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The Milk Drinker's Guide to Modding Skyrim

New to modding Skyrim?
 Want to install all those great looking mods you see, but don't know how? Or maybe you've tried installing a few only to have Skyrim crash every 5 minutes?  Follow this guide's step-by-step process for a complete Skyrim overhaul.

This is my attempt at a complete A-Z walk-through for modding Skyrim.  Take your Skyrim from vanilla to a heavily modded piece of art, while staying within the lore and keeping gameplay close to traditional, all while keeping Skyrim as stable as possible.

My goal is to make this guide as thorough as possible, while keeping things simple. 95% of this guide will be downloading and installing mods through NMM. The other 5% will be a small amount of copying and pasting files into your Skyrim folder. Start at step one and work your way down the list.

Required Tools:
Nexus Mod Manager

Recommended System Specs:
Quad-core CPU
8GB RAM or better
2GB 760 GTX or better
SSD Drive

Small disclaimer:
This guide completely overhauls vanilla Skyrim with over 200+ mods that will use 10+ GB of space.  It's a lengthy process and will take at least 3-4 hours to complete.  While I try to keep this simple for newcomers to modding Skyrim, a small amount of technical aptitude is required.  Mods get updated frequently, and it's possible some errors and conflicts exist within this guide.

You must start with a completely vanilla version of Skyrim in order to follow this guide.  

If you had any previous mods installed:
  1. In Steam, unsubscribe from all Steam Workshop mods.
  2. In Nexus Mod Manager, uninstall all active mods.
  3. Open your Steam library, right click on "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" and choose "Delete Local Content..."
  4. Use Windows Explorer to delete your main Skyrim folder in Steam (X:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim)
  5. Delete your Skyrim folder located in "My Games" (C:\My Documents\My Games\Skyrim)
  6. Delete your Skyrim folder located in "AppData" (C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Skyrim)
  7. Re-install Skyrim through Steam.

Run SkyrimLauncher.exe
After Steam finishes downloading, run SkyrimLauncher.exe.  You don't need to start the actual game, simply running the launcher will create the necessary system files needed for programs like Nexus Mod Manager.

STEP 2 - Manual Modding
I tried to keep everything NMM based for easy installation.  Unfortunately, there's a few things you'll have to manually install using Windows Explorer.

The Skyrim folder and Skyrim\Data folder
I'll be referring to two different folder quite often in this section - the main Skyrim folder, and the Skyrim\Data folder.  It's important to know the difference between your main Skyrim folder and your Data folder for the following steps.  

Whenever you see Skyrim or Data in orange text, I'm referring to their directory locations. 
The Skyrim folder is usually located at X:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim and contains TESV.exe and SkyrimLauncher.exe.  
The Data folder is usully located at X:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\data and contains files like HighResTexturePack01.bsa and HighResTexturePack.esp.  

Make sure you have the latest version of DirectX9.

Install SKSE (Current Version 1.7.1)
Download SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) and install it to your Skyrim directory.  The .exe file allows for easy installation and should automatically detect your Skyrim directory.

Install SSME
Download Skyrim Startup Memory Editor - SSME.  Extract and copy the two files (d3dx9_42.dll and ssme.ini) to your main Skyrim directory.

ENB Profile
For this guide, we'll be using Project ENB.  The author (bronze316) provides some very handy drag-and-drop profile settings to which makes tweaking your ENB especially easy.

Installing the Project ENB profile: (based on my preferences - also assuming you have a decent PC) 
  1. Manually download Project ENB v0_221 - Complete - CoT v3_1 from the Project ENB downloads section.
  2. Extract the files and open the folder.
  3. Choose which profile you'd like to use for Project ENB.  The options are Fantasy, Realistic, Cinematic, and Cinematic Winter.  I recommend using the Cinematic profile.
  4. Open the profile's folder, then open the main files folder for that profile.
  5. Copy everything (2 folders and 19 loose files) from the main files folder to your Skyrim folder. 
  6. Navigate to the optional effects folder for the profile you chose for Project ENB.  This folder is located in the same directory as the main files folder.
  7. Open the BlurSharp Only folder in optional effects and copy effect.txt to your Skyrim folder.
  8. Navigate to the performance options folder for the profile you chose.
  9. Select a performance profile to match your computer's performance.  For this guide, we'll be using Option A (SSAO-SSIL + DOF).
  10. Open the Option A folder and copy enbseries.ini to your Skyrim folder.
  11. In your Skyrim folder find and open enblocal.ini in Notepad.
  12. Find VideoMemorySizeMb=1024 (which should be the default) and set it to VideoMemorySizeMb=4096.
  13. Find EnableCompression and AutoDetectVideoMemorySize and change them both to false.
  14. Save enblocal.ini and close Notepad.

