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Latest News

Just a small updated for user convenience. Fixed some minor bugs and added more features from my single Mods. Changelog:

Release 13.09.2014, Version 2.1.2:

- added last follower option to grayed out list to prevent bugs
- added an MCM option to adjust power attack stamina consumption
- fixed magic giving light feature giving light when spell not drawn
- fixed none errors caused by unknown writings feature
- fixed error report on formlist when starting SI in CK
- NPCs while now use multiple floors when moving around
- added taunt feature from Taunt Mod
- added instant kill feature from Finger of God Mod
- fixed UFO dependencie on .esp

Release 17.08.2014, Version 2.1:

- fixed Frostfall patch causing a 'null' error inside script log making the fuzzy guys go all fuzzy
- fixed missing property assignment inside Frostfall patch thus fixing related trouble caused
- fixed diverse 'none' error occasions found throughout the game
- streamlined most of the code
- first attempt to fix and balance secondary skill progression
- campfire no show the text label 'grill food' with food in your inventory instead of 'take campfire'
- spells will now give off light, this is not like the old feature but achieved via script, toggleable in MCM menu
- added MCM option to turn off weight on pickaxes
- MCM follower settings can now only be adjusted when having followers
- added annoying message to feature 'this lock can't be picked/requires key'
- fixed let over edit to AbsorbChance actor value
- slightly raised numbers of arrows available to archer enemies
- removed SKSE version check notification by request
- added default setting information to MCM text descriptions
- added new perk inside marksman tree, named 'Keen Eye' allowing for detection of arrows via hotkey
- all actors in Skyrim will now be unknown to you unless you enter dialogue with them, toggleable inside MCM menu


1. Skyrim with the most actual patch (
2. Dawnguard, Hearthfires and Dragonborn DLCs
4. SkyUI based MCM menu

Secondary Requirements

Secondary Requirements are mods that are not necessarily required, but recommended to be used with SI. SI is exceptionally build around those mods and you'd get only half the fun without using them. When using the UFO edition .esps you'll need Ultimate Follower Overhaul.

Unoficial Skyrim Patch

Unofficial Dawnguard Patch

Unofficial Hearthfire Patch

Unofficial Dragonborn Patch

Interesting NPCs

Frostfall Hypothermia

Ultimate Follower Overhaul

Realistic Needs and Diseases

Skill Uncapper

How to install

From version 2.0 any complicated install procedures have been removed. All files are uploaded seperately. Find the .ini settings in the FAQ section. As always, use BOSS to configure load order automatically. Don't forget the requirements! However, If you use the UFO edition, it is recommended to change your load order manually similar to this:

Important Information

To get the full benefits out of this mod, I recommend you to start over a new game, though the features of Survivalist Ingenuity will also work without a new start. If you're using Survivalist Ingenuity on an existing character, the mods core elements will be configurable via a MCM menu. You'll find the menu when pressing ESC. If you are using a new version of Survivalist Ingenuity upon an existing character made with SI, make sure to make a clean save before playing on. How to do this?

1. Load your game and find a interior cell, save the game
2. Exit game, turn off the SurvivalistIngenuity.esp and load the previously made save, save again
3. Exit game, enable the new version, go into the game and save again
4. Exit the game once more and then start playing with the clean save

Gameplay Changes

Skill & Perk Overhaul

One of the major core elements of Survivalist Ingenuity is its Skill and Perk Overhaul, and the changes to the Skill Perk trees coming with it. Survivalist Ingenuity features 87 higher tier Vanilla Perks, and 130 custom build Perks that are specifically tailored to the Mods gameplay enhancements. Major skills are renamed to govern a primary and a secondary associated Perk tree, and the primary, as well as the secondary tree gets fueled by their governing minor skill, either by default, or through addition of custom scripts. In particular this means that every major skill gain will now be driven by two minor skills. Please, additionally to the description have a look at the video to see how the Perk trees look in game. The Perk overhaul was developed with the following three rules:

1. Don't remove any of the vanilla perks inside the perk trees. Addition > Removal!
2. Make Perks appear as expression and reflection of your characters development.
3. Modifie the Perk tree with highest impact possible, without destroying the Vanilla mechanics.

1. Major Skill Handwork (formerly Smithing):

Primary Perk tree is Minor Skill Smithing, which governs all vanilla Perks and 6 additional Perks. It splits up all materials to its own Perks and increases difficulty, specially when starting a new game. You can't even smelt the ore you're harvesting, without the appropriate Perks. The trees develope on three different axis and there are sub trees for tanning, smelting and jewelry smithing. Light and Heavy Armor is split up into two seperate trees. All recipes at forges and tanning racks have their appropriate Perks allocated. So at the start of the game all you can craft is some basic wooden items and nails. Exact description for the new Perks:

1. Basic Tanning: Able to tan leather at leather racks, craft wooden items, create hide armor and improve it twice as much.
2. Advanced Tanning: Can create fur armor at forges, and improve it twice as much.
3. Superior Tanning: Can create leather and banded iron armor at forges, and improve it twice as much.
4. Basic Metallurgist: Can smelt iron, corundum, gold, silver and quicksilver ores to ingots and make steel ingots.
5. Advanced Metallurgist: Can smelt malachite, moonstone, orichalcum and ebony ore to ingots and make dwarven ingots from dwarven scrap.
6. Blacksmith: Can create iron, studded, stormcloak, falmer and draugr armor and weapons at forges, and improve it twice as much.

