Belles Reach Cabin by JC
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Added: 09/12/2013 - 11:07PM
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  • 2x Beds
  • Crafting stations – Smithing and Alchemy
  • Stable
  • Various, safe non respawn storage
  • Fully navmeshed interior/exterior
// F.A.Q //
1. Was it tested with TES5Edit?
A. It was tested and cleaned of any dirty edits.
2. Do I need to download anything else for the mod to work?
A. No.
3. How do I find it?
A. To the South East of the Rift Watchtower.
4. What DLC does it require?
A. It doesn’t require any of the DLC. And it is compatible with all the DLC.
5. Clutter is all over the place / my character can’t activate anything / actors are stuck in odd places?
A. To fix this, put the esp at the top or near the top of your load order. OR, use LOOT.
6. My game lags when I enter the house! OR go near it?
A. It is trying to load all the files. Just let it be for a little bit.
7. Can I move my spouses/kids/followers in?
A. You can move your spouses and followers in with the appropriate mods
(Spouses Can Live Everywhere and My Home is Your Home) though not any

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