ENB Core Files

Download the latest ENBSeries file at

Extract the file ( and open the WrapperVersion folder.  Copy/paste d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe from the WrapperVesion folder to your Skyrim directory.

.INI Files
  1. Run SkyrimLauncher.exe in your Skyrim folder.  Your video settings should be re-detected after the ENB installation (although it might not notify you that it did).
  2. Download the Skyrim.ini files listed in the download section.
  3. Copy/paste the two files included (Skyrim.ini, Skyrimprefs.ini) to My Documents\My Games\Skyrim.  Allow these files to overwrite the existing ones.

  • Test It
  • Run Skyrim via SKSE.  This can be done from the desktop shortcut placed on your desktop Skyrim (SKSE) or by running skse_loader.exe in your main Skyrim directory.
  • If installed correctly, you should see the ENB display the following text in the top-left corner of your screen on the main menu when starting Skyrim (except QUOTE):
    ENBSeries 0.261
    visit site for updates, user configs
    and other modifications:
    Copyright (c) 2007-2014 Boris Voronstov

    current videoadapter: <<whatever you're using>>
  • Other
  • Download the following files, extract their contents and using Windows Explorer copy/paste the contents into your Skyrim Data folder.

    -Skyrim Particle All-In-One Patch
    Copy the meshes and textures folders into your Data folder.

    -Fuz Ro D-oh
    Copy the SKSE and Sound folders into your Data folder.

    Now for the easy part! Use Nexus Mod Manager to download and install the mods in the order that they're listed.

    Download, install, and run Nexus Mod Manager.  The following mods should be 100% compatible with Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) and can be downloaded by going to the Files section of each mod's page and clicking the green DOWNLOAD WITH MANAGER button.  Once downloaded, highlight and double-click on a mod to install it.

    The mods should be installed in order, from top to bottom, starting with the Unofficial Skyrim Patch and ending with Automatic Variants.  Don't jump around sections, follow the order presented.  The sections aren't definitive labels for groups of mods, as not all texture mods are installed under the textures section to get the desired effect. The sections are more to break up the monotony of installing 200+ mods from a single list.

    When installing, always choose "No" when asked to update. Click "Yes to Mod" when prompted to overwrite.

    White text is the suggested option.
    Use 1K textures instead of 2K for better performance and stability.


    1. Unofficial Skyrim Patch
    2. Unoffical High Resolution Patch
    3. Safety Load
    4. Brawl Bugs Patch - Plugins - Compatibility Edition
    5. SkyUI
    6. Better Dialogue Controls
    7. Better Message Box Controls
    8. Immersive HUD - iHUD
    9. Main Font Replacemant - Magic Card Font
    10. Face to Face Conversation
    11. A Quality World Map- With Roads - Quality Map (Hi Res) - All Roads
    12. Skill Interface Re-Texture
    13. Dead Body Collision Fix - Original version 1.0
    14. Realistic Ragdolls and Force - Realistic Force
    15. Enhanced Blood Textures
    16. Auto Unequip Ammo
    17. Guard Dialogue Overhaul
    18. SkyFalls and SkyMills - Select the Pure Waters patch during installation
    19. Cutting Room Floor
    20. Climates of Tamriel - Choose defaults during installation

    1. Main Menu Wallpaper Replace 1080p with Randomizer
    2. No Bethesda Intro
    3. No Menu and Loading Smoke
    4. Lore Based Loading Screens
    5. Fast Travel Timescale Fix
    6. A Matter of Time
    7. Same Walk and Run Speeds - Lite
    8. Skyrim - Enhanced Camera
    9. Blessings - Altar Descriptions
    10. Better Shadowmarks
    11. Better Torches
    12. Footprints
    13. Unread Books Glow
    14. Bookshelves Updated SKSE Script
    15. Achieve That!
    16. Glowing Ore Veins 300
    17. -JK- Crafting Breakdown
    18. No More Glowing Edges Mod
    19. Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix


