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Added: 03/12/2013 - 03:49PM
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The Only reason I leave this mod online is because it's the first mod i'v ever uploaded, in reality this mod really does suck, but I still appreciate all endorsements.

[Another Note]

You no longer have to "steal" the book, the screenshot is not up to date.

[What Does CandlelightBetter Do?]

This simple mod adds a new spell called CandlelightBetter witch can be fount in dragonreatch.
It makes a glowing orb above you're head that provides light for 10 minutes, very usefull for Caves,Dungeons,Realistic Lighting Mod.


Be sure to leave any suggestions in the "posts" section, If you wish to contract me about any buissnes message me, Or contact me on steam "Ice Master Dolphin"

Let me know about any bugs/issues

[To Manually Install Do This]
Go to you're steam file/steamapps/common/skyrim/data then drop the CandlelightBetter1.0.0.esp in you're data file and you're good to go.

[Goals for all my mods]

1: To be reviewed by youtubers such as Brodual and MMOxReview.

2: To be in File of the Month.