The secondary tree handles Minor Skill Unarmored Combat. It introduces 8 new Perks. The tree is split up into unarmed combat during brawls, and martial art. It features some interesting new Perks, that will probably make you rejoice. In particular there's a Perk that allows you to sneak upon enemies and knock them over form behind if you stay unseen. In difference to 'ordinary' paralyze, you will then be allowed to strip your targets inventory. They will stay out for 30 seconds, and if you're fast enough, won't even recognize that you hit and run them. Unarmed combat will increase the major skill just as snithing did for vanilla skill. The Perks:

1. Way of the Fist (5 ranks): Unarmed attacks do +5 damage.
2. Powerfirst (3 ranks): Unarmed powerattacks do double +5 damage.
3. Liver Chop: 25% chance to nullifie your targets stamina in unarmed combat and brawls.
4. Pine Hook: 25% chance to paralyze your target when power attacking with right hand and not sneaking. Not working during brawls.
5. Knockout: Knock your target unconscious when sneaking undetected and attacking with your right hand from behind.
6. Standing Fist: Reduce incoming damage by 50% during brawls.
7. Tenacious B: Swiftly regenerate Stamina during Brawls.
8. Brawl Master: 10% chance to beat your enemies with one hit during brawls when power attacking.

2. Major Skill Chivalry (formerly Heavy Armor):

Primary Perk tree is Minor Skill Heavy Armor. It features a miriad of higher rank Perks for almost all of the vanilla Perks plus two addtional Perks better suiting the 'Paladin' role a two handed character might choose. New Perks are:

1. Bane of the Undead: 50% chance to nullifie incoming damage from undead creatures.
2. Rammbock: 50% chance incoming arrows will bounce off when using 4 parts of heavy armor and sprinting.

Secondary Perk tree is about Minor Skill Combat Knowledge and governs increasing combat related skills and faster learning via Perks. All knowledge minor skills will be driven by how many levels and skills you've gained. So for example if you've increased Handwork for 8 skill points, you will get 1 point for combat knowledge (chivalry), thievery knowledge (finesse) and magical knowledge (infusion). This skill introduces 8 new Perks:

1. Increase Handwork: Increase Handwork Skill by 3000 points.
2. Increase Shielding: Increase Shielding Skill by 5000 points.
3. Increase Dynamics: Increase Dynamics Skill by 7500 points.
4. Increase Marksman: Increase Marksman Skill by 10000 points.
5. Increase Chivalry: Increase Chivalry Skill by 12500 points.
6. Increase Vigour: Increase Vigour Skill by 15000 points.
7. Art of War: Learn twice as much from combat related skill books.
8. Quick Learner: Learn combat related skills 10% faster.

3. Major Skill Shielding (formerly Blocking):

Primary Perk Tree is Minor Skill Blocking. Additionally to the Vanilla Perks, it features six higher rank Perks for the Shield Wall Perk. I was quite satisfied with the Block tree, so I felt there's not much else to be changed.

Secondary Perk Tree is about Minor Skill Defensive Stance in general and extends blocking without shield or when crouching. I had Greek Phalanx in mind when developing this Perk tree. It will grant you some incredibly awesome defensive Perks, which, when used correctly, will make you almost invulnerable, BUT, you will be very limited in your attacking capabilities. It will also add some Perks that maybe turn the tights in your favor if you're pushed into a corner and see no chance to survive. This Perk tree features 7 new Perks:

1. Iron Rock: Reduce incoming physical damage by 50 % when doing crouched unmoved block with shields.
2. Grab Weapon: 25% chance to disarm your target while blockbashing with a single one handed weapon equipped in crouch stance.
3. Interruptor: Bashing with a two handed weapon in crouch stance will have 25% chance of interrupting incoming attacks.
4. Seared: Bashing with torch in crouch stance gives 25% chance your target drops its weapon and burns in agony.
5. Flat Strike: Knock your target of their feet, by 25% chance, when performing a crouched  bash attack with shields without moving.
6. Human Tower: Minimize incoming physical damage when doing crouched unmoved block with shields, without having a weapon or magic equipped.
7. Human Fortress: Negates all incoming physical and magical damage while blocking with a shield and with active ward spell in unmoved crouch stance.

4. Major Skill Vigour (formerly Two Handed):

Primary Perk tree governs Minor Skill Two Handed Combat and has 2 higher rank Perks for the Barbarian Perk as well as 4 additional custom build Perks. Most of those additional Perks have extra Ranks:

1. Persistent Barbarian (has 5 ranks): Increase stamina regeneration by 10% when fighting two handed.
2. Heavy Impedour (has 3 ranks): Increase your two handed block rate by 5%.
3. Rapid Swing: Draw and swing two handed weapon 25% faster.
4. Pommel Strike: While bashing two handed, stagger your target and interrupt their attacks by 50% chance.

