Enchantable Unique Armours and Reclassified Masks by sylkwyrm
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Added: 17/11/2011 - 01:25PM
Updated: 19/02/2013 - 02:59PM

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Last updated at 14:59, 19 Feb 2013 Uploaded at 13:25, 17 Nov 2011

I did this with flawed tools within a few days of skyrim being released and before the creation kit or TESVEdit had been. I had no idea it was still being used, if you want unenchanted unique items i highly recommend THIS MOD instead which gets the job done in a less world-wide effecting way.

this simple mod removes the base enchantment from several unique appearence items and item-sets so they can be custom enchanted, for those like myself who like them and want to keep the appearence and significance but have full customization.

I suggest not activating these mods until you are ready to enchant your items with something better than their base enchantment.

Installation: simply stick the .esp file of the armour you want to become enchantable into your program files/skyrim/data folder and activate it in the data files section of the skyrim launcher.

If your data files option is greyed out on the launcher goto your Documents\My Games\Skyrim folder and find SkyrimPrefs.ini. Open it and under the [Launcher] section add the line:


then save and close it, this will enable you to activate data files form the skyrim launcher

Initial Release: Thalmor Robes (hooded and unhooded).

Update: Added enchantable Nightingale set as a seperate upload for those that asked.

Update: Added enchantable unhooded Archmage as requested.

Update: Added original and improved Thieves Guild sets as requested.

Update: Added the Mask of Morokei a Cloth item as requested on bathesda forums, the object itself still says it's light armour in the inventory but it has no armour rating and does not impede the mage armour perk.

Update: Fixed a glitch causing archmage and thieves guild items from displaying thier name correctly.

Update: Added Guildmaster's set to the thieves guild mod and a previously overlooked playable Nightingale set to the Nightingale mod

Update: Added the Jester's set as requested

Update: Added new mods to make all Dragon Priests Masks into either Cloth, Leather Armour or Heavy Armour versions of themselves, also added enchantable versions of them with altered armour class,

NOTE: the mask will still say they are heavy or light but should still count as the new type for perks, only been tested with cloth version and mage armour perk.

IMPORTANT! only use one mask mod!

Update: Added enchantable Ebony Mail

Update: Added Clavicus Vile Masks to all my Mask Altering Mods

Update: Added Dark Brotherhood Shrouded sets

Update: Added Enchantable Cloth thieves Guild Hoods NOTE: this should not be used with my enchantable thieves guild armours mod, if you're using that one chances are you have no uses for this one anyway

Update: Added mods to add the Shrouded gloves enchantment to the Nightingale gloves, Available with enchantable or unenchantable nightingale, IMPORTANT: use only ONE Nightingale Mod