Boethiahs Cloak by Sulhir
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What It Is
Creates a wearable item that doesn't use any equipment slots
that grants the visual effect of Boethiah's Ebony Armor that is
awarded to the player upon completion of her Daedric quest.
Vampires are immune to the sun while wearing her cloak and
the visual effect is constant.  Now with full Vampire Lord

A perfect exterior for your dark and brooding interior.
What It Isn't
Unlike the Daedric Artifact it does not include the silent
movement or poison cloak damage effect.  The Artifact is
also only active while you are sneaking - this one is always
on, baby.

Where it Is
At Boethiah's Sacellum, on the other side of the Pillar of
Sacrifice is a cauldron. The cloak is lying at the bottom
of the cauldron.

Optional Files
You may also choose to download the Silent version which
retains the 100% muffle of the Daedric Artifact.  Download
one or the other, the .esp's are named identically to help
prevent mistakes.  If you change which version you are
using, simply overwrite any files.
And Vanilla Skyrim versions for those without Dawnguard.

Manual Installation
Extract the .esp and Scripts folder to your Steam>steamapps>common>Skyrim>Data folder.

Manual Uninstallation

Remove the .esp and the associated .pex files (if present).
.pex files will have a Vain01 prefix.


  • Dawnguard version not working as intended, removed
  • until fixed
    Forum Thread - After only FOUR DAYS fix't!

Future Development

  • Complete a possibly radiant quest to send you to search
  • for and restore the cloak -
    Development Thread

Also available on TES Alliance and Steam Workshop and AFK Mods