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Added: 25/10/2013 - 04:35PM
Updated: 28/10/2013 - 09:13PM

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Last updated at 21:13, 28 Oct 2013 Uploaded at 16:35, 25 Oct 2013

Welcome to the New Dawnguard with Parallax Effect !

A Mod by HXP and Michaelrw !!!

This is my First Parallax Mod and it took me a while to learn it or at least a bit of it.
Credits go to Michaelrw for making all the Mesh Preparations. All Meshes were done and edited by him only !
All Textures were produced by HXP, which means all Diffuse,Normal and Parallax Maps ! Michaelrw also helped me on the Stonewall01 Diffuse to make it perfectly Seamless for all you Downloaders. I have to thank him a lot and this Mod would not be the same without him. After writing hundreds of mails and testing the Mod we finally wanted to come to an End and Release the Mod.

But just to tell you - There is still some issue with the Stonefloor 02 Map and the Parallax effect. Everything outside the Fortress works very well. Inside the Fortress in the Center you will see an Error with the Parallax. The Textures are moving and shifting. We have both tested this Mod with and without ENB ! If you use ENB please turn on to fix parallax bugs. You can also leave it disabled but than the error will be seen even more. Thats why I have created a Placeholder Parallax Map for this Texture. We dont know what to do anymore and if all you parallax experts out there could take a look and give any advice how to fix it, this would be very great.

All Normal Maps were Handpainted and all Diffuse textures were baked in Ambient Occlusion.
If anyone could help to get better Results on this, please contact me or Michaelrw. After working more than hundreds of Hours at this Mod I finally want to make a Release so that more people can test it, and we can all together come to a quicker Solution.

For now Enjoy the New Dawnguard with Parallax !

And Please take a Moment to Endorse this Mod !

Credits to Nexus and Bethesda !
Credits to Michaelrw for all his work on this Mod

Explanation of Parallax Mapping

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