Catacomb Ambiance by VirusType2 AKA Vergis
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Added: 26/12/2011 - 07:03PM
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Catacomb Ambiance (version 2)

by VirusType2 AKA Vergis, 12-26-2011. Version 2, 12-31-201. Happy New Year

This is a mod replacing a very short looping wind sound in the catacombs (where you find Draugr) with a longer, less pronounced, less repetitive, low frequency ambient loop.

For reference and un-installation, the file is here:


vanilla loop length 4 sec

new loop length 27 sec

Nothing special, sorry. Simply replaces a repetitive 4 second wind loop. I just found it got on my nerves. "I've heard others say the same."

Version 2 Changelog:

[] Discontinued the 2nd loop as I was unable to resolve a pop in it without fading in/out, and it didn't loop well. So this loop I will revert to default.

[] Fixed 2 nasty pop sounds (artifacts) in the remaining loop. Now it's 100% artifact free! FINALLY.

Listen to a compressed sample (older version):

The first clip is the vanilla looping sound, the new sound is after the 2 second gap.

In-game, the volume of this is in the background.

delete the files and Skyrim will use the originals again.

THE FOLLOWING applies if you've been using previous versions: (Pre 2.0) You can leave the second loop if you don't mind the pop, but YOU WILL HAVE TO REMOVE IT MANUALLY if you want to use the default sound. The file is here:


Very sorry about that.


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