Dresses of Imladris by EcthelionOtW and misslexi
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Dresses of Imladris

About this Mod

This mod offers a highly detailed quality re-texture for the beautiful Elven Dresses by Naihaan with new colours and ornamentals which provide a feminine, elegant and noble look for your female character, wether she is an Elven Princess a ruthless Vampire girl or a warrior queen in her Sunday dress ;-).

A big thank you goes to Naihaan who gave her friendly blessing to this work, to misslexi who initially did these re-textures and then passed them to me for adding some touch of my own and releasing it to the public and to Urshi who helped a lot with the approval of this work.

These clothing pieces can be crafted at the TANNING RACK under the "Misc" section. For further information please refer to Urshi's original modpage.

About the looks of it images can say more than thousand words of mine - especially since I have the honour to have some of the greatest screenarchers on the Nexus as regular beta testers for my work. Be sure to check out their remarkable work in the gallery on this front page and in the image section of this mod. I also can recommend to watch the wonderful review videos below which show the armors ingame with different settings.

Video Reviews

by Seren4xx

by hodilton

by dptheslothking

by misalen


Skyrim 1.9+ is required for this mod to work. As this is a dependant re-texture you will also need the original mod by Naihaan.


1. Download the original mod by Naihaan
2. Download the mod file and extract the file into your skyrim directory, e.g. C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonskyrimData and say "yes" when being asked to integrate and override or simply use NMM.


Delete the file via NMM or manually by deleting the files contained in the mod folder within your Skyrim "Textures" folder.


The mod has no compatibility issues. For further information please check the original modpage.

The Variants

by maymay1588

The green variant is the ideal fit for a beautiful and powerful Elven princess since it provides a natural elegance which reflects the love of the Elves for their country.

by misslexi

The Black and Red variant offers a beautiful and sexy color scheme which reflects the power, sensuality and splendor of the lady who wears it.

by maymay1588

The Blue variant definitely has some royal appeal with its rich and yet soft flows of colors and ornamentals.

by TomAraya

The Red dress variant definitely catches the eye with its fine streaming silk, the strong color and its golden ornamentals.

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Credits go to...

- Naihaan and Urshi for the original Elven Dresses by Naihaan mod and their friendly permission to do this re-texture
- misslexi for the beautiful ornamental textures
- someone special for being there and an invaluable inspiration
- Dimon99 for UNP body
- Bethesda for creating the gaming masterpiece Skyrim, Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC and the HD texture packs
- Professor Tolkien who made a fact-loving lawyer and historician believe in magic again, the day I discovered his unique and ever outstanding work back in 2001
- Peter Jackson and WETA Workshop for being a great inspiration for this mod
- Lana del Rey, Howard Shore, Harry Gregson-Williams, Richard Wagner, Giacomo Puccini and others for helping me through endless hours of modding work

and last but absolutely not least to my fantastic group of friends and beta testers :

Grace Darkling

The gallery on this front page is a tribute to YOU and your contribution, your friendly help and encouragement and as well to your inspiring and outstanding modding and screenarchery work. I would not be modding anymore without you! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


This file is a NEXUS EXCLUSIVE and may not be ported to other sites!!!
You are not allowed to use any assets of this mod whithout my permission.


Now, after so much reading you really deserve the visual joyride provided by my wonderful Beta testers. Be sure to check out their other work here on the Nexus ( links to their work can be found in the "Credits" section. Enjoy it!

by Seren4xx

by Yyna

by misslexi

by Nataly1q2w3e4r5t

by zzjay

by Insanityman

by Gweneal

by Yyna

by jessb81

by misslexi

by maymay1588

by Insanityman

by misslexi

by Nataly1q2w3e4r5t

by TomAraya

by jessb81

more are coming soon...

Author's note

If you like this mod please take a second to show your apprechiation or leave a comment or load up a picture - I'd be really grateful for it, since I have put many hours of work and a lot of determination into it. If you enjoy a mod a few clicks should not be too much to ask for. If you face any issues please let me know, so that we may find a solution.