Secondary Skill tree is about Minor Skill Vitality and governs the traits of health and fitness. It will make you fitter and more resistant to natural influences like diseases, weather and basic needs.In future updates it's planed to more strongly interlace this with mods like Perseid's Realistic Needs and Diseases, and Frostfall. It features six additional Perks with lots of higher rank tiers:

1. Vitality (has 4 ranks): Increase health by 25 points.
2. Healthy Metabolism (has 5 ranks): Develop a natural 10% poison resistance.
3. Hardened (has 5 ranks): Develop a natural 20 points damage resistance.
4. Natural Immunity (has 5 ranks): Develop a natural 10% disease resistance.
5. *Auto Healer (has 3 ranks): Automatically regenerate 0.1 points of health per second unless moving or in combat.
6. Natural Heater: Develop a natural 10% resistance to frost.

* = Auto health regeneration in Survivalist Ingenuity is turned off by default.

5. Major Skill Dynamics(formerly One Handed):

Primary Perk tree Minor Skill One Handed Combat not only has the most perfectly arranged look ingame, it probably features the greatest additions to vanilla perks. It has 2 additional ranks for the Armsman Perk, and 10 additional custom build Perks. I admit...I'm a one hander, preferably sword. However, the tree splits perks into seven categories. One Handed combat with: sword, axe, mace, dagger, dual, duell ('real' one handed) and torch. I've extended on unique Perks for every weapon class and hopefully added substentional and fun stuff:

1. Persistent Fencer (has 5 ranks): Increase stamina regeneration by 15% when fighting one handed.
2. Swift Blade: Draw and swing daggers 10% faster.
3. Gifted Fencer: Fighting with a single one handed weapon and leaving the offhand free increases damage by 20 percent and blocking by 10 percent.
4. Sonic Swing: Draw and swing one handed weapons 25% faster.
5. Sudden Death: Instantly kill a human when sneaking undetected, and killing your target from behind using a dagger.
6. Fence Master: One Handed Sword do 50% increased damage against human and vampire actors.
7. Torch Bearer: Increase torch bashing damage by 150%.
8. Bone Crusher: Using Mace increases damage against skeletons by 50%.
9. Cutting Axe: 25% chance to completely ignore targets armor when doing power attack with a one handed axe.
10. Parry: 25% chance to interrupt incoming attacks and disarm target with a single one handed weapon equipped.

Secondary Perk tree, Minor Skill Athletics, is one of my favorits and directly interweaves with the Athletics&Acrobatics feature from this Mod. Basically SI reimports cut content in form of immersed skills that run in the background via script. It's fueled by the only one constant running OnUpdate() script in this mod, which constantly checks various conditions, like level, perk count, attributes and skills, to determine how fast you run, high you jump and deep you can fall without getting injured. This script will also fuel the skill gain for most of the secondary skills. However, this Perk tree introduces various Perks to ease up your very much harder life with Survivalist Ingenuity. It offers six additional Perks:

1. Dynamic Warrior (has 4 ranks): Increase Stamina by 25 points.
2. Running Man (has 5 ranks): Increase your basic speed by 5%.
3. Deep Breath (has 5 ranks): Stamina decreases 10% slower when sprinting.
4. Packing Mule (has 5 ranks): Increase Carry Weight by 20 points.
5. Bunny Hop: Jumping costs 50% less stamina.
6. Swim like a Fish: Swimming costs 50% less stamina.

6. Major Skill Marksman (formerly Archery):

Primary skill tree governs Minor Skill Archery. It features 4 rank increase perks for Overdraw and Eagle Eye Perks, plus 6(5) custom build perks. One of the Perks was already in the Creation Kit, but of what ever reason, did not made it into the final game. Maybe they thought it's to overpowered...ach...nonsense...nothing's to overpowered in Survivalist Ingenuity! To be honest you are hopelessly underpowered, specially at the start of a new game and when playing with my Mod setup, so every advantage should come in handy. New Perks are:

1. Piercing Arrows: 25% chance to completely ignore targets armor when attacking with ranged weapons.
2. Predator: Increase damage against animals by 50% when using ranged weapons.
3. Bleed me a River: Attacks with ranged weapons cause extra bleeding damage.
4. Trick Shot: 25% chance to disarm an opponent.
5. Sneak Eye: Sneaking allows you to slightly zoom in your target. (earlie in game)
6. Kneeled Aiming: Increase your Marksman skill by 15 points when in crouch stance.
7. Keen Eye: Allows for detection of arrows via hotkey.

Secondary tree is probably the smallest of all trees with only three Perks and handles Minor Skill Fledging. Fledging is one of two secondary skills that does not fuel its mother skill. Not much else to say about it. Maybe I get more ideas in future updates? The Perks:

1. Basic Fledger: Allowed to fledge basic type arrows at any forge: Iron, Forsworn, Falmer and Ancient Nord Arrows.
2. Advanced Fledger: Allowed to fledge advanced type arrows at any forge: Steel, Orcish, Dwarven, Elven, Nordic, Silver and Golden Arrows.
3. Superior Fledger: Allowed to fledge superior type arrows at any forge: Glass, Ebony, Stahlrim, Daedric, Dragonbone, Quicksilver and Nord Hero Arrows.

