Really Sweet FX by Deane
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Added: 16/11/2013 - 07:24AM
Updated: 04/06/2014 - 04:45AM

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Last updated at 4:45, 4 Jun 2014 Uploaded at 7:24, 16 Nov 2013

I have a very crappy computer so ENB is out of question. Then Ultimate Lighting Overhaul came and it opens a whole new option for me.. But theres always a lingering thought that I wanted a bit more, so I started tinkering, download a few more.. compares the setting they used, adapts. Until this. and I'm pretty satisfied with it. The fire looks like it can really burns peoples.. and the peoples have nice skin tones.

If you never used SweetFX before, you'll need the files from as I only provided the preset and setting files. Thanks to for such a lovely tool. Simply unpack my files into Skyrim main folder, it will asked to overwrite, say yes. if it doesnt ask to overwrite, something is definitely wrong, either you dont have SweetFX yet, or you unpacked into wrong folder.

All screenshots are taken with CoT and ELFX .. and also Skyrim URWL.

The last few batch image are now taken with Pure Weather by Laast ( ) I highly recommends it with dynavision.

Cheers to VoidNull, for his ULO mod is what starts this tinkering madness, for SweetFX .. or all this are not possible
Gamwich, for his texture mods, which I used all
Requiem team, Xarrian and now ogreboss, for they make Skyrim a better game overall.
and Bethesda.. for all the good time back from Arena and Daggerfall till Skyrim.