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Last updated at 19:06, 16 Nov 2015 Uploaded at 16:36, 14 Dec 2013

New file: Zt Followers All in one v2.0
Fixed bug, change the location
(Please be careful for updating to v2.0, because v2.0 was made by different eps file from before version's. You shouldn't update to v2.0, if you have already married with one of them.)

They are standalone followers. You don't need other mods.
When you introduce this mod, other mods are not necessary.
All followers are marriageable, essential.


Screen Shot by Terrabreakcity

[Kaley] Nord Race
Riverwood Sleeping GiantInn
One-handed(Maces,Dual wielding),Archery,Alteration,Light armor

Screen Shot by Terrabreakcity

[Claudia] Nord Race
Winterhold TheFrozenHearth
One-handed,Sneak,Destruction,Light armor,No armor

Screen Shot by Terrabreakcity

[Sahar] Imperial Race
DragonBridge FourShieldsTavern
One-handed,Light armor,Sneak,Destruction

Screen Shot by Terrabreakcity

[Andrea] Nord Race
Ivarstead Vilemyr
Two-handed,Brock,Light armor

Screen Shot by Terrabreakcity

[Vera] Nord Race
Morthal MoorsideInn
One-handed(Swords),Archery,Block,Heavy Armor

Screen Shot by Terrabreakcity

[Ashley] Nord Race
Nightgate Inn
One-handed,Archery,Light Armor,Sneak

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Thank you so much guys!:)

[Mods Used for Screenshots]
Grace Darklings Elven Scout Armor by Grace Darkling
Osare Culort Outfit - UNP by anano
Lore Friendly Armor Pack by rahman530
aMidianBorn Textures For Immersive Armors and Lore-Friendly Armor Pack by Deandra and CaBaL
Maid Outfits by zzjay and GraceDarkling by zzjay and GraceDarkling
Brokefoots UNP Mashup Compilation by brokefoot
aMidianBorn Book of Silence by CaBaL- EmeraldReign-the AMB team
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UNP - Hmm What To Wear by Nightasy and Brokefoot
aMidianBorn Book of Silence by CaBaL- EmeraldReign-the AMB team
Winter Is Coming - Cloaks by Nivea
Somber ENB Lut Sepia by Tansarville - Creator and Wolfgrimdark - Manager and Tweaker
Feathers for humanoid males and females by zzjay and zn00p
Eldrids Armor Mashup UNP by anka01

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