    1. Ruins Clutter Improved - v2.8 NMM Installation (Install Everything)
    2. Better Dynamic Snow
    3. Ultimate HD Fire Effects - Medium Resolution
    4. Ultimate HD Fire Effects - HD Candle Flames (Under optional files)
    5. Static Mesh Improvement Mod - Choose custom install
    6. Better Embers
    7. Smoking Torches - v1.3
    8. Smoking Torches - Ultimate HD Torch HiRes Fire Effect Patch
    9. Pure Waters - 4-7 Vanilla
    10. Pure Waters - PW Normal Maps for ENB (Under optional files)
    11. Finer Dust
    12. Nicer Snowflakes v1.0 - Realistic
    13. Dense Cobwebs
    14. Vandr Presents - HD Spider Nest
    15. Vandr Presents - HD Falmer Pod
    16. Moss Rocks - Choose SMIM version during installation
    17. Hybrids HD Plants and Herbs Retexture
    18. Skyrim Flora Overhaul - Basic Edition v186
    19. High Quality Food and Ingredients
    20. Realistic Mushrooms
    21. High Definiton Ivy
    22. Detailed Chests Texture Replacer
    23. Project Parallax Remastered - Vanilla 1-3
    24. Project Parallax Remastered - Stonewall update
    25. Project Parallax Remastered - SMIM Bridge 1-74 update
    26. Vivid Landscapes - All in One - BSA Archive 2048
    27. Vivid Landscapes - All in One - Moss Rocks Compatibility Patch
    28. aMidianBorn Caves and Mines
    29. aMidianBorn Landscape 1
    30. Project Parallax Remastered - aMidianBorn Landscape Patch (Under optional files)
    31. Real Ice V3 - With parallax.  Azure Glacier 2K

    1. HQ Milky Way Galaxy
    2. Inside the Nebula - Magmasser 1k - Masser Moon Replacement (Under optional files)
    3. Insude the Nebula - Helkar - Secunda Moon Replacement (Under optional files)
    4. Bloody Dragon Bones
    5. Fhaarkas Softer Animal Fur
    6. Detailed Rugs
    7. Detailed Rugs - Pelts (Under optional files)
    8. Silly Level of Detail - Potions and Poisons - Fine Style Potions
    9. Silly Level of Detail - Potions and Poisons - Ceramics Style Poisons
    10. Makers Mark Ingots
    11. Super Realistic Ore Textures
    12. Skyrim Coin Replacer Redux - SCRR Vanilla Edition
    13. Septim HD
    14. Book Covers Skyrim - v2.6.4 BSA Desaturated
    15. Jeclredured - Spell Tomes II - FET (Fancy Embellished, Thick)
    16. Realistic Paper
    17. Rens HD Shrines
    18. Stunning Statues of Skyrim
    19. Divine Talos Statue
    20. Better Circlets HQ
    21. Silverware HD - Celtic Edition
    22. HD Soul Gems
    23. Blacksmith Workbench HD
    24. Black Marble Arcane Enchanter v2
    25. HD Linens
    26. HD Urns Retexture
    27. Woven Decoratives UHD
    28. Display Cases and Plaques UHD - Display Cases Elegant
    29. Display Cases and Plaques UHD - Display Plaques Wood and Padding


    1. Expanded Towns and Cities: Villages - Complete
    2. Expanded Towns and Cities: Villages - Patch for Better Dynamic Snow (Under optional files)
    3. HQ Towns and Villages
    4. Sexy Boats v1
    5. Sexy Riften v2
    6. Sexy Solitude v1
    7. Sexy Windhelm v2
    8. aMidianBorn Whiterun
    9. Whiterun Pathway and Market Stall Retexture - (Optional)
    10. Whiterun Trees - Lite (Optional)
    11. High -Res- Hrothgar
    12. Designs of the Nords - Banners
    13. Expanded Winterhold Destruction Ruins - (More Winterhold mods will be installed later!)
    14. HiRes Legible Road Signs
    15. Mystical Illumination: Glowing Signs - v2
    16. Mystical Illumination: Glowing Signs - SMIM Compatible Signs v2
    17. Mystical Illumination: Glowing Signs - ESP Update 3
    18. Rustic Windows
    19. Riften Marketplace Firepit (Optional)
    20. Oblivion Gates (Optional)


