Qaxe's Sentinels by Qaxe Qaixaci
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Added: 02/11/2013 - 07:24AM
Updated: 01/04/2015 - 01:07AM

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Last updated at 1:07, 1 Apr 2015 Uploaded at 7:24, 2 Nov 2013

WHAT DOES THIS MOD DO? It does two things:
1. Allows you to hire mercenaries to effectively wipe out hold-guards in any or all of the 9 holds you choose.
2. Gives you the option to travel with a fully voiced, male dunmer follower.

-- Hold-by-hold control over where you want to post your Sentinels.
-- Formidable, well-equipped protection.
-- Optional, custom-voiced follower. Badon Uhl can follow you after Morthal.
-- Bonus set of Sentinel armor for hiring Sentinels in ALL 9 HOLDS. Available in light or heavy.
-- An optional, 5 person escort for heavy battles. (Overkill? Maybe.)

DETAILS, UPDATE INFO, WARNINGS: All contained in the README. It is important that you read it.

-- Quests that require guard interaction can be ruined if specific guards die, such as Blood on the Ice, etc. (Check the README!)
-- SAVE YOUR GAME before activating any mod! Mods don't ruin Skyrim; careless mod use ruins Skyrim.
-- This is not a quest mod. You won't become king or anything like that.

Use NMM! So amazingly convenient when trying out mods.

DICLAIMER: Our ideas of fun and how we want to play are not the same. This mod fills a specific need for a small target audience.

TRIVIA: This mod was inspired by that time oh-so-long-ago when I was attacked by every guard in Morthal over a TWO SEPTIM BOUNTY. Two.