7. Major Skill Dexterity (formerly Light Armor):

Primary tree governs, guess what, Minor Skill Light Armor. Two ranks increases for Agile Defender and one exra Perk. I actually do use light armor in game, but I really did not found anything appropriate to improve this Perk tree. Maybe you have some ideas? The Perk:

1. Animal Bane: 50% chance to nullifie incoming damage from animals.

Secondary Perk tree features the second 'submerged' skill, Minor Skill Acrobatics. It's just as much interweaved with the previously mentioned script, like the Athletics Perk tree. Why did anyone in Skyrim had the same jump power to begin with anyways? Acrobatics skill fuels its mother skill by jumping around and falling deep. This tree actually has two very interesting Perks, see for yourself:

1. Vaulter (has 5 ranks): Increase your basic jump height by 10%.
2. Descend (has 5 ranks): Increase your basic fall depth by 10%.
3. Charged Jump: Jump 1.5x higher out of crouching stance. (You'll need to charge for a second.
4. *Sprint Jump: Allow jumping when sprinting.

* I should mention that this is the only 'real' working sprint jump on the whole Nexus. It will actually allow you to jump further AND higher when sprinting, not just higher, like in all other sprint jump mods I saw.

8. Major Skill Malevolence (formerly Sneak):

Primary tree governs Minor Skill Sneak. I thought the snake symbol allowed for something more sinister in description, so I basically connected the whole skill to shady, malice and more or less 'evil' characters. It stands in opposition to the Goodwill skill. I should mention that sneaking difficulty is greatly increased in SI, though you're allowed to configure sneak difficulty in MCM menu. However, this Perk tree offers two additional ranks for the Stealth Perks, and three additional Perks tailored to 'shady' persons, that like to do shady things...undiscovered, as if they got something to hide^^ The Perks:

1. Night Prowler: You are 100% harder to detect when sneaking at nighttime (20-6).
2. The Fog: You are 50% harder to detect when sneaking during bad weather.
3. The Shade: You are 25% harder to detect when sneaking at daytime(6-20).

Secondary tree governs the dark arts of Minor Skill Assassination. It introduces some nifty little Perks which will hopefully bring you great joy. It also handles sneaky wizardry and the like. It has 5 new Perks to offer. Skill gain is achieved the same way then Sneak, so there's ntohign to change here. Without further circumlocution (what a word Oo) the Perks:

1. *Unconscious: Knock your target unconscious with a mace equipped when sneaking undetected and attacking from behind.
2. Silent Mage (has 5 ranks): Spells cause 20% less detection when sneaking.
3. Sneaky Wizard (has 3 ranks): Destruction Spells have double impact force when sneaking.
4. Silent Kill: Using a dagger when sneaking undetected will instantly kill a sleeping target.
5. Razor's Edge: Slit your target's throat when sneaking undetected and attacking from behind with a dagger equipped.

* This is actually the equivalent to the unarmed skill, were you're allowed to knock over oponents and access their inventory. So not just simple paralyze.

9. Major Skill Finesse (formerly Lockpick):

Primary tree governs Minor Skill Lockpicking. Trap defusing is no longer governed by this skill tree, only locks can be picked safely with this. I addition to its vanilla Perks, it offers two Perks to force locks by...well...force, or with acid in your inventory when sneaking. Forcing locks will alarm surrounding people if you're not hidden, metling locks is silent, but the ingredients to make acid are very rare. Melting locks with acid also has the advantage to open exceptionally every lock, without rank dependence. Forcing locks is limited by the weapon you've equipped. The Perks:

1. Force Locsk: Force locks with the right weapon.
2. Melt Locks: Melt locks using refined acid.

Secondary tree handels trap defusing and general Minor Skill Wayfaring. Since the loot in SI is stricted to almost nothing, you will want to pick two of this Perk trees Perks, to raise loot chance. Defusing locks fuels Major Skill the same way then lockpicking does, so there's no need to add seperate skill gain here. Tree has 7 extra Perks, which are:

1. Novice Traps: Novice hinge traps are much easier to defuse.
2. Apprentice Traps: Apprentice hinge traps are much easier to defuse.
3. Adept Traps: Adept hinge traps are much easier to defuse.
4. Expert Traps: Expert hinge traps are much easier to defuse.
5. Master Traps: Master hinge traps are much easier to defuse.
6. Lucky Loot: Slightly increased chance of finding precious loot on human actors.
7. Adventurer: Greatly increased chance of finding useful and precious loot on almost all actors when having at least 25 dungeons cleared.

