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Fighting with your fists no longer has to be a waste of time -- you can even specialize in it!

The included script causes unarmed attacks to increase your One-handed skill. Similarly, your One-handed skill affects how strong your punches are. Armsman also adds to unarmed damage.

You can also craft and equip "Knuckle" weapons of various materials (iron, steel, elven, etc.) to increase your damage further or even enchant your punches. These Knuckle weapons are classified as Maces, and as such, should benefit from any One-handed perks that benefit maces (excluding those that require attacks that unarmed cannot before, such as backwards power attacks).

And when your One-handed skill gets high enough, you can learn special unarmed abilities to give you the edge in combat.

NOTE: Not usable in Heavy Armor!

- Powerful Power Attack : Requires 20 One-handed
Unarmed power attacks knock enemies' weapons aside and stagger weaker foes.

- Rear Shield Disarm : Requires 20 One-handed
An unarmed power attack to an enemy's back disarms their shield.

- Uppercut : Requires 25 One-handed
An unarmed attack while sneaking (whether detected or not) against a staggered foe sends them flying at the cost of some Stamina. Healthier enemies cost more Stamina to uppercut.

- Side Attack : Requires 50 One-handed
Unarmed attacks from the side or back deal extra damage.

- Rear Weapon Disarm : Requires 60 One-handed
An unarmed power attack to an enemy's back disarms their weapons.

-Other Details-
- Knuckle weapons are crafted exactly as daggers are. Those untrained in Smithing can access the next most powerful Knuckle recipe by crafting the previous one. (Ex: Iron Knuckles are required to craft Steel Knuckles, which are required for Orcish Knuckles.)

- Unarmed attacks now use the same sneak attack modifier as One-handed attacks (and can benefit from the Backstab perk).

- Khajit Claws and Fists of Steel bonuses are greatly reduced to allow other races and styles to be competent at unarmed combat.

- All values can be modified by editing the .ini file.

-Known Issues-
- Knuckles items have no visible model.
- Knuckles items disappear when dropped out of the player's inventory.
- Knuckles cannot be poisoned.
- True unarmed attacks (no knuckles) do not count as maces.
- Skill is not gained when punching extremely large creatures (such as dragons).

Requires Script Dragon, found here:

1. Install Script Dragon from the above link.
2. Place Eld-unarmedCombat.esp into the Data folder and enable it with your preferred Skyrim data file manager.
3. Place unarmedCombat.asi and unarmedCombat.ini into the asi folder.

Delete Eld-unarmedCombat.esp, unarmedCombat.asi and unarmedCombat.ini.

Thanks to Alexander Blade for Script Dragon
Thanks to Dave Humphrey for SkyEdit