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NOTE: There are a lot of people who have mentioned that they would prefer a more lore-friendly retexture that doesn't look new and shiny. In that case I HIGHLY recommend checking out aMidianBorn Dwarven Armor by CaBaL .

He's done an amazing job on the Dwarven armor, and will be releasing the weapons soon. If you dig his work, you're in luck since he's also created great from-scratch and lore-friendly texture replacements for Iron, Steel, Plate, Leather and Elven full sets (and is working through all the rest)

So, if my textures aren't your style (and, actually, even if they are) you should head on over and check out his work.




Thanks go to member Arsenalrobert for making this video showcasing the Heroic Dwarven Armor!

UPDATE 12/30/2011 Added an updated version of the armor which adds the purple kilt back in, with new hi-res texture. This had been requested by a few people and I think it was a good idea.. thanks to those who brought it to my attention!

Please note that only the dwarven armor texture is included in the Royal Heroic Armor file, so if you want it you'll need to install the main file and then overwrite the armor files with the Royal Heroic ones

While I was making that change, I took the opportunity to correct a couple of oversights; there were a couple spots on the armor where the original lower res textures were not modified and I went ahead and corrected that. This is probably most noticeable on the upper arms, where I've created a scaled look to replace the kind of muddied pseudo-chain of the vanilla texture.


I've been working on this for the last week or so; thanks to everyone who helped with comments and criticism along the way.

It started out as just a recoloring of the dwarven arrows and kind of snowballed. Now it is a full hi-res replacement of all things Dwemer with versions that try to put forth a more gleaming, heroic appearance than the vanilla textures.

I know it won't be for everyone, as it doesn't keep with the downtrodden, dirty look and feel that much of Skyrim has. That's cool with me.. I just hope that some people do find it helpful and fun.