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Quick features list:

  • Unique NPC, Goonie, with custom voice acting for all dialogue (thanks Dark Rogue)
  • Easy summon, anywhere, with the Ring of Sales
  • Will buy any item, even stolen goods
  • Has 20,000 gold for bartering
  • Carries a wide range of useful items
  • Goonie has the ability to 'store' an endless amount of items, free of charge


Use the "Ring of Sales" to instantly summon traveling merchant Goonie! She always carries 20,000 gold and will even buy your *cough* stolen goods! Goonie is a unique NPC merchant complete with custom voice acting and various outfits to suit different weathers and environments.

Easier to use than similar mods! Equip the "Ring of Sales" and Goonie will appear instantly. This special ring will not unequip your current favorite ring, and unequips automatically after use!

The basic aim here was to add a merchant who actually has enough coin to buy your goods so you don't end up lugging them all over Tamriel. Since Goonie comes to you, you never have to abandon a dungeon to unload heavy goods or resupply! Goonie also offers several storage chests that the player may use free of charge. These storage chests are completely safe, anything you store in them will be there whenever you need it.

To obtain the "Ring of Sales," locate Goonie outside the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun. She is the only merchant who can sell you the ring. However, for convenience, a copy of the ring can be obtained from the work table near the front door of Warmaiden's in Whiterun, across from the Drunken Huntsman.

Note: If Goonie will not talk to you upon first meeting her in Whiterun, simply save your game and then load that save. It is a known bug with custom merchant NPCs in Skyrim.