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Skyrim Beautification Project
Realism with enhanced effects

This page contains only the ENB settings. Please visit the Skyrim Beautification Project site for the complete guide.

The guide is for making Skyrim look as beautiful as possible, but keeping the atmosphere of the game, and ensure performance and stability. I have been modding and testing and tweaking Skyrim for about half a year, and thought I would share the results. With this setup of mods and enhancements, Skyrim will look exactly like the screenshots, and run smooth and stable, even on old systems. I have a 6 year old computer, with an outdated 500 series nVidia card with only 1.5BG video memory. Still, I run at 30+ frames at all times, mostly between 50-60, and I can play for 10+ hours without CTDs or endless loading screens. I certainly was not able to do that when I first started modding. The Skyrim Beautification Project is a complete step by step guide, to reach that result.

To follow the complete guide, please visit: (

If you already have a nice stable setup with the mods you like, feel free to just download the ENB settings. All they require, is that the latest ENB files from Boris Vorontsov are installed. Link - Download and unpack to your Skyrim directory, then download my files, unpack same place, and overwrite.

Links to certain parts of the Skyrim Beautification Project guide:

Before / After screenshots: (Compare)

Essential mods for the look of the screenshots: (Essential Mods)

Optional mods: (Optional Mods)

Before / After screenshots of ENB settings: (ENB)

System tweaks, INI tweaks and Load order: (Tweak)

Cleaning and stability guide: (Cleaning)

F.A.Q.: (FAQ)

Gallery with more screens, art & wallpapers: (Gallery)

REQUIREMENTS: Besides Boris's ENB files, nothing is required. The settings are however based on having the following mods installed: (Essential Mods)

RECOMMENDED: These mods are highly recommended, but not necessary as such for the environmental look: (Optional Mods) * They are however required for getting the same models & meshes.

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