    1. ApachiiSkyHair - v.1.5 FULL
    2. ApachiiSkyHairFemale - v.1.4
    3. ApachiiSkyHairMale - v.1.2
    4. ApachiiSkyHair Natural Retexture - v2.3
    5. ApachiiSkyHair Natural Retexture - Female retexture
    6. ApachiiSkyHair Natural Retexture - Male retexture
    7. ApachiiSkyHair Natural Retexture - Update to v2.4
    8. Superior Lore-Friendly Hair - Straight Hair
    9. ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer
    10. Brows
    11. Natural Eyes
    12. Gizmodian Scars
    13. Krave Warpaints
    14. DCE - Realistic Male Face - Rugged Male Face
    15. Coverkhajiits - Female
    16. Coverkhajiits - Male
    17. DIMONIZED UNP Female Body - UNP BASE Main Body V1dot2
    18. DIMONIZED UNP Female Body - DIMface2 (Under optional files)
    19. SG Female Textures Renewal - UNP

    1. Improved NPC Clothing - 2048
    2. Improved NPC Clothing - Expansion Pack
    3. Monk Robes Revamp
    4. Jeclredured - Clothes - Thalmor
    5. Opulent Outifts - Mage Robes of Winterhold - Replacer pack v3.6
    6. Opulent Outfits - Maids and Merchants - V2 (version 6.0)
    7. Opulent Outfits - Maids and Merchants - V3 upgrade (version 7.0)
    8. Cloaks of Skyrim
    9. Winter is Coming - Cloaks - Main plugin. Main cloaks patch.
    10. Bandolier - Bags and Pouches (Optional)
    11. Expanded Jewelry Crafting (Optional)
    12. Jewels of the Nord - HD Rings and Necklaces - High res (Optional)


    1. aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Armors - Choose custom install, skip the glass armor.
    2. Immersive Armors - Install with UNP support
    3. Daedric Armor and Weapon Improvement - 2_5_6 Blood Glow
    4. Virtus Imperii - Imperial Gear Re-mastered - All in One v1_3
    5. Call of the North Revisited - v35
    6. Call of the North Revisited - Upgrade to v36
    7. Realistic Transparent Glass Armors and Weapons - UNP Female, Vanilla Male
    8. Realistic Transparent Glass Armors and Weapons - Optional aMidianBorn textures by Cabal 120 - Morrowind or Thalmorized style


    1. Immersive Weapons
    2. aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Weapons - Manually install the hotfixes under Misc if you choose Skyforge weapons or the Bonemold shield texture
    3. aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Unique Items - Dragon Priest masks optional
    4. Elven Weapons for Silence - Dark Obsidian High Res
    5. Elemental Staffs v1.00 2K
    6. Elemental Staffs v1.10- Update
    7. Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons Collection
    8. Dread Knight Weapon Set
    9. Unique Uniques
    10. Ultimate Assortment - Main File
    11. Animated Enchantments Overhaul
    12. Enchantment Effect Replacer - Combined


    1. Enhanced Lights and FX - Core files plus enhancer
    2. Enhanced Lights and FX - SMIM Meshes
    3. Vivid Landscapes - All in One - Enhanced Lights and FX Compatibility patch
    4. Wet and Cold
    5. Splash of Rain
    6. Climates of Tamriel - Weather Patch - Regular edition.  -40% snow brightness.
    7. Realistic Sun for Climates of Tamriel - ENB Edition v3.0
    8. Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival
    9. Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival - HD Travel Fur Cloak
    10. Realistic Needs and Diseases - Install with PureWater and USKP patches.
    11. Waterbreathing Breathless Emerge (Optional)
    12. Disease Descrptions for the Immersive Adventurer


