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This modder's resource recreates the Dwemeri alphabet in a series of seven Windows TrueType fonts. The fonts are divided into three different styles and three regional variants:

Dwemeri Block Western & Eastern
Dwemeri Chirographic Western & Eastern
Dwemeri Engraved Western, Eastern, & Southern

Dwemeri Block is derived from the alphabet found in the Dwemeri books Divine Metaphysics and The Egg Of Time (from TES3: Morrowind). Dwemeri Chirographic is derived from several documents found in Skyrim (from TES5: Skyrim). Dwemeri Engraved is derived from engravings found in Dwemer ruins across Vvardenfell (from TES3: Morrowind) and in Ayleid ruins across Cyrodiil (from TES4: Oblivion).

The Eastern fonts present the Dwemeri alphabet as found in Morrowind, the Western fonts present the Dwemeri alphabet as found in Skyrim, and the Southern fonts present the Dwemeri alphabet as found in Cyrodiil. Finally, the Dwemeri numerals 0-9 provided with these fonts are derived from runes found in Favoril's Book of Dwarven Lore (from TES: Redguard).

Please see the README file for more information.