Assassins Rangers and Thieves armor by Nosegoblin
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Added: 26/12/2011 - 06:22PM
Updated: 11/01/2012 - 03:12PM

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Last updated at 15:12, 11 Jan 2012 Uploaded at 18:22, 26 Dec 2011

Assassins Rangers and Sneak-Thieves 2.01 27.12.2011


This version fixes the hood textures and adds a very slight gloss to the hood to make it match the oiled leather look.

Also fixed inventory item display


Assassins Rangers and Sneak-Thieves 1.5 26.12.2011

This version adds reflectivity to the chain shirt, a bump to the link textures and a light sheen to the oiled leather

All these changes are courtesy of fume0101 here is a great mod he put together

THANK YOU! fume!!!

Version 2.0 will correct some issues with the hood texture where it meets the shoulder and in the neck section of the hood.... stay tuned :)

Assassins Rangers and Sneak-Thieves 1.0 26.12.2011

What this mod does:

Replaces male Dark Brotherhood armor and warlock hood with these meshes and textures.

I created this for a Ranger I was playing to look like a LOTR style Ranger.
Oiled leather overcoat and hood with oiled chain shirt for protection. All done in a very dark brown, almost black color. Suitable for Rangers Assassins and Thieves

I used the DB armor because it has the correct stats for a Ranger type and IMO they look awful.

Installation Instructions:

Download the file:

1. Extract file to your Skyrim data files or use a mod manager to install.
Mod managers like Nexus are highly recommended because it allows you to un-install, bringing your game back to vanilla.

2. To use this, you need to aquire the Dark Brotherhood armor or use this mod to be able to craft the items. Crafted will not have enchantments.

3. If you want a set with enchantments, you can allways console command "coc qasmoke" and find them in the normal armor container, then "coc riverwood" to bring you back to the game.


Permission of author of these mod.
No permission needed. Just give credit if you mod it and if you like it, please give a thumbs up and endorse it.
Credits: Remove stitches from hoods was used to create the hood.

ATTN MODDERS!!!! I COULD USE SOME HELP!!!! Please chime in if you can assist.
Note: the display mesh for the crating or item menu is a mess :) I dont know how to fix this.
I would also love some help making a non-replacer version... just dont know how at this point :)