    1. Duel - Combat Realism - HARDCORE
    2. Empowered Magic
    3. Forgotten Magic Redone
    4. Lore Friendly Spells
    5. Smaller Ice Spike and Ice Spear - Smaller Ice Spike 30
    6. The Dance of Death - A Killmove Mod
    7. ENHANCED MIGHTY DRAGONS (Recommended - Goolge it.  Download, add file to NMM, install normally)

    X. AUDIO

    1. FSS - Better Bards
    2. Immersive Sounds - Magic - Version 3.0 (Important! Newer versions require DLC's)
    3. Ultra Realistic Bow Shoot Sounds


    1. Fores New Idles in Skyrim - Behavior
    2. Fores New Idles in Skyrim - Spells Addon
    3. D13 Faster GET UP STAND UP animation
    4. XP32 Maximum Skeleton
    5. Immersive Animations


    1. Hunters Cabin of Riverwoord (Optional)
    2. The Reserve (Optional)
    3. Levelers Tower v35a - Resources (Optional)
    4. Levelers Tower v35a - ESM (Optional)


    1. Amazing Follower Tweaks
    2. My Home Is Your Home
    3. Follower No Weapon Draw
    4. Consistent Older People - All NPC CRF Compatible
    5. Etheral Elven Overhaul
    6. Interesting NPCs
    7. Amazing Follower Tweaks - AFT_iNPCFix_1_00 (Under optional files)
    8. Inconsequential NPCs
    9. Inconsequential NPCs - Enhancement Module (Under optional files)
    10. Delphine Makeover by Hoax - D2 Standard (Optional)
    11. Jarls of Skyrim - Jarl Balgruff The Greater (Just Balgruff! - Optional)


    1. aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Creatures
    2. More Saddles - Saddle Compilation
    3. Apophysis Dragon Priest Masks (Optional)
    4. Solstheim Draugr
    5. Even Better Quest Objectives
    6. Immersive College of Winterhold - Core files, ELnFX patch, Apophysis DPM patch (if installed), Opulent-Apachii patch
    7. Expanded Towns and Cities - ETaC Complete Patches (Under Optional Files).  Install ELnFX with exteriors, EEO, Expanded Winterhold Ruins and SMIM patches along with SMIM only town variants.


    Download and install Dual Sheath Redux.

    Download and install these patches from the Optional Files section of Dual Sheath Redux:
    1. aMidianBorn Book of Silence Pack
    2. Elemental Staffs Pack
    3. Dread Knight Weapons Pack
    4. Frostfall Pack
    5. Immersive Armors Pack
    6. Immersive Weapons Pack
    7. Isilmeriel LOTRO Weapons Collection Pack
    8. Unique Uniques Pack
    9. Ultimate Assortment Pack
    10. Realistic Glass and Transparent Armor Pack


    Download and install Automatic Variants - AV Stable Beta v1.6.1.1

    Download and install these AV packages:
    1. Bellyaches Animal Package - Under optional files
    2. Insanity Sorrow Package - Under optional files
    3. Sounaipr AV Package - Under optional files
    4. Wolverines Automatic Variant Ports - Author is chocolambot
    5. Wolverines Automatic Variants Port - Author is LatterOfTheThree 
    6. Grace Darklings Automatic Variants Texture Packs
    7. Benjamin318s Automatic Variants
    8. Draconicrose - AlienSlofs Better Trolls for AV
    9. Flame and Frost Atronach Textures for AV
    10. StarX AV Packages - 7 total

    XVII. Reset Archive Invalidation in Nexus Mod Manager

    Not sure if it's still necessary, but it's two clicks of the mouse so might as well.

    Close Nexus Mod Manager when finished.

    Download and install Skyrim Texture Optimizer (STO).  Download the modified .ini file and copy it to your STO directory, overwriting the existing file.  Launch Ordenador.exe.  Set Plugins/Data Files to your Data directory, check all boxes, set Mipmaps to reburn forced, set Resize down to If > 4096 and run. When finished set MipMaps to make if not mipmaps, and run again.  Now the same thing for 2048 - set MipMaps back to reburn forced set Resize down to If >2048 and run.  Once finsihed, set MipMaps to make if not mipmaps, and run again.

    If you have a high-end computer and prefer quality over performance, you can stop here.  For the majority of computers, repeat the process for Resize down to If >1024.  For low-end computers, repeat the process for If >1024, and If > 512 for even better performance.