10. Major Skill Redeem (formerly Pickpocket):

Primary tree governs Minor Skill Pickpocket. It has two additional rank increases for the Light Fingers Perks, as well as three new Perks. This tree will actually allow you now to roleplay a beggar...:D the Perks:

1. Thief of Famine: Stealing food is 50% easier.
2. Sixth Sense: 15% chance detecting people having more then 25 gold when sneaking and not moving.
3. Pickpocket Master: Pickpocket targets at 100% chance when undetected.

Secondary tree handels general Minor Skill Thievery Knowledge and is about increasing thievery related skills and faster learning via Perks. Pretty much the duplicate of the combat knowledge tree, just for thiefs. Also fuels major skill by skilling and leveling. The Perks:

1. Increase Goodwill: Increase Goodwill Skill by 3000 points.
2. Increase Extraction: Increase Extraction Skill by 5000 points.
3. Increase Redeem: Increase Redeem Skill by 7500 points.
4. Increase Finesse: Increase Finesse Skill by 10000 points.
5. Increase Malevolence: Increase Malevolence Skill by 12500 points.
6. Increase Dexterity: Increase Dexterity Skill by 15000 points.
7. Thief of Virtue: Learn twice as much from thievery related skill books.
8. Quick Learner: Learn thievery related skills 10% faster.

11. Major Skill Goodwill (formerly Speech):

Primary tree governs Minor Skill Speechcraft and apart from two rank increase and the tree rearrangement does not change much. The secondary however does!

Secondary tree governs Minor Skill Social Intelligence and just Athletics&Acrobatics is deeply interlaced with core features of SI. SI disallows some social interaction, such as recruiting followers, bribing and intimidating, right away. You will not have the chance to recruit any of the vanilla followers without proper skill increase and/or the correct Perks. For compensation however, you will get additional dialogue and interaction options with every new Perk. You can give gifts to people, ask them to redress, make friends, ask them to give you gifts, and finally recruit every single unique NPC in the game wthout restrictions as follower. Ever wanted to know if Embry the old sot is capable of proving himself in battle, or wanted to make Sven's mum follow you? Well, with this Mod you can. Fuels the major skill by using the new dialogue based social interaction features. Tree has six Perks, here you go:

1. Communication: Interact with potential vanilla followers, neutral bandit children, people at crafting stations. Also essentialize, intimidate or bribe anyone.
2. Present: Give gifts to people from your inventory via dialogue.
3. Befriend: Befriend people via dialogue.
4. Redress: Ask people to redress if you previously gave them clothes to do so.
5. Supplicant: Ask people for gifts via dialogue.
6. Ringleader: Make anyone your follower via dialogue.

12. Major Skill Extraction (formerly Alchemy):

Primary tree handels Minor Skill Alchemy. Two additional ranks for Alchemist Perk. Nothing to fancy here, except the look in game maybe. Needs future improvement? Suggest!

Secondary tree handels Minor Skill Cooking, which is divided from alchemy. Offers four new Perks. Does not look like much, but has a huge impact on how SI is played when using Perseid's Real Needs and Diseases. Since general loot is so low and everything's so expensive in SI, you will have problems to get your mouth stuffed. A Perk to allow you to grill basic food at campfires appears to be convenient then? Does not fuel the major skill, effectively removing the effect of Alchemy skill spamming. The Perks, four of them:

1. Grill Meat: Grill meat, leeks, potatoes and fish at campfires.
2. Kitchen Aid: Learn to cook basic food recipes at cooking pots and make flour from wheat.
3. Chef: Learn to cook advanced food recipes at cooking pots.
4. Good Scent: Find corpse and carcass laying around via hotkey.

13. Major Skill Delusion (formerly Illusion):

Primary tree handels Minor Skill Illusion. Has one additional Perk only:

1. Clearvoyance: Clairvoyance no longer costs any magicka.

Secondary tree is about Minor Skill Magical Staff specialization. Fuels major skill when using magical staffs. Has three additional Perks:

1. Power Staff: Staff based magic has 50% increased damage and duration.
2. Recharge Staff: Magical Staffs automatically recharge over time.
3. Twin Staffs: Using two magical staffs increases damage by 100%.

14. Major Skill Mystic (formerly Conjuration):

Primary tree handels Minor Skill Conjuration. Has one additional rank Perk for the Summoner Perk.

Secondary tree governs Minor Skill Daedra Magic specialization. Fuels major skill when fighting against the Daedra. It has three additional Perks:

1. Daedric Defense: Reduce incoming damage from Daedra creatures by 50%.
2. Daedric Attack: Increase damage against the Daedra by 50%.
3. One with the Daedra: Daedra creatures will count you as friend.

15. Major Skill Elementals (formerly Destruction):

Primary tree handels Minor Skill Destruction and has no additions.

Secondary tree handels Minor Skill Spellsword specialization. Fuels major skill when using one handed weapons and magic in conjunction. It features four new Perks:

1. Spellsword: Increase damage by 50% when using a one handed weapon in one hand, and a spell in the other.
2. wordspell: Using a sword in combination with spells will increase critical damage chance by 10% and double the inflicted damage.
3. Tinman: Using a Cuirass only in combat, will decrease incoming stagger chance by 50%.
4. Helmet Ward: Using Helmet only in combat will cast a constant ward on yourself.

