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Latest News

Arnulf is back with a new version, fixing bugs for user convenience. Arnulf now also has warpaint in his face:

Release 6.12.2013, Version 0.3.2:

- Put in SKSE check when starting new game and loading a game
- Added warpaint to Arnulfs face
- Fixed SKSE check not showing
- Fixed Arnulfs gray face bug because of new warpaint
- Completely removed no sneak torch feature due to massive bugs


1. Skyrim with the most actual patch (

How to install

Installation with NMM:

1. Press the download with Manager button on the Nexus and confirm the requested programm
2. Once downloaded open up NMM and click the mods tab to import the AWC.7z
3. After installation enable the plugin files in your prefered reorder tool or in data files when starting up Skyrim
4. When starting Skyrim, click on data files, and make sure the 'AWC_ArnulfWarzenSchleggerCompanion.esp' is checked. If you use Wrye Bash, make sure the file is activated and your load order corrected. Use BOSS to automatically get the correct load order.
5. Play the Game!!!

Manual Installation:

1. Unzip the files anywhere
2. Move the .esp and .bsa file 'AWC_ArnulfWarzenschleggerCompanion' to your 'x:...SkyrimData' folder
3. Choose the patch files you wish to use and copy to your Data folder
4. When starting Skyrim, click on data files, and make sure the 'AWC_ArnulfWarzenSchleggerCompanion.esp' is checked. If you use Wrye Bash, make sure the file is activated and your load order corrected. Use BOSS to automatically get the correct load order.
5. Run Skyrim!!!

Important Information

If you're using a new version of Arnulf Warzenschlegger Companion upon an existing character made with AWC, make sure to make a clean save before playing on. How to do this?

1. Load your game and find a interior cell, save the game
2. Exit game, turn off the AWC_ArnulfWarzenSchleggerCompanion.esp and load the previously made save, save again
3. Exit game, enable the new version, go into the game and save again
4. Exit the game once more and then start playing with the clean save

Gameplay Changes

A new dawn, a new mod *cough*. I present to you Arnulf...Arnulf Warzenschlegger, a custom follower using a completely customized follower framework, independend from the vanilla follower framework. What does that mean? It means you are allowed to use Arnulf in conjunction with your favourit vanilla follower. But that's not all. Arnulf, just as his real life pondon Arnold Schwarzenegger is bound to full fill great things. Read the extended descriptions to see what he can do, except from crushing his enemies and see them driven before him. So basically you'll get a new unique, fully voiced and customized appearance. Tons of features not seen in any other follower mod before, and a follower framework completely independendfrom the vanilla follower framework. Arnulf will surprise you in any way.

Arnulf :

- will avoid combat if you order him to do so
- will redress when previously got an outfit assigned, so you can fit him as you wish
- can be made essential/unessential
- will ignore friendly hits if your order him to do so
- will use the standard commands: wait, follow, share inventory, do favor, dismiss, recruit
- can relax (sandbox mode) if you order him to do so
- will automatically not engage combat when sneaking
- is completely custom voiced (only 100 lines of dialogue for the first version, will be improved, I promise)
- will choose High Hrothgar as home if you not purchased Breezehome, if you purchased he will go there
- has an unlimited inventory if you order him to have so
- has light foot perk to not trigger preasure plates
- will learn spells from tomes you put into his inventory
- will increase his level with player if you order him to do so
- will show you level, skills and resistances if you order him to do so
- does not have any spells, powers or shouts initially
- has no level restrictions
- is level 1 (if you're high level, you probably want to first level him up)
- can be summoned when he's lost
- does not affect the players stealth meter
- speaks famous qoutes from a well knowen movie character if ordered to do so
- can be commanded via shouts, commands are: Share Inventory, Wait/Follow, Relax, Do Favor, Avoid/Enter Combat
- unique book granted to you by a quest NPC with instruction (will be extended in future I promise)
- small and unique quest in order to obtain him (will be much extended in future, I promise)

Known Bugs:

- none that I'm aware of at the moment, please report any bug you notice


Planed Features:

I have huge plans with this mod. Making Arnulf change his outfits in different situations. Make Arnulf collect ingredients and stuff for you. I plan to extensively extend the custom voiced dialogue and the quest. I can' tell where this mod leads me.

Credits and Thanks:

In this case I'll have to thank Bethesda, the Creation Kit Wiki guys, the official forum guys and Emma for inspiring me to do this mod. Custom followers rule.

Enough talk now, go crush your enemies and see them driven before you!!!

Oh, and if you hear your woman lamintate, show them what Arnulf has to say about it...:D


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