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This is a modders resource of sorts. It details how you can apply and expand the lore of the Khajiit regarding their forms in game, if someone is going to make a themed mod. It can also serve as an idea for the basics of a future TES game set in Elsweyr.

The plan creates a plausible and infinitely repeatable configuration for Masser and Secunda for 360-day and 365-day years. Here's the 360-day year version of the plan (for the 365-day year refer to the pdf):

1. Analyzing moon phases and applying a cyclic variation of forms

1.1. Assumptions:
- 360 days/year in analyzing orbits
- Using a 3:2 phase resonance: 24-day phase repetition for Masser and 36-day for Secunda
- 30 days/month is defined by the average of the two values
- No orbital perturbations due to „Ja-Kha'jay magic”

1.2. Calculations:
24 days = 16/15 orbits of Masser (1 orbit + 1/15 due to rotation of Nirn around the Sun)
36 days = 11/10 orbits of Secunda (1 orbit + 1/10 due to rotation of Nirn around the Sun)

1.3. Results
- Orbital resonance 16:11
- Masser orbit: 22.5 days
- Secunda orbit 32.(72) days
- 1 Year = 360 days = 12 months = 15 Masser phases = 16 Masser orbits = 10 Secunda phases = 11 Secunda orbits

2. Implications on Khajiiti forms

2.1. Assumptions:
- The Mane is an propaganda tool, as any number of 'Manes' can be born during any chance alignment, assuming relatively equatorial orbits for the moons
- Phases are counted as exact quarters of a phase cycle (New, Waxing, Full, Waning)
- Form is determined upon conception, not birth, due to the variance in pegnancy duration, but at an average of 216 or 288 days (7.2 or 9.6 months), the phases have the same configuration in both cases

2.1. Graphs (refer to pdf and uploaded image)

2.3. Conclusions:
- Forms can appear for either 6 or 3 days during a 72 day cycle
- Introducing a simplification in lore (which Bethesda should probably do in TESx: Elsweyr), by which raht and non-raht forms are merged, all forms have 9 days alloted, split into a 6 day period and a 3 day period