16. Major Skill Renewal (formerly Restoration):

Primary tree handles Minor Skill Restoration and has 2 additional rank Perks for the Recovery Perk plus one additional custom Perk:

1. Increase Magicka (has 5 ranks): Increase your Magicka by 20 points.

Secondary tree handles Minor Skill Dragonborn specialization. Fuels the major skill when shouting. It has four additional Perks:

1. Endurant Voice: Decrease shout recovery time by 50%.
2. Strong Voice: Shout power increases by 50%.
3. Force Immunity: Don't get thrown back by enemy force shouts.
4. Dragon Killer: Master the Art of hunting and killing Dragons. Increases physical and magical damage against Dragons by 100%.

17. Major Skill Transformation (formerly Alteration):

Primary tree handels Minor Skill Alteration and has two rank Perks for the Magical Resistance Perk plus one additional Perk to allow transmuting Perk points into attributes or Dragon Souls:

1. Transmute Perks: Use Perks to increase skills, health, stamina, magicka, carry weight or speed. Look in MCM menu!

Secondary tree governs Minor Skill Unarmored combat specialization. Fuels the major skill when doing unarmored combat. It has four new Perks:

1. Like a feather: Your general weapon speed increases by 50% when fighting completely unarmored.
2. Feather Pockets: You permanently increase your maximum carry weight by 100, when not using any armor.
3. Dodge: 10% chance to avoid any incoming damage without using any armor.
4. Balance: 10% chance to avoid any incoming stagger without using any armor.

18. Major Skill Infusion (formerly Enchanting):

Last but not least, the primary tree governs Minor Skill Enchanting. It has 2 additional rank Perks for the Enchanter Perk, plus four additional Perks:

1. Armor Enchanter: Enchantments on Armors are 25% stronger.
2. Weapon Enchanter: Enchantments on Weapons are 25% stronger.
3. Clothes Enchanter: Enchantments on Clothes and Jewelry are 25% stronger.
4. *Soul Renewal: Enchanted items automatically recharge over time.

* This is the real deal, no bugs, no not working functions. This Perk will make all your enchanted items recharge over time 100%. I did not found a single working auto recharge Mod on the Nexus, so I had to do it myself.

Secondary tree governs Minor Skill Magical Knowledge and governs increasing magic related skills and faster learning via Perks. Fuels major skill by skilling and leveling. It has 8 additional Perks:

1. Increase Elementals: Increase Elementals Skill by 3000 points.
2. Increase Infusion: Increase Infusion Skill by 5000 points.
3. Increase Mystic: Increase Mystic Skill by 7500 points.
4. Increase Renewal: Increase Renewal Skill by 10000 points.
5. Increase Transformation: Increase Transformation Skill by 12500 points.
6. Increase Delusion: Increase Delusion Skill by 15000 points.
7. Gifted Magician: Learn twice as much from magic related skill books.
8. Quick Learner: Learn magic related skills 10% faster.

Character Creation & Progression

Another core element of SI is its character creation&progression system. It will allow you to reconfigure your attributes (health (50), stamina(50), magicka(50), carry weight(120)) and skills in a range of preset points (270 for attributes, 305 for skills), as long as you're level 1. Health, stamina and magicka regeneration is adjustable as well. I recommend playing without health regeneration and halved stamina and magicka regeneration, which will greatly increase game difficulty. There's also an option to raise all regeneration rates when crouching unmoved. Additional changes include no starting spells, smelter, racks and Hearthfire workbenches increase skills, and an option to make yourself immortal, if you feel you're facing a very strong enemy. All of those options are configurable within the MCM menu.

Athletics & Acrobatics

Third core feature is something I really missed from previous ES games. Athletics&Acrobatics. I still repine how they decided to take those two skills out. However, the whole system works with a single OnUpdate() script that will check various conditions, like skills, character level, distance covered, inventory wight,  perks, attributes, basic needs and others Mods features to adjust character speed, jump height/distance and fall depth.

There are various perks to directly interact with this feature. You start with 75% of vanilla speed, jump height/distance and fall damage and will get the chance to improve it with every level to sum up to 125% + modifiers on level 100. This also introduces extended stamina consumption when either running, swimming, jumping, attacking, blocking and drawing your bow. Simple walking or fast sneaking has an impact on your stamina too. A think that should not be forgotten is 'real encumbrance' which basically means that you'll lose speed with every pound added to your inventory. If you exceed 300 pounds inventory weight you will be completely unable to move.

However, there's various perks, magic and potions to increase speed, jump height and carry weight for short periods of time. This all gets complemented by progressive fall height/damage. fall height does not only get influenced by level and perks, but from your inventory weight as well. So don't jump off the high cliff if you're a packing mule. All of those features are configurable within the MCM menu.

