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Tidier Warmaidens Workshop HD

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Ever wondered how Adrianne never uses her smelter? Ever thought that the smelter at Warmaiden's looks tacked-on, out-of-place and detached from the rest of the blacksmith? Ever questioned why Adrianne uses her grindstone precariously close to the edge of the ledge above the river? Ever noticed that Warmaiden's is the only store in Whiterun without its own sign outside, even though it is the first store you see when you enter Whiterun?

This little mod, the first in my new 'SkyFix' series, fixes all of that. My aim for this series is that the changes should feel like it is part of the vanilla game's style and lore. The changes are small but make a massive difference to the Skyrim experience - as many of the modders out there will know, it is normally the little things that make the great mods.


• New 2k HD custom textured store sign for Warmaiden's.
• Smelter is now in a more natural and more convenient location.
• Adrianne is now able to use the smelter during her daily routine, unlike beforehand.
• Smelter now has a mini stall with a roof for shelter from the elements (for a little added realism).
• Workshop area has been fitted with wooden rails, clutter, barrels and a chair for a more 'contained' and 'cosy' feel.
• Increased space to move around in the workshop via an extended wooden platform, with safety rails.
• New custom outdoor lavatory in place of old smelter's location (at the back).
• Fully navmeshed for followers.
• Added a couple of warm lights - one near the lavatory and one near the Warmaiden's sign.
• Added another idle lean marker for Adrianne against one of the new shelter's posts.
This mod is lore-friendly, does not hurt FPS and is TES5Edit cleaned!


Use NMM or if installing manually just drag the data folder into your root Skyrim folder (the one with the.exe's).

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I will be releasing many more of these little oddity-fixing/facelift modifications to the towns and villages in the future as part of my 'SkyFix' series, which as the name suggests, tweaks the vanilla game's environment to enhance its aesthetics, lore and convenience for the player. But I will always aim to stay within the vanilla style. They do not take that long to do but they are fun to make - this one took me a day however I always aim for quality and always test the mod thoroughly in-game. So stay tuned!


• Clutter, furniture and outdoor lavatory assets taken from the modder's resource: 'Strotis Outdoor Toilet Resource'


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