Gives you all perks all ingredients and muuuch more by BossB
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This file is used to give people a great start in the game! It gives you basicly everything you need. Here's a complete list of what this files brings to you:
Carryweight will be set to 99999999+your starting carryweight
You will receive 99999 gold
You will get 99999 lockpicks
You will get 500 dragonsouls
You will get all the ingredients, including the rare ones (for example the jarrinroot) 999 times
You will get every single perk
All mapmarkers will be visible
You will get a lot of dragonscales and bones
You will get a lot of soulgems
You will get all enchantments (you will receive items, just disenchant and you will get the enchantment)

Installing and using:
Download the file, than move the Master.txt to your install direction.
For example: copy the file, and paste it to Computer>C>programfiles(x86)>TheElderScrollsV
To use it when your in game press the tile button (the button under escp and above tab) and type in bat master.

Do NOT eat all the ingredients without godmode on! You will get killed instantly becuase theres a ingredient that deals around the 10k damage! So before eating open the console and type in tgm. That command enables godmode, so you cant die. When you are done eating, use the tgm command again, to turn off godmode.

If theres anything what needs improvemnt, comment and ill look it up. If I missed any item, comment. For the enchantments I know there is to a enchantment what gives extra damage to dragons, but for some reason you cant disenchant that item (dragonbane). If you wish anything else added to this file, comment! endoresments will be apreciated!

I have not ripped off anything for this file. Ive made this all by myself using some skyrim sites for the ids of the items.