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Disclaimer: Our ideas of fun and how we want to play are not the same.

What does this mod do?
This mod allows you to hire and post a large number of your own guards, called "Sentinels", in the capitals of the 9 holds. This mod will NOT let you take over the Skyrim government, nor am I going to add such quest functions in the future -- there is a huge mod for that already called "Become High King". There is a voiced companion, Badon Uhl, who will follow you around Skyrim and chat your ear off.

FOLLOWER: Badon Uhl will be able to follow you AFTER you first observe his men in Morthal. He's no "Sofia" or "Vilja" (not by a long shot) but he is voiced.

FACTION: Sentinels are mercenaries, at odds with both Imperials and Stormcloaks. There is no guilt by association.

RECOMMENDED MODS: "Become High King", "Kill essential" and "No essential COs" are recommended if you actually want to overthrow the Skyrim government and take control. Please note that while I am recommending the above mods they are not MY mods. I accept no blame or praise for anything that happens to you in those mods.

-- To hire Sentinels speak with Badon Uhr just north of High Gate Ruin.
-- After inspecting your new Sentinels for the first time, return to Badon and you will receive a roster of guards available, options for hiring them, pricing, etc. Your first set of Sentinels will be upgraded at this time.
-- Each new detail of Sentinels is activated separately so you can choose to limit conquest to any number of holds. Sentinels are assigned to set patrols in or around their posted cities only (they cannot be placed randomly around Skyrim).
-- Over 80 new npc and 140 Sentinel placements. (Who wants 140 guards with the same face?)
-- Sentinel types include a variation of races in 1H, 2H, archer, and berserker/dual types.
-- Only 1 potential follower-type Sentinel is available per CITY, found inside the castle/keep of the 5 major holds.
-- Sentinels are NOT in the guard faction and they will never try to arrest you.
-- Your character will not incur any bounties when Sentinels kill existing guards.
-- Sentinels WILL NOT be welcome by the existing guards regardless of current occupying faction, or your standing with either side. -- Sentinels are neutral with common townsfolk.
-- Sentinels are priced at 1000gold each. It's not cheap, but conquest isn't free.
-- If Badon Uhl asks if you want light or heavy, make your decision then, he'll only ask ONCE.

-- SAVE YOUR GAME before installing just in case it isn't your thing or the timing isn't right!
-- Recommend using AFTER you've finished questing that involves city guards in general. For example, "Blood on the Ice" requires that you talk to the guard. Can't talk to him if he's dead. If you're going to do the Civil War quest, do that before installing this mod.
-- Trying out mods is your own responsibility.
-- NMM makes installation and removal easy. Very helpful if you decide you don't like a mod.
-- Installation of just ONE mod at a time is useful when troubleshooting is needed.

-- Sentinels will kill members of the "IsGuardFaction" (guards) by design.
-- 1 Sentinel follower is located in 5 of the major hold castles. Hopefully this won't cause unwanted violence, but at least jarls and stewards are immune.
-- Unintended casualties can be resurrected by opening the console, clicking on the victim and typing in "resurrect".
-- Install a mod when you intend to use it. If you go questing for 4 hours, then try the mod you installed and discover you hate it, you will either end up with a "dirty save" once you delete the thing, or lose 4 hours of game time.
-- This mod was free. I created it on my own time. I didn't tell you to push the download button. If you come at me with complaints about how lore crushing or pointless the mod is, your heinous commentary will be deleted forthwith.

Sentinels are posted in the same way regular guards are.
MORTHAL: town patrols.
DAWNSTAR: patrols, longhouse & barracks.
FALKREATH: both gates, town center, longhouse, and jail.
WINTERHOLD: patrol & longhouse.
MARKARTH: exterior gate, town center, and Understone Keep. Includes Karthwasten.
RIFTEN: both gates, towers, town center, keep, and jail. Includes Shor's Stone & Ivarstead
WHITERUN: front gate, patrols, White Watch tower, city center, castle, and jail. Includes Riverwood and Rorikstead.
SOLITUDE: front gate, patrols, docks, city center, palace, Castle Dour and towers. Includes Dragonbridge.
WINDHELM: Gate patrols, docks, city center, and keep. Includes Kynesgrove.

1. To install, open the Qaxe file and put the contents into your Skyrim/Data folder.

1. If you used the old version, go into your SKYRIM/DATA folder and do a search for "QaxeNewGuard" and remove every entry.