Ebony Mail - Retexture by Sorrow_42
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Added: 17/11/2011 - 05:54PM
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Ebony Mail - Retexture~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FEMALE ONLY!~!

This is a simple retexture of "Ebony Mail" its not perfect and I made it mainly for me,but why not share it?The reason I retextured "Ebony Mail" is because its unique,meaning character only,didn't want an NPC having the same armor as me.Also in the "rar" I have Ebony Boots,Gloves and Helmet retextured to match with the armor,every file is separate so you can choose only The Armor or Boots etc.(I wanted a vampire armor thats the main reason I made this.)

Now how to find Ebony Mail I'm not gonna say.I'll include a spoiler "readme" in the "rar".

Hope you like it and CHEESE to everyone!

Ahem!I meant CHEERS!OH just take the damn thing!