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About this mod

Requirement : Skyrim ver 1.9

After Installed this mod, when you launch the game it'll automatically give you a hidden perk that provide the ability to turn the "backattack" from a malee weapon into a critical hit + extra critical damage.

The video below will show you how it affect the combat.

About the extra critical damage

x 3 by default affect both 1 handed and 2 handed weapon.

x 6 when unlocked Backstab perk. (only affect Sword and Dagger)

x15 when unlocked Assassin Blade perk. (only affect Sword and Dagger)

Other Changes

1. Dragons are no longer staggered from a frontal attack, this mean you can't just spam a power attack on their head until they die, however the backside of their body, behind the wings - legs and tail has turned into a weak point, any attack from the malee weapon will always result in a critical hit but doesn't provide multiple extra critical damage. The reason I'm doing this is to prevent them from dying to quickly.

2. Backside Killmoves animation always occurs, last enemy restriction for backside killmoves removed. For people who prefer the killmove in 3rd person view, please follow this link

Optional File

The Optional File provide extra effect for the 2 handed weapon perks and a minor change with dragon's tail slam.

1.Dragon's tail slam deals more damage and always knock you down.

2.The power attack from Axe - Battle Axe - Greatsword - Warhammer will deal x2 damage to the staggered target that is not a dragon.

3.After unlock Devastating Blow perk, Warhammer's side-way power attack can always knock down a staggered target or target that turn their back on you
(Doesn't affect the Dragons & Dragon Priests)

4.After unlock Devastating Blow perk, Battle Axe's power attack and Greatsword's power attack have a chance to deal x20 damage to a staggered target or a target that turn their back on you. (Doesn't afflect the Dragons & Dragon Priests)

5.After unlock Warmaster perk, side-way power attack will always knock the target down regardless of staggered or backside condition.

Benefit from a Fear effect

The Downside

-It is true that you can go around dealing a massive back attack damage to the enemies but that doesn't mean they can't do it to you too, and therefor, you have to deal with the possibility that you may receive a x6 back attack damage from the enemy, (attempt to get around and land a hit on their back is considered difficult and when you're outnumbered or got surrounded by a group of enemies, things could get out of hand and the situation might turn ugly) so WATCH YOUR BACK and be aware of a surprise back attack from them, I would love to make it more punishing ,but without a thoroughly analysis and insufficient free time I have no way to know if it will turn out to be an unnecessary frustration or not, beside, there are already a good mod that turn skyrim into a hardcore-ish like deadly dragon, requiem, etc, and so I thought this might be enough for a little fun's sake.

My movies maker always crash when I try to insert a text in the video and vega always confused me, I hope this is good enough for a description.

Special Thanks : Silencedoom
Who told me how to make a script that give a perk to the player automatically when they launched the game, THANK YOU.

Who inform me about the bug that allow player to execute the backside killmoves from the front.

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