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A small update (nope, not yet a standalone vesion) - just one more replacer option for HF.
I named it Explorer Child and I personally love it ^_^

When making this one I thought of what adopted kids actually do: gathering all sort of loot and ingredients, cleaning the house etc. For my magically gifted daughter Sissel I made the little robe with Julianos amulet.
I find it fascinating to create details with only the texture image.
But please note that all these details are just a flat image, so they WILL look flat and maybe strange, but still lovely :)

I like vanilla kids and their vanilla clothing for they look really childlike.
There are a lot of mods changing children and their outfits, but I find most of them rather... pedophile ?_? (still i bow to the authors' skill and great work)
Adding more equippable clothing for HF requires legendary level of Creation Kit Mastery which I obviously do not have :(
So when I want to dress up my adopted HF kids, I just draw new textures for their clothes ^_^

UPD This means I cannot add all of the items as separate outfits.
Also I'm not going to make a mod, which would replace clothes of existing children NPCs to match their socaial class etc.
Such mods are being developed by other authors, for instance, Prince and The Pauper by JadeRoyale.
You may try them.

This mod replaces textures of existing child's clothes in Skyrim and Hearthfires DLC. There are four separate optional files.

Vanilla Clothes Replacer

Replaces the original textures of three children's clothes variants, both for boys and girls.

North Child

Replaces the original textures of two child's outfits added in Hearthfires DLC for woolen variants.

Night Child

Replaces the original textures of two child's outfits added in Hearthfires DLC for dark-colored variants.

Royal Child

Replaces the original textures of two child's outfits added in Hearthfires DLC for fancy embroidered variants.

You can use only one HF file + vanilla clothes replacer.
Or you can combine different textures from these files - for this you'll need to name files appropriately and place them in corresponding folders.

Extract the archive you downloaded and place "textures" folder into your Skyrim/Data folder.

All children's clothes may be bought in Radiant Raiments shop in Solitude.

The textures are far from being perfect and hilghly detailed. They are just made to look pretty. So there are visible seams on them etc.
Also all the clothes share the same normal map, which also causes some minor defects.

- Bethesda for creating TES games
- Adobe for creating Photoshop
- All of you for your attention :)