Cute and Beautiful Petite Edition - CBPE - by Nikitaa
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Added: 05/12/2013 - 10:59AM
Updated: 18/05/2015 - 04:36PM

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Last updated at 16:36, 18 May 2015 Uploaded at 10:59, 5 Dec 2013

A cute female body replacer for Skyrim.

The world is dominated by large breasts, even in Skyrim ...
Are you tired of seeing huge and unnatural breasts? (yes, of course !)
Then this mod is for you! CBPE shows that slim bodies are attractive and cute. "Petite" (french word = small) is a term used to refer to a female body with smaller proportions.

This is a custom variation of the CBBE body. It shows a slender body with A-cup breasts, a small bottom, and slender waist. The weight slider is working and makes the chest up to B cup.
It works with all textures compatible with CBBE.

CBPU: The 'standard' nude body, based on the original CBBE.
CBPU NeverNude: CBPU body with 'stuck on' underwear.
Wet effect: Add an optional wet effect on the body.

Use Nexus Mod Manager to install. Be aware you need to have CBBE installed first.

If you want to install manually, extract the meshes/textures folders from the archive to Skyrim/Data. The correct file path for the files are as follows:

Skyrim/Data/meshes/actors/character/character assets/femalebody_0.nif
Skyrim/Data/meshes/actors/character/character assets/femalebody_1.nif


3.0: Change a little the shape of the body and add a new texture.
2.0: Add a new kind of underwears with new texture. Make a higher difference between low and high weight.
1.2: Bra (NN) and the body has been modified.
1.1: Add a custom texture for the body, lighter than the default CBBE textures and with visible veins. Aereola size has been reduced. BodySlide preset added.
1.0: Initial release.

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition - CBBE by Caliente.

Q: The wrists/feet don't match up with the legs/arms! What's going on?
A: You didn't install CBBE first.

Q: Does this mod affect all women in game?
A: Yes. All adult females in the game will have these proportions. You will need a separate texture mod for the Argonians, as they are not officially supported on the main CBBE mod as yet. Khajiits and elderly women are supported.

Q: When I put an outfit on my character, it doesn't match her body shape. Why?
A: The outfit wasn't made to fit CBPE proportions. You can use the BodySlide preset to convert many vanilla and modded outfits yourself.

Q: Are you going to convert outfits to CBPE?
A: You can use the BodySlide preset to convert the outfits already made for BodySlide to fit CBPE. I may do so myself in the future.

Q: I'm a modder and I want to convert armors and clothes to CBPE, can I have permission?
A: Sure, feel free to convert. Just don't forget to add Caliente and me (Nikitaa) to credits and tell me what mods it is to add in the list a "mods usings CBPE"

Argent Iron Armor for CBPE

Diano Armor for CBPE

Eisen armor for CBPE

Scarlet Dawn Armor

Caliente for her body mod, CBBE