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This STANDALONE mod is intended to give players a unique experience of adventuring with

and options to

so that they don't end up becoming like other companions that literally breeze through armies of bandit chiefs and draugr deathlords with their armors with leather armor defense rating while you have to retreat due to a single arrow from a bandit marauder while wearing [hopefully not legendary] full daedric armor set like all other companions in Skyrim (especially in Master and Legendary level).

Body changer function is obsoleted by PS Universal Body Changer

Thanks to all who tried v1.00a , and BTW, all the characters are MARRIAGEABLE if you haven't noticed yet.

You should try my mod if you are

  • Tired of being accompanied by over (or rarely under) powered companions all fighting like HumanBoss1H / 2H or mage
  • Fight alongside specialized companions using
  • - -unique fight styles : stagger / disarm / reflection
  • - support skills : freeze / paralysis / flesh-buffs / healers
  • - and magic : specialized atronachs / rapid fire magic blasters
  • Want to adjust companion's damage input and output to further specialize them or simply travel with larger crowd without making game becoming way to easy
  • Want followers to wear armors with incompatible body textures : CBBE vs. UNP vs. ADEC

Version History

------ 1.50a - 2013/11/22 -----

  • Added MCM option with In-game body changers : 5 mesh (UNPB, CBBE, SevenBase, CHSBHC, ADEC) and 2 alternate textures for each (default, real skin with sweat)
  • - TBBP skeletons are required to use most of the above options
  • - Default (your Player/NPC setting) is still available (SKYRIM is about CHOICES!!!)
  • Added MCM option with the remote inventory access (Need to close the MCM then the inventory will show up)

------ 1.10a - 2013/11/16 -----

  • Add SkyUI MCM menu to customize combat performance
  • Split physical damage and magic damage multipliers
  • Added movement speed and weapon swing speed customization (MCM Only)
  • Moved all the characters to "less-crowded and less-popular" inns
  • - Riverwood Sleeping Giant -> Nightgate Inn
  • - Whiterun Drunken Huntsman -> Rorikstead Inn
  • - Whiterun Bannered Mare -> Old Hroldan Inn
  • Added character summon functions to summon character directly to player
  • Fixed missing scripts in 1.00a which prevented multipliers setting change and mages from functioning to full extent

This mod gives nine companions

(Names are listed in order of offensive to defensive specialist)
  • 4 Frontliners : Safira the Barbarian , Evangeline the Sword dancer, Maria the Warrior, Claire the Sentinel
  • 2 Archers : Tsubaki the Assassin, Larefina the Scout
  • 3 Mages : Elle the Pyromancer, Elizabeth the Electromancer, Karina the Cryomancer

3 x 3 Portraits are arranged as :
  • Top row : Safira the Barbarian , Maria the Warrior, Claire the Sentinel
  • Middle row : Evangeline the Sword dancer, Tsubaki the Assassin, Larefina the Scout
  • Bottom row : Elle the Pyromancer, Elizabeth the Electromancer, Karina the Cryomancer

They are placed in
  • Nightgate Inn : Claire the Sentinel, Larefina the Scout, Elizabeth the Electromancer
  • Rorikstead Inn : Safira the Barbarian, Evangeline the Sword dancer, , Karina the Cryomancer
  • Old Hroldan Inn : Maria the Warrior, Tsubaki the Assassin, Elle the Pyromancer

If you think they are placed too much out of your way, you can always SUMMON them by MCM menu. SEE BELOW

Although I couldn't fully achieve it, the design concept is started from trying to achieve rock-paper-scissor triarchy of warrior <- mage <- archer <-warrior.

How to adjust their attack and defense :

Talk to them and choose "Let's adjust your [magic] attack power" (or defense)
It will give you options of 2 - 4 - 8 - 16 - 32 multipliers of reduction or boost. All adjustments are done as multipliers of damage they inflict or receive.

Or install SkyUI and use Mod Configuration Menu : PS Combat Companions submenu

Detailed Description of Each Combat Companions

Claire the Sentinel [Defensive Specialist]
SPECIALITY : Perfect shield guard in exchange for offense
FORTE : Distraction tanking
Heavy armor and shield specialist. Specialized to defend. High defense and the perfect shield guard in exchange for weaker attack.
In the picture she is wearing : Skimpy dwarven armor

Maria the Warrior [Large melee crowd specialist]
SPECIALITY : Regular swing will hit everyone with weak chance to stagger
FORTE : Large crowd of weak enemies
Balanced two handed heavy armored frontline specialist. Probably least unique among the companions in exchange for reliability. Her strength and physique allows her to hit multiple enemies with small chance to stagger them with regular swing.
In the picture she is wearing : Very sexy ebony armor

