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Read this for Barbarian Axe Standalone version 1.0 27.12.2011

What this mod does:

Import the new battle Axe______Barbarian Great Axe

Installation Instructions:

Download the file:

1.BarbarianAxeStandalone 1.0

1. go to **(your user name)**\Documents and Settings\My Documents\My Games\Skyrim

open the SkyrimPrefs.ini with the notepad
and put this line under the [Launcher] section


2.Unpack the mod to a known location like (Desktop).

3.Find the folder labeled 'Data' within the mods files.

Copy data folder to your Skyrim main folder where the TESV.exe is

When prompted by Windows if you would like to overwrite files with the same name
in the data folder located there answer, "Yes To All".

4.Start up Skyrim , and place a checkmark next to BarbarianAxe.esp
in your Data files.

5.Visit a smith and forge an Axe under the iron section you will find the
axe Barbarian Great Axe to forge or in some places to buy

Axe can be forged by the smith in next locations
- Riverwood
- Whiterun
- Makarath
- Solitude
- Windhelm

Un-Installation Instructions:

Remove the checkmark from BarbarianAxe.esp in the
data files at start of the Skyrim launcher

If you would also like to remove the files

delate the folder BarbarianAxe from the data\meshes\weapons
and the folder BarbarianAxe from the data\textures\weapons
and the file BarbarianAxe.esp from the data folder


· ****Ghogiel**** – original meshes and textures of new Dwemer armor (discluding shield). New
textures for Hel Borne’s weapons are based on these ones.
· ****Hel Borne**** – original meshes and textures of new Dwemer weapons and shield.
· ****Fearabbit**** – new textures for Hel Borne’s weapons (based on Ghogiel’s ones).
· ****Zu**** – various tweaks, new icons, and merging everything together.

Permision from: Cokla (author of this mod)
i just do a little tweaking with the meshes and textures
and import the Axe in the Skyrim.

You can do what ever you want with all of this.
but you must credit authors of the original mod

****Hel Borne****

Permissions from author of the original mod: Link To original Mod
***Zu*** Quote
As far as I can tell, resources of all listed authors are free to use as long as the proper credit is
provided (this applies also to Hel Borne’s MW Style Dwemer Weapons, according to her reply). Thus,
you’re free to do with this mod whatever you want, except making it commercial. But please credit
all authors, if you're going to use it anywhere.