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3. SkyUI based MCM menu

How to install

Installation with NMM:

1. Press the download with Manager button on the Nexus and confirm the requested programm
2. Once downloaded open up NMM and click the mods tab to import the HM_HotkeyMod.7z
3. After installation enable the plugin files in your prefered reorder tool or in data files when starting up Skyrim
4. When starting Skyrim, click on data files, and make sure the 'HM_HotkeyMod.esp' is checked. If you use Wrye Bash, make sure the file is activated and your load order corrected. Use BOSS to automatically get the correct load order.
5. Play the Game!!!

Manual Installation:

1. Unzip the files anywhere
2. Move the .esp and .bsa file 'HM_HotkeyMod' to your 'x:...SkyrimData' folder. Use the HM_HotkeyMod.esp from the UFOEdition folder when you want to use this mod with UFO.
3. Choose the patch/optional files you wish to use and copy to your Data folder
4. When starting Skyrim, click on data files, and make sure the 'HM_HotkeyMod.esp' is checked. If you use Wrye Bash, make sure the file is activated and your load order corrected. Use BOSS to automatically get the correct load order.
5. Run Skyrim!!!

Important Information

If you are using a new version of Hotkey Mod upon an existing character made with HM, make sure to make a clean save before playing on. How to do this?

1. Load your game and find a interior cell, save the game
2. Exit game, turn off the HM_HotkeyMod.esp and load the previously made save, save again
3. Exit game, enable the new version, go into the game and save again
4. Exit the game once more and then start playing with the clean save

Detailed Instructions

A Hotkey mod. Focused on followers, console commands and some useful additions. Features are: Torch Hotkey, Delete Spell Hotkey, Toggle Menus Hotkey, Instant Quit Hotkey, Show Status Hotkey, Show Time Hotkey and Recharge Enchanted Weapons Hotkey. Follower Hotkeys: trade, wait/follow, command favor, call (summon) follower, follower camera and follower draw weapons. If you are using Ultimate Follower Overhaul you will also get hotkeys for follower relax and follower avoid combat. You're also allowed to reconfigure all of thoose keys if you are not satisified with the default settings. Which I bet you will be, because I'm using arrow keys to control my character, while most of you probably use WSAD keys. So how does it all work?

1. The mod comes in two flavors. The standard edition for everyone, and the UFO edition for people using Ultimate Follower Overhaul. Use only one, not both. All hell will break loose on you if you're trying to use both.

2. If you reconfigure the hotkeys and applied your changes, you'll need to save your game, because the hotkey information gets stored inside your savegame. If you do not save after reconfiguration of your hotkeys, the changes will be lost, and you'll have to do it all over again.

Now for the detailed description on how the hotkeys work and the default settings:


Torch Hotkey: Basically that's just a hotkey that uses torches only and so does not occupie a vanilla hotkey. Very useful when using darker nights mods. Works like vanilla hotkeys, press once to equip the torch, press again to unwear it.

Toggle Menus Hotkey: Press once to turn off menus, press again to turn them back on. Very useful when making screenshots.

Instant Quit Hotkey: Press once and you leave the game...instantly. So make sure to save the game before you'll leave.

Quick Player Status Hotkey: Just press it and you'll get notified about your current health, level, speed, gold and numbers of dragonsouls.

Unequip everything Hotkey: Works in two ways. When pressed only unequips your hands. When held and released for a second completely undresses you. There'S also two hotkeys for unequipping left or right hand only.

Quick Date and Time Hotkey: Simply press the key to get the current game time and date, it will also show the current timescale.

Zoom Hotkey: Simple Hotkey to zoom in your view, hold or tap, works both ways.

Subtitle Hotkey: Simple Hotkey to toggle subtitles. Press once to turn off, again to turn on. Will not work at once, vanilla flaw, give it some time to next conversation.

Recharge Enchanted Weapons Hotkey: This will recharge your enchanted weapons if you have Soulgems in your inventory. Depentend on the size of the maximum charge, it will choose bigger Soulgems. So if you want to safe the bigger Soulgems for enchanting, make sure you don't have them in your inventory. Give them to followers or leave them at your home chest. You'll need to have the to be enchanted weapon in your right hand.

