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Added: 25/12/2011 - 10:22PM
Updated: 27/04/2012 - 07:10PM

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Last updated at 19:10, 27 Apr 2012 Uploaded at 22:22, 25 Dec 2011

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Updated Solitude Texture Pack, with a lot more realistic stone textures for walls and floors.
Add first wood retexture for Solitude and reworked grass color tint, as it was way too bright to make the illusion of realness.
And First Lanscape texture pack with Complete rework for Sworfern and grass recolor.
Add the first Solitude pack, just a few for now, a lot will come soon.

Update 6

Added the first retaxture for Solitude future pack , New Pavement Available now

Update 5

Added Some other retextures i forgot, coll wood parts that gives houses some real matter.
Update 4
The project is now called "Skyrim Ultimate Retexture Project"

Today i uploaded the final texture pack for whitrun and some houses clutter.
Today i've started retexturing stonefloors in Solitude from totally new textures Photos of Stone Pavements and Moss
The first pack for Solitude should be ready soon.

Update 3

Texture pack version 1.3 is out, hope you'll like it.
It adds...
New Stone blocks tile texture, Brand new texture made from photo for replacing the ugly plaster in houses by a cool and rustic stone wall.
Adds also 2 new rug carpet retextures and some wood retextures.


Add the second version of castle carpets for Whiterun, a little correction to the stale floor retex more dirty and bumped ( old version still available) and Jorvaskr carpet redone.
Also a rustic wood floor used in many houses ingame.

Hope you like it, if so please endorse

Added the first texture pack for Beautifull Whiterun's main file .
Notice thet some textures are used by other cities and houses.
It contains:
- Whole new texture for the stale floor.
Altrnate woodfloor wich is more rustic ( and less Ikea)
Alternate Road pavement, with more orderly set structure and less seams.
And reworked texture and Normals for Jorvaskr Pillars



I run all retx packs with my GTS 450 ( quite mid range) and it works perfectly so dont be afraid these textures are for most of them 1024 res.

If some of you want to be part of it P.M me.

This environmental enhancement is a graphic correction of things that didn't satisfied me in the Vanilla Whiterun.
It's been a long work and i tried many things before finding the good ones.

This Mod includes:
_Upscaled nearly all textures and corrected color tones , specially stones and wood parts color tones.
_Brand new textures for floors fully home made with normal maps, Versailles wood Floor tiles in Whiterun's castle, and another wood floor in castle and Jorvaskr, and the more noticeable enhancement is that stone floor replacing the ugly Vanilla road in city street.

Notice my screenshot are made from my version of Skyrim wich uses Enb series enhanced Shaders, so the color tones may be different for you.
Feel free to comment, any critics good or bad is good as long as it is constructive.

This mod is a work in project, for now on it is pre-Creation Kit so there will be many updates

Hope you enjoy it.