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3.3 will be released soon making a few adjustments and making it more compatible with my other mod GOS - Gangs Of Skyrim!
Combat Style: Assassin
Race: Half Redguard, Half Nord
Powers: Frost shout
Perks/spells: Lightfoot will not trigger any traps, candle light. Armsman, fighting stance, savage Strike, critical Charge, paralyzing Strike, overdraw, critical shot, bulls eye, stealth, backstab, silence, shield wall, deflect arrows, quick reflexes, power bash, deadly aim, well fitted, tower of strength, regeneration, magic resistance, recovery, respite, restoration apprentice, disintegrate, augmented shock, elemental protection, agile defender, custom fit, unhindered, wind walker.
Location: Dawnstar Prison
Preferred Faction: Imperial Legion
Levels: 7-120


Combat style: Assassin
Race: Half Redguard, Half Nord, has a strong Nord accent
Powers: Unrelenting Force
Perks: Lightfoot
Location: You unlock her when you complete the Sixth Blacklist Quest
Preferred Faction: Imperial Legion
Level: 7-100

Rani's principle

You are strongest when you are humble. Only the weak act with arrogance. They put their pride on display so that others may think they are powerful. But those with great strength are humble because they have no need to prove it.

New in 3.2 OP version
Rani is now an Assassin to be feared. I Gave Rani 30 new perks and gave him a new spell which can also disintegrate the enemy. I also increased his health, stamina and magicka offset.

New in 3.1
*I converted all the files from wav to xwm to save more memory.
*As requested every single dialogue for Rani has an active voice now along with a lip file.
*Made improvements in the quests.
*Gave Rania a Sandbox AI package
*Added extra dialogue and a seq file.
*Added more dialogue to Rania.
*Added a new book which you receive after you complete the Paid in Blood Quest.
*Revised every book and added a few more details.
* This is the complete version.

Rani is a fully voiced essential companion featuring about 500 lines of unique dialogue;
he is also quest aware, He can tell you jokes, poems, what’s on his mind etc. He levels with
you and also comes with 15 optional quest's. Break him out of jail, save his sister, join Rani
on his adventure. He’s held up in Prison in Dawn star.

15 Optional Quests
This mod comes along with 15 optional quests, you can start as soon as you find Rani inside the Prison in Dawnstar, the blacklist missions contain 10 Quest's which will take you on an adventure from a simple assassination mission to fighting for your life in war like situations, kind of like the civil war quests. The Quests are divided into two sections The Blacklist are organized missions, and you will unlock more Blacklist missions once you complete them by sequence. The Blacklist missions contains all the people that have tried to bring shame to Rani and have tried to destroy him, while in prison Rani came up with the blacklist. During The Blacklist missions Rani goes on a hunt to get revenge and bring honor to his name, he starts hunting down those who betrayed him and were responsible for putting him in Prison for Seven years. The other 5 missions are more like side quests which involve getting Rani's treasure, a family heirloom passed down from generations, bringing honor to his family, and bringing down new factions that are plotting evil for Skyrim Etc. The Quest's and enemies will not spawn until you talk to Rani and accept the missions. Rani brings a whole new story to Skyrim; this mod adds about 5 hours of new game play.

*15 Optional Quests
*A sense of immersion
*Over 500 lines of unique dialogue
*Rani Can tell you poems, what's on his mind, what he wants, and gives you more information on his background etc
*Rani can tell you jokes, Skyrim could always use some extra humor.
*Rani comments on the rain, when it snows, when you’re sneaking or running, breaking in a house. Etc
*Rani comments on various places he visits including all 9 Cities in Skyrim.
*Rani has 32 new lines of dialogue during combat.
*Rani won't repeat the same thing over and over again, even during combat. All idle comments are based on a timer and reset after the time is complete.(For instance if you’re in Riverwood Rani might say something about Riverwood, and he will go on to the next line, instead of repeating that same line over and over again. Dialogue lines will only be repeated after all lines relating to that topic are said and you wait 24 hours in game.
*I gave Rani a Sandbox AI package, Rani interacts with the world around him, so he won't just sit around.
*Rani brings new books and journals to Skyrim, the books range from Rani's adventures, and time spent in prison etc. As you defeat enemies and start doing the Blacklist missions you will often obtain new books and journals, some you will receive after you complete the mission, others you will have to loot yourself from the enemy’s body. The books will range from your enemies encounters and adventures, and also some new books will explain the new factions this mod brings. You can also expect letters from the High Queen herself congratulating you as you take down Enemies that pose a threat to Skyrim.
*One of the Blacklist Quest's involves rescuing Rani's sister, once you complete the mission you can gain Rani's sister as a follower, she also has unique dialogue as well, and brings a new book to Skyrim about her adventures in Tamriel.
*As you complete the Blacklist Missions you will make a lot of people angry, and some will be aware of your actions, some will be distressed that you helped Rani escape from Prison, some will even be waiting for you and scared. You will also receive letters from current enemies warning you to back off, and threatening you from advancing.
*As you progress through each Blacklist mission you will face a great challenge and each mission will only get harder, if you’re not around level 30 I suggest you bring a follower along your new adventures. Some enemies in this mod are over level 100.
* Rani levels with you up to level 120.