    Optimizing textures can make certain hair/body textures look awful, I recommend re-installing hair/skin textures afterwards (SG Textures/Apachii Hair).

    If you installed Empowered Magic earlier - Open Windows Explorer and navigate to your Skyrim\Data folder.  Find EmpoweredMagic_Dawnguard.esp and EmpoweredMagic_Dragonborn.esp, delete them both.  Leave EmpoweredMagic.esp alone.  The default installation for Empowered Magic automatically installs the Dragonborn and Dawnguard files, which would make Skyrim freak out if you tried to start the game.

    STEP 4 - POST NMM-Install

    1. Run LOOT
    LOOT automatically sorts your mods to the optimal load order, which means you'll never have to manually place a single file in the load order.  Launch LOOT and click the Sort Plugins button.  Click Apply on the following window.  

    2. Cleaning Mods Using TES5edit
    The LOOT report will show which mods need cleaning.  This is shown by clicking on the Details tab of your LOOT report.  All your currently installed mods will be shown, mods that need cleaning will show be highlighted in yellow.  These can be cleaned using TES5Edit.

    Steps for Cleaning Mods:
    1. Using your LOOT log, find a mod that needs cleaning.  We'll use Update.esm as an example, as it's the first mod listed that needs cleaning.  These steps can be repeated for each mod that contains dirty edits.
    2. In your LOOT log, you'll see Update.esm listed for dirty edits.  (Edit - Older picture using BOSS report instead of LOOT report)
    3. Install and run TES5EDIT.exe
    4. The opening screen of TES5EDIT is a Master/Plugin Selector list.  Right-click and hit "Select None." None of the boxes should be checked.
    5. Check the box for Update.esm and hit OK.
    6. Wait for TES5EDIT to load the mod, it'll take a few seconds.  You'll know it's done loading when you see Background Loader: finished at the bottom of the right pane.  In the left pane, right-click on Update.esm and choose Apply Filter for Cleaning.
    7. After a few seconds, the filter should be done.
    8. Right-click on Update.esm again and choose Remove "Identical to Master" records.

    9. A warning screen pops up that lets you know you're about to edit a file.  Wait a few seconds, then click Yes I'm Absolutely sure.
    10. TES5edit will remove your ITM errors.  Onto the UDR's.
    11. Right-click on Update.esm, choose Undelete and Disable References. (Directly above Remove "Identical to Master" records)
    12. TES5edit will remove your UDR's.  The file has been cleaned.
    13. Exit TES5edit, clicking OK when asked to backup the file you just edited, this saves the changes.
    14. To double-check the file has been cleaned, run BOSS again.  As you can see, BOSS no longer lists Update.esm for having dirty edits (although it still lists the Bash Tag suggestion).
    15. Repeat these steps for every mod with dirty edits!  !!!CLEAN ONE MOD AT A TIME!!!
    16. Using your BOSS log, find the next mod listed for dirty edits.  If you followed the guide, the next mods to clean would either be LevelersTower.esm (if you installed it, it was optional) or Cloaks.esp.  Launch TES5edit, right-click to deselect all mods, and check the box for the mod you want to clean.  Apply the cleaning filter, then remove ITM's and UDR's for each mod.  Then exit and save.  
    17. There's only a handful of mods that need cleaning, and you're getting close to finishing the guide!

    3. Run SkyProc Patchers For Automatic Variants and Dual Sheath Redux
    !!!Requires up-to-date Java!!!
    This step uses a patch program which is written in Java.  You'll need the latest Java update installed for these programs to work.

    1. Download and install LOOT.
    2. Run LOOT and select Sort Plugins on the initial menu.  Click Apply on the following window.  Close the results window.
    3. Download and install SUM - SkyProc Unified Manager. (This can be installed with Nexus Mod Manager)
    4. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to X:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\SkyProc Patchers\SUM
    5. Run SUM.jar.
    6. Open the SUM Options tab, uncheck the box for Run BOSS.  (IMPORTANT!)
    7. Hit Patch in the top-right corner.  A patch for Automatic Variants and Dual Sheath Redux will be created automatically.