Define Spell/Shout/Power Hotkey: When inside the spell/shout/power menu just select a spell/shout/power and press the appropriate Hotkey to define a spell/shout/power on a Hotkey. There are 8 spell, 6 shout and 6 power hotkeys additionally to the vanilla Hotkeys. This will also work from inside the favourits menu.

Equip Spells/Shouts/Powers Hotkey: Shouts and Powers are pretty straight forward, just press the according Hotkey outside of a menu and they'll get equipped. Spells are special. They can be equipped left hand(tap), right hand(hold 1 second), or booth hands(hold 2 seconds) depending on how long you press they Hotkey outside of a menu.

Delete Spell/Power Hotkey: It does what it says. You'll need to open the magic menu, select a spell or power and then press the spell deletion hotkey. You'll get a notification if you managed to delete the spell. This will delete every spell, even thoose imported by other mods. It's a one way direction. You can not restore deleted spells. So be careful what you delete. Shouts can not be deleted, because as far as I'm aware there's only one chance to actually get them. Removing them wouldn't make sense at all. Notice that spells get only deleted while you're in the magic menu. Also notice that the spell stays visible in the menu until you've clicked another spell or another menu tab. This is a vanilla UI flaw, and there's nothing I can do about it. Spells probably where never ment to be deleted.

Follower Trade Hotkey: You probably heared, or used, the Follower Hotkey mod based on Script Dragon? Nifty little mod that made live for some players more comfortable. Unfortunately it needed Script Dragon (which sometimes took ages to update) and it was working on one follower only. If you'd, for example, used Ultimate Follower Overhaul, then you still had to enter trade with them through dialogue. It's different within this mod. The closest follower to you within a range of 500 game units, will open his/her inventory. If all followers are within a range of 500 game units, then the first recruited follower will open his/her inventory.

Follower Wait/Follow Hotkey: This basically works as the SD version. You'll tap the hotkey once and the follower waits. You tap it again and the follower follows. Different to the SD version, this will work for all followers following you, not just one. You'll get a notification when a follower waits or follows you.

Follower Command Favor Hotkey: This works similar to the SD version. Basically it uses the same key as the wait/follow hotkey, but you'll need to hold the key for at least one second and then release it. Upon release of the hotkey the command favor state will be entered by the follower.

Follower Camera Hotkey: Has two functions. When taped shortly will jump to your closest follower, when taped again will jump back to you. If you hold the key for more then one second, it will flip back to you after releasing the key.

Follower Draw Weapon Hotkey: This simply makes you and your followers draw weapons. This is specially useful with UFO, so you can make your comrades draw their weapon with you. If you draw your weapon with your followers, and then use the default draw weapon key, the UFO feature of followers not automatically draw weapons with you, will be bypassed. This is not a bug, but intention. You can set it back to default by pressing the follower draw weapon hotkey again.

Follower Relax/Unrelax Hotkey: Works pretty much exactly like the wait/follow hotkey with the difference, that your follower will enter sandbox(relax) mode. Press the key once and the follower relaxes, press it again and the follower will follow again. You'll get a notification when a follower relaxes or does not relax.

Follower Avoid Combat/Enter Combat Hotkey: Works like relax hotkey. You'll get a notification. Press once for follower to ignore combat, press again to make them attack again.

Reconfigure Hotkeys:

How does it work? From version 0.4 on you configure the keys from the MCM menu. Just press ESC to find it.

Resetting all Hotkeys:

From version 0.6 there's now an option to reset all hotkeys and rebind them at will.

Known Bugs:

- Recharge Hotkey might act wonky, I'm trying to fix this with future updates. If it makes you feel inconvenient, don't use it!


Planed Features:

So far I have no furhter plans for this mod. If you have any suggestions feel free to make them.

Credits and Thanks:

In this case I'll have to thank Bethesda, the Creation Kit Wiki guys, the official forum guys and JustinOther the only one script wizzard for inspiring me to do this mod. Custom hotkys ftw.

Enough talk now, press a key!!!


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