Enviromental & Immersion

This features adjustments to the world around you and your interaction with it. It's main goal is to remove annoyances and improve gameplay mechanics through practical immersion. Timescale is freely adjustable, there's a lore unfriendly option to replace month names with their earth like equivalent. If you wish you can turn off intrusive messages, like the infamous 'you carry to much to be able to move'. A option to slow you down in storms and blizzards also exists. People and Writings in Skyrim will appear unknown to you unless you entered dialogue or read them. You can toggle this on and off in MCM menu.

Modular options include raising light radius from torches and lanterns and completely turning off the mining animation. Hardcoded are things like useable lanterns, NPCs use torches and guards use lanterns, and, if you decide to use the .ini settings in the FAQ ection, removed world map restrictions. Perk based features are mentioned before, like the Grill Meat feature, or the option of improved social interaction and its difficulty. You will be allowed to share inventory with anyone, make them redress, ask them to be your friend and ultimatively make anyone unique person your follower.

Archery & Ammo

I'm a passinoate Archer. As such I was bound to greatly improve archery in Sykrim. First off, you probably want to add archery related .ini options in order to turn off auto aim and increase shooting distance. Configurable options are arrows with weight, how many arrows to find in corpses, how long and how much arrows stay in bodies and additionally a small bow zoom when crouching.

Modular options include previously mentioned disabled auto aim and NPCs using ammo in their inventory (which they do not in vanilla, they have infinite ammo). Perk based features include archery skill raised when crouching and the vanilla Eagle Eye perks having two modes, one when standing and one when crouched.

Hardcoded features are three new arrows types; Gold, Silver and Quicksilver all having unique features, for example gold arrows are exceptional close combat arrows with huge impact force and damage potential. Quicksilver arrows is more suitable for snipers and has a light source attached to it. You can also craft every single arrow in game wih the right perk and finally all arrows stats are individualized. See this screenshot for comparison:

Magic & Alchemy

Changes to magic and alchemy are unfortunately completely hardcoded with the exception of spells giving of light which is toggleable in MCM menu. But I'm trying to make this options configurable in future updates. Changes include health, stamina and magicka potions with duration to increase difficulty. Toggleable Khajit and Vampire night eye. Intelligent soulgems, so you will no longer waste precious soulgems on minor souls, plus smaller souls will stack inside big soulgems. Also, filled soulgems will be glowing. Enchantment restrictions are completely lifted, so you're allowed to put every enchantment on every possible item, with minor exceptions.

Finally I have added 26 new magical effects, distributed on spells, scrolls, tomes and potions. Those include: increase carry weight, increase speed, slow time (real bullet time), open lock and regular night eye magic for those that aren't Khajit or Vampire. Additionaly there are 5 new summons: a 'Large Familiar' Bear Spirit, a Draugr 'Ghost Archer', a Whispmother 'Ghostspirit', a Hallow Dead named 'Hollow Death', which basically is Arnulf in ghost form and you're also capable of conjuring Alduins Ghost once you've ended the final stage of the main quest.

Stealth & Thievery

Since 2.0 this no longer has any hardcoded features. They're all either configurable or perk based. Features are: Freely adjustable sneak difficulty, freely adjustable lockpick difficulty, using torch, lanterns or magic lowers sneak skill and melting/forcing locks with acid or weapons. How much to pay for certain crimes when caught is also adjustable inside the 'cost' section.

Economy, Loot, Crafting & Items

With the exception of merchant sell/buy prizes and general costs, like houses, items and rewards, this whole section has hardcoded features. I'm working my way through all gameplay sections to raise configure options, so bare with me. Hardcoded features are: general loot decreased, respectively loot chance almost zeroed. You can improve loot chance with perks however. Merchants will have much more gold. You can craft Gold coins from various ingot recipes. Trees can now be harvested (branches) to make arrow components and other items like torches and tools.

New ingredients and food include: Bee Queen, Spider Sap, Spider Eyes, Spider Teeth, new Food: Bread, Baken Skeever Meat, Honey Nut Treat, Grilled Leek, Baken Potatoes. This also includes fixing various ingredients and their respawn, like: Cabbage, Leek and Chicken Nests will now respawn. Fixed Namira's Root, Imp Stool, White Cap and the Human Heart not having any value.

Gold, keys, arrows and lockpicks now have weight, and by request I added a MCM option to turn off weight on pickaxes. You're now allowed to craft lockpicks, torches, lanterns and diverse other things with the right items. Crafting lockpicks needs you to have an increased lockpick skill, or you can't forge them. You can also craft Bonemeal from skulls and goat horns and make charcoal from firewood for torches. Mining ores will randomly grant you salt or more jewels. Every town or village that didn't had a forge, smelter, tanning rack, grindstone, workbench, enchanter, cooking pot or alchemy station now has one, and finally every single item in Skyrim has ownership attached so you can not simply take it without stealing, except you befriended the owner.

Miscellanous Changes

Followers get out of the way more responsive: Does what the title says. Works good in conjunction with ultimate follower overhaul. This feature is configurable.

Summon Follower spells: If you are using the SIUFO Patch, it will give you a spell to summon all followers at once. This feature is configurable.

Change carry weight and various other actor values of followers in MCM menu: Unfortunately UFO doesn't feature something like this, so I've put it in. This feature is configurable.

