Annikae - Female Bosmer Preset by Lola
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I was piddling around in Skyrim one day when I thought "How would it impact my gameplay to RP a blind character?" Thus, I created Annikae. She was one of my best games, but one of my mods got corrupted and I lost the ability to continue. I still had the (corrupted) save though, and I managed to create a preset (and, hopefully coming soon, a custom follower) out of the wreckage.

This is my very first time uploading any mods anywhere, so I'm not an expert by far. I don't know how it works but THIS PRESET MAY REQUIRE CBBE. I was also using ApachiiSkyHair at the time but since she uses a vanilla hair I think you're fine there.

The screenshots I've uploaded myself include the following mods downloaded right here on the Nexus and I highly recommend all of them:
Alternate Start - Live Another Life
West Wind Combat Series - Misfit Mage
West Wind Combat Series - Assault Armor
Cloaks of Skyrim
Temptress Race - Temptress Complete