Extra Dialogue
Some dialogue can be triggered only by visiting certain locations; these current places are set to trigger a new dialogue from Rani.
*Solitude, Solitude Bards College, Solitude Docks, Whiterun, Bannered Mare, Dragon’s Reach, Riverwood, Sleeping Giant, Winterhold, Falkreath, Morthal, Markath, Blackreach, Dawnstar, Dawnstar Prison, Winterhold, Riften, Bee and Barb, Ratway, Throat of the World, Abandoned Prison, Alchemists Shack, Forsaken Cave, Dusk Glow, Wreck of the Brinehammer, Wreck of the Winter War, Liars Retreat, Shrine of Azura, Helgen, Temple of Kynareth, ShorsStone, High Rothgar, Rorikstead, Ivarstead, Windhelm.

Background Story
Rani’s Grandfather was king of Hammerfell; he enjoyed the art of war, and traveling. On one of his trips around Tamriel he had to stop in the Imperial city to meet with the Elder council, he had permission to cross the border and discuss important matters of Tamriel, during that time Rani’s grandmother was pregnant and wanted to have her baby in the Imperial city. Rani’s father was born in the Imperial City. Rayan was later brought to the palace in Hammerfell. Rani’s father grew up training in harsh desert area’s to perfect his skills in combat, he also spent his time reading scrolls, and gaining as much information as he could, he enjoyed romancing the ladies, dancing, participating in banquets, and had a huge admiration for art, and poetry. His father trained him to become a great ruler and king one day. Rani’s Grandfather lived a plentiful life and died of old age in his sleep. Rani’s father became King but not for long. Rayan’s army were known to get into bitter battles with the elves from Valenwood, one night Rayan got into a huge argument with the elder because Rani’s father wanted to attack a nearby city, for disobeying a direct order from him, after a bloody battle with the elves from Valenwood, the remaining elves surrendered and wanted to make peace, they were brought in as prisoners of war, Rani gave the jarl a direct order as he took them in his prison, which was to not kill the elves from Valenwood, and use that as an advantage and make a peace treaty with Valenwood, and keep future battles from erupting. The Jarl disobeyed and killed them anyway. This caused a bitter relationship between the two royal thrones who were once allies. The elder advised him not to attack, and the meeting ended with a disagreement and a final answer was to be expected in the morning. Armand one of the members of the council used this event to bring Rani’s father down. The traitor was jealous of his position and honor, he framed Rayan for treason, and after killing the eldest and wisest council member in that kingdom, Armand sneaked into his royal chambers and placed the bloody knife in Rayan’s hands, he also placed a lot of wine under Rayan’s bed to make it look like he got drunk, bitter and careless. Rayan was framed for treason, the guards went looking for him in the morning to sentence him to death, but Rayan ran for his life, he was later caught on the way to the border towards Cyrodiil, and he told him he was innocent his former guards didn’t believe him, and tried to capture him, he later pulled out his blade and took down a group of 12 men in a matter of seconds he escaped Hammerfell and never returned. It was a sad and bitter chapter for Rayan, everything he loved was stolen from him. He fled to Cyrodiil where he was born and fought as a gladiator to unleash his rage and anger, he climbed up the ranks, and the Imperial city loved him. As a gladiator Rayan caught the eye of a beautiful Nord woman who was visiting the Imperial city and was a noble. She introduced herself to Rani, and told him about Solitude and the opportunities and the amount of gold he could make in Skyrim, and if Rayan ever found himself in Solitude he should visit her. After making enough gold, Rayan decided to go to Skyrim, he felt that he couldn’t stay in one place for long. He later moved to Solitude, and joined the Imperial Legion to keep the gold flowing in his pocket, he visited the Nord Women and they fell in love with each other, and they both had Rani and Rania, and lived a wealthy and prosperous life.