Recruit followers only with speech 25 and higher: You can make followers only follow you with at least speechcraft 25 and if there Speechcraft skill isn't higher then yours. You will also need to activate Perks inside the Goodwill skill to make interaction possible. This feature is hardcoded and perk based.

Traps and diseases more lethal: Contracting disease now actually does something negative to you, especially with hardcore settings enabled. Traps are 5-10x more lethal than in default game. Most traps mean instant death to you and your followers, so be prepared and careful when venturing those Dwemer caverns. This feature is hardcoded.

Unique Barenziah quest book: The Barenziah quest is a very good addition, but after playing two times through the default game, I no longer have the nerve to search for those stones. I've created a unique book which tells you where to find those nasty gems, but only if you understand the riddles inside the book. Guess who will sell the book to you. This feature is hardcoded.

Killable children: Felt to much of a limitation to me. You don't need to kill them after all. This feature is hardcoded.

Children Enemies: This adds children to bandit and forsworn enemy lists. They tend to run away in battles, but some of them are just as aggressive as their adult
counterparts. You can also interact with those children staying passive, and make them follow, attack or simply dislike you. This feature is hardcoded.

Find corpses hotkey: Simple hotkey feature that allows you to find corpses laying around. Rebind the Hotkey in MCM menu, will work only with the correct Perk activated. Technically it's the same as detect life, but only for corpses. This should proof useful in conjunction with lush grass or any flora overhaul mods. This feature is hotkey and perk based.

Find arrows hotkey: Simple hotkey feature that allows you to find arrows lying around. Rebind the Hotkey in MCM menu, will work only with the correct Perk activated. Technically it's the same as detect life, but only for arrows. This should proof useful in conjunction with lush grass or any flora overhaul mods. This feature is hotkey and perk based.

Taunt NPCs hotkey: Simple hotkey feature that allows you to taunt NPCs, including animals, so they might attack you. Also allows for yield when used in sneak stance. Rebind the Hotkey in MCM menu.

Instant Kill hotkey: Simple hotkey feature that allows you to kill NPCs, including animals, instantly. Rebind the Hotkey in MCM menu.

Fixed Vanilla Iron Arrow CTD bug: There's a vanilla bug that randomly crashes the game when giving iron arrows to followers, most noticeable when using follower overhauls like UFO or AFT. I fixed it by completely removing the option to add iron arrow to your followers or containers (which also randomly crashes the game). You can now make Steel Arrows from Iron Arrows at a froge. This feature is hardcoded.

Klimmek in Ivarstead is now a Vendor: I was underwhelmed by the fact there's no vendor in Ivarstead, that's why I changed Klimmek to be one. This feature is hardcoded.

Support Section


Please put this code into your Skyrim.ini if you want to use disabled auto aim and/or removed map restrictions.

Auto Aim:


Arrows Distance:



Removed map restrictions:



See this screenshot for compatible mods. There's various patches and extras in the download section to fix incompatiblities with certain Mods.


1. SkyRe: In absolutely no way it's possible for me to make this Mod compatible as both SI and SkyRe change the skill perk trees, you can't bring two mods together doing this.
2. Requiem: Same as SkyRe.

Knowen Bugs:

- The athletics/speed feature might kick in only once you've gone into sneak state, sheathed/unsheathed your weapon, entered a menu, or started to sprint when starting a new game. This actually is a default engine bug, and there's nothing I can do about it at the moment.
- The bug you might experience with your carry weight going crazy after you've been released from jail is fixable with the supported spell. The spell will remove every instance of arrow weight dummy from your inventory. But beware, the spell will also remove any instance of arrows to prevent further bugs and exploits. After you used the spell to clean arrow weight dummys, the 'arrows have weight' feature will continue to work like supposed to.
- There's a bug with arrows not showing any weight in inventory. This is because I'm using weight dummys to mimic weight on arrows via script. Skyrim does not allow to show weight on arrows in inventory.


Credits and Thanks:

I have to say thanks to  a lot of people, specially thoose guys over at Bethesda, without them my life would be much less fun. A huge thanks goes out to @Lothar who was a great help in finding and nailing bugs, and @JustinOther for helping me with a lot of stuff concerning the CK. @DragonBoon gets kudos for allowing me to incooperate the LiHud+Map Mod, kudos to you brothers. I also have to thank all the people on the official forums. Without you guys and reading your threads in trying to understand how to mod, specially related to scripts, I would have never made this overhaul possible. I have to point out a special thanks to @tunaisafish, @Artisanix, @Arthmoor, @Elys and the guys from SKSE. You don't even know how much you help people by just posting your knowledge of modding. People like you are the pillars this whole modding community stands on. I also have to thank all the guys on the Nexus, the Workshop and over at TES Alliance, your daily input and efforts is very appreciated.

Enough talk now, go enjoy the game!!!

Oh, and if you find grammatical faults inside this ReadMe, go on and eat them, they're yours...:D


This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied
warranty. In no event shall the authors be held liable for any damages
arising from the use of this software.