Skimpy Armors Multi-body System by Kalambre
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Skimpy Armors Multi-body System

Warning: This mod requires extra work by users, not suited for lazy users… Only contains a plugin file, so user must add the resources manually.

For modders interested in creating their own multi-body armors, I've uploaded a small guide in Bodytypes mod.

What is this?

Some time ago, I created a plugin for my own use, mixing meshes from some skimpy vanilla armor mods, to have an appropriate armor for each bodytype I used, but this involves too many pieces of armor in inventory, never-ending item list on forge, etc. Recently, I have adapted this plugin with a script to use adaptable armors that change their appearance automatically to match character body. Now, I've decided to share it with all interested people.


As usual, but meshes must be added manually. See readme file for detailed instructions.

If empty folders are missing in meshes directory, try a manual installation.

Requires: Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs, SKSE and Bodytypes of Skyrim

*Uploaded a NO-DLCs version for users without Dawnguard & Dragonborn installed.

How it works?

To craft skimpy armors and clothes you need the vanilla item and a magic tincture elaborated in whatever cook pot, using common ingredients. This magic tincture transforms normal armor into skimpy armor…

Armors can be crafted in forges and clothes in tanning racks.

When you equip a skimpy armor, It detect the bodytype used and equip a “ghost armor” based on this body. This armor can’t be removed until you unequip the main armor to avoid issues, then, it is removed automatically. If you change to another bodytype you have to unequip/equip armor in order to update it.

If you use a bodytype not available for this armor, a message box allows you to choose between equipping a compatible armor, a default version, or nothing.

Skimpy armors have less armor rating that normal armors but better protection/weight rate.

Plugin also includes boots for best compatibility with armor, and other complements like panties, armor parts, etc.

Warning: Don't convert quest items until you complete these quests, or you will be unable to finish them.

Note: The mod does not distinguish between BBP and no BBP bodies. There is only one folder for each body. Example: If you copy CBBE-BBP meshes to CBBE folders, armors will be BBP when you set CBBE or CBBE-BBP body in bodytypes menu. I personally use a mixed option, with BBP meshes for clothes and light armor, and no BBP for rigid heavy armors.

Some questions...

Are all armors included?

Yes, includes all vanilla armor and clothes, Dawnguard and Dragonborn, but not available for all bodies.

Which bodies are supported?

Actually ADEC, CBBE, CBBE Slim, CBBE3M, UNP, UNP blessed, Dream Girl.

Why skimpy armors?

But, I don’t like sexy armors…

Use normal meshes.

Is it compatible with other armor mods?

Yes, all items are standalone, the only vanilla armors modified are guard armors.

But some vanilla armors are not available for player… How I can get them?

I added recipes to create some of them in the skyforge in Whiterun. You can also use other mods that allows player to purchase or craft these items, or use console.

Can NPCs use these armors?

Yes, but if you discover issues tell me please.

Is compatible with custom races or characters?

Yes, should be compatible with all characters using default armor profile.

Are you planning to add new bodies?

I do not know when I can update this mod… If any modder wants to continue or improve this project, contact me please.

I’m a modder, can I use your method, script, etc. for my mod?

Of course.