Krulls Glaive by KalEltheKryptonian and spidermax96
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The Glaive an ancient, magical star-shaped five-pointed weapon.

This version always has the blades extended out. I am going to see if madrilous will add this to his throwing weapons mod so the people that actually remember the movie the blades retract and the weapon can be guided by thought.

You can craft at any forge in Skyrim. Craftable under the Daedric section. To craft you will need 5 flawless ruby's, 2 silver ingots and 1 gold ingot.This weapon is temperable as well.

Thanks Spidermax96 for making the original model.
Note: (His is a Daedric sword re-placer and my version is a standalone model not a re-placer)
Original Mod credit goes to him thanks for maing this for the community
the krull Glaive by spidermax96



Krull is a 1983 British-American heroic fantasy-science fiction film directed by Peter Yates and starring Ken Marshall and Lysette Anthony. It was produced by Ron Silverman and released by Columbia Pictures.

The film's most distinguished features include an unlikely union between the science fiction and fantasy genres, a robust score by James Horner, early screen roles for actors Liam Neeson and Robbie Coltrane, and its surrealistic set design within the "Black Fortress".