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High Definition HAY (Skyrim) (Texture Replacer) v1.0a

This is just a texture replacer for the hay you find in the game world. The original texture i used came from hamguy21 who gave me permission to edit it and re-upload it.

Basically what i did was upscale it and tile it for higher resolution and better sized pieces of hay. But i also fixed the alpha map so it still has the pieces of hay sticking out the side's. Aswell as i made a new bump map which looks amazing imo, especially in the softer light of dungeons.

The saturation, brightness, lighting and alpha map have been thoroughly tested and tweaked (each probably a dozen times) to look as correct as possable in various lighting conditions. BUT, as i said in my other mods, some lights are just way to bright, even outside normal daylight gives off a rediculous amount of bloom, and some lights are bright yellow, red or blue and so on, So, in other words, if the texture looks to saturated, its because the light in that area is too saturated... So i cant do anything about the glowing hay in broad daylight. This has to do with the intensity of the light and the way bloom is applied, not the specularity of the texture.

But its safe to assume this will still almost always look allot beter than that pile of dirty spaghetti bethesda called hay...



Extract and move the data folder to your skyrim folder - click "yes to overwrite" if necessary.


-Delete the (Hay) folder from Data/textures/Clutter




Please do not re-upload without our permission. But If you want to use this in a High defenition texture pack, and we do not respond to your request within 1 week, feel free to use it, but please still give us credit. it did take two people to make this :P