MFO - Male Face Overhaul by Mok Chaoticran
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Added: 12/11/2013 - 01:02AM
Updated: 05/06/2014 - 05:57AM

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Bodies & Faces, Seamless Transition


Q: Will this overwrite Ethereal Elven Overhaul Files?
A: No, it is dependent on them, for Proper Aging, but will not overwrite any of them.

Q: Is this mod compatible with _________ ?
A: If it's another male texture mod for FACES then no. There won't be crashes, don't get me wrong. It's just some of the files will overwrite each other, so you will get a mix of both for whichever files are installed in whatever order and which one or the other doesn't have files for. There also might be compatibility issues if you use mods that edit Race Records alongside Complexion Expansion. Just experiment with load order, really.

Q: Can you make ____?
A: Leave some suggestions, I'll think about it. Now that I can make basically variants to any degree with the Complexion slider without replacing over and over, I'm more open to suggestions.

Q: Why is a head model included?
A: The ear UV maps were a little screwed up by default - there were some unstitched UVs around where the ear met the head. I put them together to make it a more seamless transition. That's all. There aren't many male head model replacers, if any, so I don't think it should be an issue, really...

Q: It doesn't work!
A: That's not a question... and it should work just fine. If for some reason the NMM installer is dysfunctional at any point, extract the archive and choose which resolution fits your taste, then which ESPs you want, and then if you want my Dark Elves use the optional folder and what resolution of that you want, copying all of these to the Data folder, in that respective order. If the Nexus mod download links are broken, use my mirror(s).

Q: Can you release your PSDs?
A: I did! They're in the Misc. section!

Q: Why do you update so slowly?
A: Honestly? Because of my personal life. Not that I'm incredibly busy, but that I'm incredibly unhappy. Making mods is a hobby, and I do this to make my own game more enjoyable. I share because I think that's how good communities are founded, and I love the Nexus. There's good people here and a strong sense of kinship. So sure, I update slow, but I try to ensure the best quality for my small playerbase and tweak things to the best of my ability to accommodate the largest amount of people.

Q: Why is the nose bandage so saturated!?
A: Sorry! This one perplexes me. The skin tinting overrides everything I've tried to mess with to make this work. I have a couple ideas to fix this, but I'll need to converse with people more experienced than me. For now, lighter and less saturated skintones make it less pronounced, and actually it looks more like a bandaid this way, less bright white and clean. So it's not all bad.