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Added: 27/12/2011 - 08:13AM
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I fixed Muiri to also be a follower as well as a potential wife. She will not run away from combat and will go on the offensive with this mod. I added some new but generic weapons but no armor to her. I figure you will want to add your own so all you need to do is trade and she will use the new weapons and armor.

You may need to do the resurrect console command on her to get the follow dialogue. wont affect being married already though.

Included both clothed and no default clothes in 1 download. Is essential now, will level up with the player. Can dual wield 1H weapons if no shield in inventory. Bat file included to raise or lower skills, and a bat file to adjust health, magicka, and stamina.

I added Julienne Lylvieve from Dragon Bridge. both marry and follower. 2 optional hair colors, blonde and black. install the juli.tx into the Skyrim directory and the esp file into the data. Find her in Dragon crossing and enter the console, select her and type "bat juli" without quotes. she should then be available for marriage or as a follower.

To add or remove spells use Spell Batch For Followers and Companions by YjVQlFHn