How I created this mod
I used the creation kit, and a guitar hero microphone, I also used audacity to eliminate some noise in the background a big improvement from my first mod, I also cleaned it with the Tes5edit tool which is a tool every Modder should have to keep your mods clean, along with Wrye bash and Boss to keep your load orders precise and on point, I packed all the scripts into a BSA file, and also gave this mod a SEQ file so you won't have to save and then load it again to see all the dialogue. This mod is a big improvement from my first mod. I wanted to bring a sense of immersion to Skyrim. I also didn't just pick random places to place my missions and battles; I placed them all in strategic locations. They won't spawn until you accept the missions from Rani. I also used the Skyrim wiki to research the places I placed my missions and battle's in. I mostly used places that are empty and had no action going on.

* Skyrim.esm
*Latest Update 1.9

Highly recommended but not required
*ApachiiSkyHair 1.5
(Download this mod to make Rani look 10 times better) Fine Face Textures-
(This mod is a must have) Amazing Follower Tweaks -
(I don’t see myself without this mod) The Dance of Death Kill Move Mod -
(Make your life easier) Download Better Message Box Controls & Better Dialogue Controls -
(Very sweet mod) Immersive HUD - iHUD –
(Make sure you download this one as well it works perfect with iHUD) Less Intrusive HUD II -
(After using this mod I couldn’t go back to the vanilla font) Download Main Font Replacement.
(Great mod) My Home Is Your Home – a mod for followers
(As Requested) Leeloo Outfit CBBEv3_CurvyBody
(Download this file to avoid any quick flashes from Rania's Subtitles due to not having recorded the unique dialogue for Rania, sometime Rania's unique dialogue will flash away too soon on the screen this mod helps) Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice

There are no bugs with my mod I have tested it, and have been playing with Rani for about a month now, I have tested in different PC’s and had friends test it out as well, I tested it in my current game which is 20 Gigabytes and it works like a charm, I also made a backup and made a fresh copy of skyrim and it’s working very smooth as well. So I assure you this mod is bug free :)

I plan to make more immersive companions in the future, and make more immersive factions that you can join in the future as well, I will also start working with scenes, keep an eye out for my next immersive companion mod. I also want to start working on a new world with tropical climate palm trees and desert areas.

Don't let that stop you from downloading this mod, Rani will take you on an adventure that you will never forget, my first play through I was actually a Stormcloak but then I realized I was on the wrong faction. I believe Ulfric is just hungry for the throne, and his lust for power makes him blind, and caused the queen to be a widow, which wasn't right I believe, and it wasn't the empire's fault that they sent you to the block in the beginning, it was the captain's fault she sent you to the block even though your name wasn't on the list, so what I did was I sided with the Stormcloaks in the start and got my revenge on that captain, and then sided with the imperials as I believe they are what's best for Skyrim, give the empire a chance, they really care about the people of Skyrim and only want what's best for skyrim. and ask yourself who was the one who started the war? Ulfric! I believe he is just hungry for power, and he's using the Stormcloaks to claim the throne by force, but that's just my personal opinion.

First of all I want to give credit to the Skyrim Nexus Community, and the creators of this site, I believe this is by far the best modding community website.

I also want to Thanks Bethesda for creating The Elder Scrolls series, and the creation kit. I have been a big fan ever since Morrowind came out.

I also want to give credit to Urshi for giving us Fine Face Textures for Men; this mod makes the males in Skyrim look amazing.

I also want to give credit to Apachii; his hair mod makes the characters in Skyrim look ten times better.

I also want to give a shout out to Gopher for creating iHUD I don’t see myself without that mod now, thank you sir! ?

Cheers and I hope you enjoy my mod I put a lot of effort into it, feel free to upload pictures.