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Added: 17/11/2011 - 07:59PM
Updated: 09/04/2013 - 02:47PM

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Make sure to backup your Translate_ENGLISH.txt file first! It is located in your "skyrim/Data/Interface" folder. This file is NOT in the .bsa archive so you won't be able to restore it without a backup copy or complete reinstallation.

I will not be held responsible for your refusal to heed this warning or your failure to read.



This mod replaces the fonts of Skyrim and the layout of a several interface files to accomodate wider fonts. Designed for SkyUI.


Patch 1.9 seems to have broken some of the files I include, so sadly I cannot support the vanilla game anymore. What this really means is that you'll get some cutoff and off-scaled texts here and there. It's nothing too distracting, (how often does one look at the date? ;]) just a bit messy. You also can't complain.

The good news is I've been given the permission to use SkyUI's files so all is not lost. Though if you're not an SKSE user, I'm sorry. This mod would, from this point on, (until Bethesda fix their mess) be designed to be used together with SkyUI.

MOD CONTENTS - What's included in the BSAs

Main Files
  • fonts_fh.swf - main font for UI, books and scripts
  • fontconfig.txt

Essential Fixes for Clipping
  • Translate_ENGLISH.txt (For English version only) - fix for some problems of text scaling too small
  • startmenu.swf - fix for clippping issues in save/load list; various tweaks
  • sleepwaitmenu.swf - fix for date clipping issue
  • tweenmenu.swf - fix for date clipping issue
  • map.swf - - fix for date clipping issue[not included in Legacy version]
  • quest_journal.swf - fix for clippping issues in save/load list; various tweaks[not included in Legacy version]

Totally Unnecessary Files Made for Better Readability and Aesthetics
  • loadingmenu.swf - bigger text
  • favoritesmenu.swf - bigger text; various tweaks

Non-widescreen Fix
This is not compatible with any mod altering lockpicking and skills screen.
  • lockpickingmenu.swf - re-position some layout elements
  • statsmenu.swf - re-position some layout elements


Using Nexus Mod Manager
1. Click "Download With Manager"
2. In NMM, activate the mod
NOTE: Choose overwrite when prompted
NOTE: If you're installing an Optional file, be sure to select 'No' when asked if you want to update the mod
3. Endorse if you like it, and go to step 4. Otherwise see "UNINSTALLATION"
4. Profit

Manual Installation
1. Backup your "Interface" folder in "steamapps\common\skyrim\Data"
NOTE: If you don't know how to do a backup, then I suggest you to use NMM
2. Copy archive contents into "steamapps\common\skyrim\Data" folder
NOTE: Choose overwrite when prompted


Using Nexus Mod Manager
1. In NMM, deactivate the mod and any optional download

Manual uninstallation
1. Delete these files from "steamapps\common\skyrim\Data" folder (whichever applicable)

Fhaarkas Font Mod - SkyUI.esp
Fhaarkas Font Mod - SkyUI.bsa
Fhaarkas Font Mod.esp
Fhaarkas Font Mod.bsa

2. Restore your "Translate_ENGLISH.txt" with your backed up copy


This mod should be placed AFTER SkyUI and BEFORE any other interface mod in Skyrim load order.

1. SkyUI.esp
2. Fhaarkas Font Mod - SkyUI.esp
3. Other mods

For Vanilla version, the load order would be

1. Fhaarkas Font Mod.esp
2. Other mods


This mod should be compatible with everything. Just follow the load order and you're good. You can even use other fonts like those from Font Replacement Mod (theoretically and I haven't tested this, please tell me if you actually can't).


  • Texts might appear smaller then they were in vanilla. If you cherish consolish gigantic fonts or you have bad eyesight then this might be an issue. Bad joke aside, readability is definitely worse than vanilla especially on lower resolutions.
  • This mod does not support Czech, Polish and Russian language. Try as I might I just do not have the capacity to provide support for these languages as it is very hard to do tests. If somebody's willing to port the mod for other languages just drop me a message so I can give you the source files and prepare the font for you.
  • Clipping issues might still occur if you're playing non-English versions or using other fonts.
  • Clipping issues will occur if you're using Vanilla version. Blame Bethesda for breaking mods left and right.
  • SkyUI - texts may overlap if too many columns are turned on.
  • SkyUI - clipping may occur if bigger font size is selected.


I'm welcoming all ideas and if you come across any issue you can inform me in the comment page or through PMs.


Bethesda: nuff said
All the testers and bug reporters
Font authors


This mod is provided as is. I am just a hobbyist at best and I do not have any professional education in game design whatsoever so pardon me if my work appears amateurish.As long I am playing this game/there's interest in the mod/there's no DarN mod it is very likely that I will keep tab on this mod. If you'd like to use this mod or any part of it in your work I'd appreciate it if you can drop me a message.