    4. Bash Patch using WryeBash
    Download and install WryeBash.  Wryebash can be tricky to install, and you may need to install several dependency programs for it to work properly.  Refer to the instructions on the WryeBash page for more details.  Once it's correctly installed, launch Wrye Bash.exe. It should look something like this:

    Notice Bashed Patch, 0.esp is highlighted, we'll be creating a patch with this momentarily.  First, take a second to scroll through your mods.  The vast majority of the mods should be highlighted with a green box and a check mark.  Check marks indicate the mod is active, you can turn mods off by un-checking them.

    *UPDATE*:  Move (click and drag) Mystical Illumination.esp and place it above ETaC - Complete.esp.  LOOT currently places MI below ETaC, which will create bugs/glitches.

    Green boxes indicate the mod is working properly.
    Orange boxes indicate the mod's master files have been re-ordered.
    Red boxes indicate a significant problem with the mod.  Mods with red boxes will likely cause Skyrim to crash when started.  Usually, mods with red boxes are missing prerequisite files such as Dawnguard or Dragonborn.

    Right-click on Bashed Patch, 0.esp and select Rebuild Patch.

    You may be prompted to merge patches, de-select any mods listed, and click Skip.

    An Update Bashed Patch, 0.esp window will appear, with various options and settings.  You can click on Tweak Settings to change various options in Skyrim.  I recommend lowering your Timescale value from the default of 20 to 10 or below.

    The main purpose for a Bashed Patch is creating a master Leveled Lists.  Remember the Bash Tag Suggestion(s) from the BOSS report earlier?  Each of those mods altered Skyrim's loot list in some way.  Without a Bashed Patch, those mods would have to fight over access to the Leveled Lists that control loot.  With a Bashed Patch, all the mods are placed on a Master list preventing conflicts.  WryeBash automatically detects which mods had Bash Tag Suggestion(s) and does its magic.

    Click Build Patch at the bottom.  When finished, exit WryeBash.

    5. Run GenerateFNISForUsers.exe 
    1. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to your Data folder
    2. Once in your Data folder, find and open the tools folder, then the GenerateFNIS_for_Users folder.  
    3. The resulting directory should be (X:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\tools\GenerateFNIS_for_Users).
    4. Once there, run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe.
    5. Check the boxes for "GENDER Specific Animations" and "SKELETON Arm Fix" then click the yellow Update FNIS Behavior button in the middle.
    6. After a few seconds, it will generate the necessary files and the patch will be finished.
    7. Click the Exit button. 

    6. Run LOOT
    Sort your plugins one last time.  Check the report for any errors or conflicts.

    7. Tweaks
    Depth of Field (DoF) Tweaks:
    The default for Project ENB is a dynamic DoF that changes fairly often based upon what you're looking at.  A nice feature, but I found it can grow slightly annoying over time.  Thankfully, the author of Project ENB (bronze316) provided some optional DoF's to install on the Project ENB page under optional files. 
    1. Manually download Depth of Field Options UPDATE 4 from the Project ENB under optional downloads.
    2. Extract the files.
    3. Choose a DoF profile (I personally like the Static DoF option - use this if you're having DoF problems while on horseback)
    4. Copy the corresponding enbeffectprepass.fx from the DoF profile to your main Skyrim folder (where TESV.exe is located).
    5. Overwrite the existing file.

    Mystical Illumination tweak for ENB:
    Find enbseries.ini in your main Skyrim folder.

    Open enbseries.ini with Notepad and change the following values for the pink text
    Intensity Sunset=2.4
    Defrag the drive Skyrim is installed on.

    8. Play!
    Use SKSE to launch Skyrim.  Configure/activate mods in-game via the Mod Configuration menu by pressing Escape.

    Known Issues:
    - If you installed ENHANCED MIGHTY DRAGONS with Empowered Magic, the opening Helgen sequence might be a bit rough.  One mod makes Dragons incredibly powerful, the other changes values for damage caused by magic.  The result is fireballs that rain down from the sky and kill you in one hit.  Use console (press the ` key) to enable immortal mode (type tim in console) or god-mode (type tgm in console).
    - Skyrim Enhanced Camera might have problems with carriages and may cause some problems during the opening Helgen sequence.
    - You can try using the Alternate Start - Live Another Life mod as a workaround for these issues.  Run LOOT after installing.