*Nightingale Mage Armor*
Same thing as the Nightingale Mager but is still classified as light armor. This WILL affect your Mage Armor perk.

*Nightingale Ranger*
All-purpose armor for Rangers, Rogues, Thieve and Assassins
Increase Light Armor skill by 25 points
Muffle (Again, you move quietly.)
One-Handed attacks do 40% more damage.
Bows do 40% more damage.

*Nightingale Warrior*
All purpose armor for the big-ass ass-kickers and Berzerker class. Note: Again all armor has been changed to Heavy Armor and give the same armor rating as the Blades Armor.
Health Regenerates 50% faster.
Stamina Regenerates 50% faster.
Two-Handed attacks do 40% more damage.
Increase Magic Resistance by %

If you're using Nexus Mod Manager then just download, activate the mod, check the plug-in that you want to use and profit.

Manual Installation:
Extract the content to the Skyrim/Data folder. Activate the one you want to use. Profit.

ONLY USE ONE AT A TIME!! I cannot stress that enough. If you try to use more than one at a time your game will break. DON'T DO IT!

Remember: If you use it, Endorse it! Don't be a d-bag.