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Skyrim Beautification Project
Realism with enhanced effects at atmosphere

This page contains only the ENB settings. Please visit the Skyrim Beautification Project site for the complete guide.

The Skyrim Beautification Project (SBP) offers it's own unique graphic settings, and has a complete step by step instructions guide with options for different systems. You don't need to have any experience to follow the guide, but you do need to have patience and preferably a good internet connection. The project focus on enhancing the graphics, improving stability and providing the most beautiful and FPS friendly ENB. With this ENB settings, you won't need any other lighting mods or renders which take up resources, as with most other ENB settings. SBP also focus on expanding the game with new content and adventures, while staying true to the original game lore and style. Everything is kept true to the Elder Scrolls universe, just with a look and feel of realism with an enhanced atmosphere. It is an adventure game after all, and beautiful settings doesn't make it less interesting to play.

Complete guide:

If you already have a nice stable setup with mods you like, feel free to just download the ENB settings... And get the latest ENB render from Boris Vorontsov too. Link - Download and unpack to your Skyrim directory, then download the SBP files, unpack same place, and overwrite.

Before / After screenshots: (Compare)

Mod-List: (Mod-List)

Before / After screenshots of ENB settings: (ENB)

System tweaks, INI tweaks and Load order: (Tweak)

Cleaning and stability guide: (Cleaning)

F.A.Q.: (FAQ)

Gallery with more screens, art & wallpapers: (Gallery)

REQUIREMENTS: Besides Boris's ENB files, nothing is required. The settings are however based on:
1: Having no other lighting mods installed (like RLO, ELFX or ELE)
2: Using CoT weather system
3: If you want everything to look at the screenshots, install the recommended mods (Mod-List)

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