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Whispering Pines v100.0 Final

Winner of the Highest Mod Version Ever Award - Kazakhstan Gaming Magazine

Whispering Pines has six different versions and is located at the Riften docks behind the fishery. It is spouse and companion friendly. It is also adoption friendly if using one of the Hearthfire versions and the Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod. Although that mod is not required it is recommended if using one of the Hearthfire versions.


- Six different versions.
- 100% script free.
- Companion and spouse friendly.
- Adoption friendly. (Hearthfire versions)
- Alchemy, enchanting and blacksmithing workstations.
- Basement with Magic Room, Study, Bath House, Blacksmith Area, and indoor toilet.
- Greenhouse so you can harvest crops (All versions)
- Greenhouse so you can harvest crops and plant your own. (Hearthfire versions)
- Apiary, butter churn and oven. (Hearthfire versions)
- Staff Enchanter (Dragonborn versions)
- Static clutter.
- Plenty of safe storage.
- Plenty of bedrooms for followers and children. (6 children + 2 followers + 1 spouse)
- Interior dimensions match exterior.
- Cleaned with TES5Edit.


Skyrim Patch if using the DLC Free Version


Skyrim Patch and a variation of DLC's depending on the version you chose.


Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions!


Just copy WhisperingPines.esp into your SkyrimData folder.


Just delete WhisperingPines.esp from your SkyrimData folder.

Change Log:

-Changed the beds so you can adopt up to 6 children now and have 2 followers instead of 4 children and 4 followers.

- Added three new versions.
- Removed cave and replaced it with a DenBlacksmith area.
- The Greenhouse is now available with all versions.
- Changed all the lighting.
- Changed and added some new chests and containers.

- Removed weapon plaques. <--- Remove weapons from weapon plaques if updating.
- Changed hallway in basement.
- Changed ceilings in basement.
- Added and changed lighting in basement.
- Made changes to greenhouse and moved apiary into it so bees can do their thing.

- Added Dragonborn Hearthfire version.
- Changed the walls in basement and some lighting.

- Made some minor changes to interior and lighting.
- Added greenhouse for Hearthfire version. The screenshot does not show the Hearthfire plants planted. The screenshot only shows 6 plants which are harvestable but you can plant an additional 12 plants.