Evangeline the Sword dancer [One-on-one humanoid duelist]
SPECIALITY : Light fast sword swing with high chance of stagger and disarm the enemy in exchange for 50% armor rating
FORTE : One disarmable strong enemy
Shieldless one handed sword one-on-one special duelist. She will literally rip and combo the enemy to the death, while enemy will be constantly being staggered and dropping weapons, but due to her low defense, she won't last long against even a small group of mid-level enemies.
HER PERKS WILL ONLY WORK WITH : One handed sword WITHOUT a shield
In the picture she is wearing : Mina armor

Safira the Barbarian [Two-handed offensive specialist]
SPECIALITY : Fast two-handed weapon swinger with weapon specialized perks - greatsword : low chance instant kill, axe : disarm attack, hammer : stagger attack - in exchange for fixed 0 armor rating and speed penalty
FORTE : One staggerable (hammer) or disarmable (axe) strong enemy
Skimply armored barbarian with deadly and punishingly fast weapon swing. Despite her complete disregard to armor, she knows when to defend an attack and when she does, the attacker will surely learn the pain of the reflecting counterattack.
HER PERKS WILL ONLY WORK WITH: Two handed weapons (each type with different perk)
In the picture she is wearing : Armored bikini chainmail, Tera high elf paladin gauntlets and boots

Tsubaki the Assasin [Anti light-armored and anti mages archer]
SPECIALITY : High power archery, and critical dagger stab
FORTE : Mages
The oriental styled deadly assassin will be shooting a specialized arrow that fly so fast that it will almost never miss with punishing damage to lightly armored foes. In close quarter combat, her nimble acrobatic techniques allows her to dodge incoming attacks while allowing her to deliver high chances of precision stabs to her foes.
In the picture she is wearing : Death Robes

Larefina the Scout [Front-line support saboteur archer]
SPECIALITY : Fast barrage of weak but staggering and paralyzing arrows
FORTE : Staggerable or paralyzable enemies
Although this nimble and quick elf cannot deliver a quick death to the enemies, her special ultra-fast arrows that are fired several times faster than normal keep guards that always hit the right "knee-cap" will keep her enemies lying on the ground so that they can brag about their adventurous past to Dovahkiin.
In the picture she is wearing : Tera elven scaled armor

Elle the Pyromancer [Rapid fire damage dealer fire mage]
SPECIALITY : Full auto fire blast barrage with two flame atronachs
FORTE : Low fire resistance enemies
The dark elf fire master that will turn any battle into the sea of flame balls... Wait till she summons her two flame atronachs that will also barrage the enemy at same firing rate.
In the picture she is wearing : Tera royalrite robe

Elizabeth the Electromancer [Healer capable counter-mage electro mage]
SPECIALITY : Continuous lighting blast with auto heal capability (including player)
FORTE : Low lightning resistance enemies
Although not strong as Elle, Liz is capable of dealing good damage over time. In exchange for her fire power, she can heal you constantly in the combat with fixed cool down time of 25 pts per second + extra second per healing.
In the picture she is wearing : Tera divine sight robe

Karina the Cryomancer [Support/saboteur/healer defensive cryomage]
SPECIALITY : Enemy instant freeze / auto flesh magic buff / healing / mini frost atronach distractors
FORTE : Low ice resistance enemies
Weakest mage in terms of offense, Karina comes with variety of support and saboteur capability. She will always start her battle by buffing you with highest alteration flesh magic that can sustain least 5 hits with your magicka reserve. Like Liz, she will be continuously heal you through the battle with the rate of 50 pts per second + extra second of cool time per heal. Lastly her battle will be accompanied by mini ice atronachs that will constantly blocking enemy paths and stagger them... (If they are on your path, don't forget to jump over them)
In the picture she is wearing : Tera high elf paladin armor

Special Thanks to

  • CM New Companions mod : Link Which is the inspiration and foundation of this mod (Recommended but NOT REQUIRED - didn't realize Bethesda finally fixed gray face bug with esp only mod)
  • SkyUI : Link
  • CharGenExtensions : Link
  • ApachiiSkyHair : Link
  • UNP / UNPB Body Project : Link
  • CBBE Body Project : Link
  • SevenBase Body Project : Link
  • CHSBHC Body Project : Link
  • ADEC Body Project : Link
  • Real Girls Realistic Body Texture UNP/UNPB/SevenBase : Link
  • Sporty Sexy Map - Athletic muscle : Link
  • Sporty Sexy Sweat - Athletic muscle : Link
  • CBBE skin retexture project : Link
  • ADEC skin retexture project : Link
  • SG Hair mod
  • Oblivion / Ren hair mod : Link
  • Wearable lanterns : Link

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Thanks to following mods for beautification of the pictures

  • Amazing Smooth Females Complete : Link
  • Real Girls Realistic Body Texture for UNP UNPB and SeveNBase : Link
  • Tera armor collection mod : Link
  • Very sexy ebony armor mod : Link
  • Killer Keos Skimpy CBBE V2-V3 Armor Replacer : Link
  • Death robe armor mod
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