Dragonknight Ebonsteel Bonemold retexture by blackasm
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Added: 28/10/2013 - 03:18AM
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Last updated at 3:54, 29 Oct 2013 Uploaded at 3:18, 28 Oct 2013

This is my first attempt at modding so any constructive criticism and feedback is welcome. This armor is a texture replacer, it is incomplete, only replacing the chest, helmet and shield. It goes fairly well with the Amidianborn Bonemold, Dragonknight or Ebonsteel gloves and boots . This armor was my attempt at taking the style of Dreogan and Hothtrooper's very epic armors and creating a sort of goon armor that can be worn by my nameless subordinates who guard my horse ;). Not really, my loreplaying explains it as my Dovahkiin is something of a legendary smith who reinvented dragonbone smithing and picked up a thing or two in solstheim. Now he is something of a jarl with his own dragon knights. Under his knights he has a multitude of knights in training who also act as guards. I wanted their armor to look better than bonemold or vanilla dragonebone (which basically just look like bones tied together) but not better than the dragonknight or ebonsteel armors. I also wanted to sort of depict this inbetween stage of becoming a dragonbone armor wearing knight, so I made several plates a different color implying it is has bits of true dragonbone made into the armor but the bulk is predominantly inferior bonemold. That said this armor I think turned out very cool. The armor has actually gone through many trials and variants, several of which were completely hand drawn by me. After I had given up on trying to draw these myself (mine looked waaay too cartooney and simply didn't match) I decided to use the best of the best textures. I started by using Cabal120's bonemold armor as a base, then I cleverly cut and clone stamped elements of Hothtrooper's dragon knight and Dreogan's Ebonsteel armor for the plating and then used Nevermind43's akasha dress for the scalemail. I have not tested these with any enb or anything like that but on my vanilla lighting it looks very good. Unfortunately I cannot take screenshots and so am awaiting to see all of yours :)

Oh and I should say the installation is standard texture replacement, drag and drop into appropriate data folder, this requires Dragonborn DlC to work, and wouldn't hurt to have Cabal's textures installed so you can have semi matching gloves and boots.

Also in the last few really low res screenshots you may have noticed the helm looks shortened or cut off. That is thanks to this mod which basically edits the mesh but is not needed for this mod to work.

The high quality screenshots were provided by Mrsake and Nevgaming. Thanks for the uploads you guys, keep em coming! :D

Permissions: Thus far I have only received permission from Hothtrooper and Dreogan, I don't seem to have a way to contact Cabal or Nevermind as I cant send them private messages. If they disapprove I will gladly take this armor down.

here is list of mods' textures I used (especially worth downloading as they go very well with this mod):
Ebonsteel Armor, by Dreogan
Dragonknight Armor by Hothtrooper44
Amidianborn bonemold by Cabal120
Akasha dress by Nevermind43