Dwemer Mechanical Mudcrab by UlithiumDragon
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Added: 27/11/2013 - 08:27PM
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Now included in Summon Dwemer Mechanicals Mounts and Followers by gg77

Now included in Dual Summon Mounts by gg77

It always bothered me that there were so few different kinds of Dwemer automations. I mean, they MUST have experimented more with different kinds of creations, right?

This is a fully custom mesh'd Dwemer-style mechanical mudcrab I created while learning how to model using 3ds Max 2012. It is fully rigged to work with the mudcrab skeleton and will work in-game.

While this will work in-game, it is currently being released with the meshes set as a mudcrab replacer simply for viewing purposes. I intended this to be used as a modder's resource, but I may or may not make my own mod utilizing this creature sometime in the future.

The way the file is set up is a simple drag-and drop installation into your data directory. It is set up to be Nexus Mod Manager and Mod Organizer (I HIGHLY recommend Mod Organizer) compatible.

Simply delete the files from your Skyrim directory or use Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer to uninstall them.

The texture I created for this mod is very low resoultion in some areas. I am very new to creating textures and unwrapping UVW's, so if anyone can do better I welcome them to try!

This was/is intended as a modder's resource, so anyone is free to use it int their mods, as long as I am given credit. You do not need to ask me first, you I would like it if you'd send me a PM with your mod's link so I can see what you did with it!